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Skyler McKinley, a staff member of Mike Gravel’s presidential campaign, has alerted me to the fact that he will now be publishing former Green Party vice presidential candidate Pat LaMarche’s weekly columns on the website  An excerpt from the first is below:

The minute I saw the magnitude of the Japanese quake last week — 8.9 — I was struck motionless in my seat. That number — 8.9 — isn’t just the seismic intensity of the earth shake that may end up causing the world’s largest nuclear disaster, it’s also the date that we dropped the A-bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.
But both these numerological nuclear realities — each heralding death, chaos and misery for the Japanese people — are only significant numbers when taken together and after the fact. As sentient beings we will never be able to foresee natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis based on numerology because nature has to cooperate. That’s not the same for man-made disasters — or man-made disasters exacerbated by natural disasters like Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi complex — because if we were smart we’d take advantage of knowledge gained from past experience as well as known scientific data and avoid compounding natural calamity.

Let me explain. According to The Australian: “A Japanese expert on nuclear safety warned more than three years ago that the policy of building large numbers of reactors in the middle of a volatile earthquake zone could lead to catastrophe.” The article goes on to say that a number of top-ranking Japanese scientists resigned from working in the nuclear industry to protest unsafe practices, but still the energy companies continued making nuclear power along Japan’s fault lines.

And here’s where numbers play an important role. Fifty-five Japanese nuclear power reactors are in danger of not withstanding a major earthquake. In fact, Ishibashi Katsuhiko, a professor at Kobe University and the expert cited above, said in 2006 that guidelines used to protect against disaster were “seriously flawed.”  Well, time has proved Dr. Katsuhiko right and proved that this current disaster was not only predictable but also predicted.

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