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Steve Collett: I Am The End Drug Prohibition Candidate

Steve Collett Declares for Office

I believe in ending drug prohibition for adults. Not since slavery in the United States have we had a more failed public policy. If you have been victimized by crime against your body or property with inadequate law enforcement, if you have had your rights against search and seizure violated, if you are disgusted with our drug policies which empower gangs, terrorists and drug cartels, if you are outraged by colossal wastes of tax dollars spent on marijuana busts and an imprisonment rate thats 5 times higher than most every industrialized country in the world, then I am your candidate.

In this era of limitations, there are win/win solutions to our problems. Ending drug prohibition for adults is such a solution. Rather than spending more money to solve problems of drug addiction and abuse, we could actually spend less, and by treating drug abuse as a medical issue instead of a criminal one, accomplish multiple objectives. In the process of decreasing government spending on drug prohibition, we could simultaneously dis-empower gangs and terrorists, reduce crime, strengthen our defense, lower health care costs, reduce prison overcrowding, generate more government revenue, reduce discrimination and better protect our children.

We will someday look back at drug prohibition the way we look at segregation, woman’s right to vote, alcohol prohibition, and gay rights. We will look back with disbelief in how it used to be. I will fight for these changes at the federal level and I will stand up for California’s right to self determination on marijuana decriminalization.

I am the candidate of more liberty, not more authority. I am the candidate of inclusiveness, not intrusiveness.

Please vote for Steve Collett for Congress May 17, 2011.

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  1. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt April 4, 2011

    He’s running to replace Jane Harman, a Democrat Congresswoman from CA, who may or may not have officially resigned by now. It’s still a little vague, I think, although her office announced early February that she’d be resigning soon.

    Do you know any more about it, Bruce?

  2. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen Post author | April 4, 2011

    I know more, but I just posted his Press Release as is.

    I’ll email you his bio in my spare time.

    Point taken and I did, by the way, ask them for a Press Kit, bio and photo and didn’t get a response, so I’m not in the mood to look stuff up for now.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp April 4, 2011

    Apart from it not mentioning what office he’s running for, not too shabby. He already has distinctive signage at the beginning of the campaign. The publicity shot is right on — presentable-looking candidate with diverse-looking group of voters.

  4. John Jay Myers John Jay Myers April 4, 2011

    He seems like a great candidate from first glance, considering there are not any other federal elections going on, if we all focused on helping this one guy, maybe we could make an impact.

    It also helps that there will be low voter turn out, and 16 other candidates.

  5. Alan Pyeatt Alan Pyeatt April 4, 2011

    BE the change, Steve! Yeah!

    (BTW, thanks for speaking at our region meeting last month. I hope the photos help!)

  6. Richard Winger Richard Winger April 5, 2011

    He is the Libertarian Party nominee. In a field of 16 candidates for the May 17 election, it is tough for him to stand out and get attention. If Prop. 14 had not passed in June 2008, he would be in the July 2011 run-off.

  7. Mark Seidenberg Mark Seidenberg April 5, 2011

    Richard Winger

    You say that Mr. Steve Collett is the Libertarian
    Party nominee? Please give the detail how Mr.
    Steve Collett because the Libertarian Party
    Nominee, viz., the when, where, & how.

    I check it out with Dean Logan’s Office, and they
    tell me they have no information on the subject.

    From what I can tell, Mr. Collett is not the Libertarian Party nominee.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party

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