Massachusetts Libertarians Schedule National Political Event in New Hampshire

Email from George Phillies:

Massachusetts Libertarians have organized a national political event ‘The Future of the Libertarian Political Movement’. The event will be held Sunday, June 19 at the Highlander Inn in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Keynote speaker Judge John Buttrick of Arizona will speak at lunch. Libertarian Presidential candidates will debate. For morning, afternoon, and early evening, there will be a main session, a parallel breakout session, and a large dealer/exhibitor room. Further speakers will be announced soon.

Libertarian politics has made serious inroads into New Hampshire. A panel including libertarian members of the state legislature is anticipated.

Light breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served. Registration including all meals is $100. Send your checks to Massachusetts Libertarians, POB 1154, Worcester MA 01613. You can join on the web at Click on “donate”, go down the page to “To donate to our Federal PAC, click here”, and advance to DonorTown Square. Please mention in the ‘notes’ section of the donor form that you are coming to the conference.

The Highlander Inn is right at the entrance to the Manchester Airport. If’ you’re flying to PorcFest, come a day early for an extra serving of libertarian political discussion.

Asked about location and timing, LPMass officers said ‘We have PorcFest, right there starting the next day, June 20. It’s a great way to put attendees on our doorstep. And we just had two events similar to ours tragically cancelled. We’re offering a replacement.”

6 thoughts on “Massachusetts Libertarians Schedule National Political Event in New Hampshire

  1. Nick

    Conveniently placed the day before Porc Fest, the largest liberty oriented event in the world, also in NH.

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