Wayne Root: DC Media Bonus Appearances!

“I thought you’d be interested (and I hope proud) to learn that even though I’m only available to DC media for one day (Friday)…I’m going to be appearing live on two national radio shows based in D.C.”  Wayne Root.

Wayne is flying from Puerto Rico, where he had a speaking engagement, and to Washington DC for the LNC meeting.  When the media found out he’d be in town, two shows immediately booked him as a guest.

G Gordon Liddy Show – Friday from Noon to 12:30 PM- nationally syndicated.

 Jim Bohannon Show – Friday Evening 10:05 PM- nationally syndicated on Westwood One. 

Two talk show hosts:  one a moderate lefty, and the other a hard-core right winger. 

Who said Wayne isn’t ambidextrous?

30 thoughts on “Wayne Root: DC Media Bonus Appearances!

  1. Carol Moore

    Who said Wayne isn’t ambidextrous? Well, he is a born again Christian gambler, isn’t he? Sounds like the making of a comedy song… Hey, I can sing it for Wayne at the LNC meeting!!

  2. wolfefan

    I assume Jim Bohannon is the moderate lefty? Not from what I’ve heard of him over the years, but these things are subjective. At any rate, these are nice appearances to get!

  3. Thomas L. Knapp

    wolfefan @ 3,

    “Moderate lefty” is about how I’d peg Bohannon, based both on his talk style (I haven’t listened in awhile though) and who he hangs around with (we have the same hometown and have mutual friends, but I’ve only met him once).

    When I booked Aaron Russo on morning talk at KWTO in Springfield, Missouri in 1995, Bohannon was in town and sat in as a “guest additional host” on the show. He had a few challenging questions for Aaron, but wasn’t unfriendly or unfair at all, IMO.

  4. wolfefan

    Thanks Tom – I’d have him further to the right, but it’s all dependent on where you start. I have always found him to be a good interviewer and generally quite fair with his guests.

  5. NewFederalist

    Ambedextrous? Doesn’t that mean he can change hands and gain a stroke? Oh wait… that’s the Tiger Woods technique!

  6. Robert Milnes

    So what? The moderate leftist gives airtime to rightist Root. My point has been leftists/radicals are NOT given airtime in rightist media. & there is very little leftist/radical media.
    & MSM-fuggetaboudit.
    Get ME or Tom, George, Mary, KK, Susan, Lee et al on Fox or even Bill Maher HBO. THAT would be newsworthy for IPR.

  7. Thomas L. Knapp


    I agree, you on MSNBC would be interesting.

    Me on MSNBC might be interesting, too, but I don’t know why you’d want to see it happen. I’d mainly be parroting the old right-libertarian (Ed Crane) line “don’t vote, it only encourages them.”

  8. Robert Milnes

    Tom, I’d like to see you sport your new smile while you shoot yourself in the foot on recorded tv.
    Run that loop!
    & Rack it up as another missed opportunity.
    Like Gravel p and/or Mary vp.

  9. Robert Milnes

    The only circumstance I can think of to get me on msnbc is to get my campaign going & do some polling that put me in the 10-15% range.
    Obama v generic republican v Independent Milnes.

  10. Robert Milnes

    Give me $35 million INSTEAD of Ron Paul, & Nader’s ballot access & a libertarian woman vp, I’ll not only trump Independent Trump’s $600 million, I’ll triumph over Obama & his $1 billion.

  11. Robert Milnes

    I wonder if Root mentioned the LP on either of these shows. Other than his pat himself on the back routine of mentioning he was the 2008 LP vp nominee.

  12. Bruce Cohen Post author

    Root/Milnes for President!

    We can get you on MSNBC if you agree.
    But the $35 Million is too high,

    We can get you 1 million max, and that has to be broken up into monthly payments.

  13. JT

    Get me on MSNBC, give me $35 million…how about we also get a Milnes look-alike to travel across the country for you? Then you won’t be distracted from sitting in your trailer, collecting your welfare check, and picking your nose during your campaign before you get elected President.

  14. Sane LP Member

    Root was on the Bill Maher show a few years back also. BLP– Before Libertarian Party

  15. Gene Trosper

    I am interested in hearing Wayne’s reaction to the federal government indicting and shutting down the three largest online poker sites today.

  16. Jill Pyeatt

    Robert Milnes @ 7: “Get ME or Tom, George, Mary, KK, Susan, Lee et al on Fox or even Bill Maher HBO”

    Bill Maher doesn’t belong with those other names. He isn’t one of us.

  17. Thomas L. Knapp

    Gene @21,

    I’m sure Wayne will have a statement at some point. Here’s mine:

    “In a civilized society, the actions taken by US Attorney Preet Bharara today would have resulted in him leaving New York strapped to a rail, covered in tar and feathers, with a dealer button crammed up his ass. And come to think of it, it’s not too late for that, is it?”

  18. Michael Cavlan RN

    Wayne who?

    No respect for what’s his name and now no longer relevant.

  19. Carol Moore

    Poor Wayne. Seven blogs have picked up the inaccurate story that HE was Barack Obama’s roommate at Columbia and given that many assume those were Obama’s bisexual years… poor Wayne. Google “The letter below was written by the President’s Columbia University college roommate, Wayne Allyn Root (confirmed at Snopes). ” (Yes, Snopes has its head up its butt, no pun intended.)

  20. LibertarianGirl

    Wayne , you made a big mistake unaffiliating all Nevadas county patries, its gonna bite you inthe ass, I promise you. and fuck you for making me look like a jack ass for ever coming around to you. Im your #1 detractor , quit worrying about Duensing cuz ima be all up in the business of making sure you are defeated in 2012. your gonna learn to hate my name

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