Wayne Root Video – Puerto Rico – Politics


Wayne Root answering questions about U.S. politics and economics live on stage at a Wealth Masters International business convention in Puerto Rico last month: CLICK TO VIEW

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

63 thoughts on “Wayne Root Video – Puerto Rico – Politics

  1. Boot Root

    So now IPR is a forum for Root’s shilling of his multi-level marketing scheme?

    I hope Bruce Cohen gets an affiliate’s fee from Wealth Masters International for posting what amounts to an advertisement. It’d be a shame were he to so degrade himself for free.

  2. Thomas L. Knapp

    Boot Root @ 1,

    If you actually watched/listened, you’d realize that the video is not an ad for Wealth Masters International. Rather, it’s a pretty standard Republican stump speech.

  3. Wayne Root

    You know what’s so funny about my critics in the LP and on IPR?

    You all sound exactly like liberal Democrats on many, if not most issues.

    You blame me (Wayne Root) for not appealing to liberal voters…but people often reflect in their criticism what they see in the mirror.

    You don’t like that I’m a Libertarian-conservative.

    But look in the mirror- you’re Libertarian socialists and scare away all small business owners…all conservatives…all Republicans and all Tea Partiers.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    I get along with everyone that is moderate and right/center and independent and fiscally conservative. These are the groups that want smaller and more limited government. Don’t take my word for it. Look at hundreds of polls and studies.

    More importantly it’s a majority right-center nation. Liberals are in a small minority. So when you scare away conservatives and Tea Partiers you are scaring away the majority of American voters. I’m appealing to the majority.

    No, I do not go after liberals or leftists because they support bigger govt. They may agree with LP on one small issue…maybe two…but overall, they are anti-business, anti-capitalism, want more government, more welfare, higher Social Security, and support higher taxes. They are overall completely incapatable with LP beliefs of smaller govt.

    You can convert right center. You can convert blue dog Democrats. You can convert fiscal conservatives. You can convert Tea Partiers. You can convert small business owners to LP.

    But you cannot convert big government liberals.

    But Thomas Knapp…to criticize me for sounding Republican is just ridiculous. I’m talking fiscal issues…where the LP is by definition…by our own branding…is fiscally conservative.

    But I’ll tell you Thomas…I’ve shown your comments to my friends on the right…and they are all turned off by you. They all agree that you sound like liberals, not Libertarians.

    Ayn Rand was both a Libertarian and conservative.

    She is beloved by Republicans and conservatives, but HATED by liberals.

    Ron Paul is viewed by most mainstream voters as a conservative.

    Yes, he’s anti-war…but on all other issues he’s a Barry Goldwater conservative just like me.

    When I speak crowds of hundreds at Tea Parties and corporate events tell me they love one politician- Ron Paul…until today…now they’ve found a second politician to support Wayne Root.

    So the criticisms here are ridiculous. They sure don’t pan out among thousands who hear me speak across the country.

    If someone sounds like a conservative fiscally…and is willing to actually GOVERN like a fiscal conservative…that’s a politician every Libertarian should support.

    Especially considering I’m moderate on social issues.

    I’m exactly where a Libertarian needs to be if we ever want to get a major candidate elected.

  4. David Colborne

    Wayne! Thanks for stopping by. Since you’re here and all, about last Thursday… to use a common colloquialism passed around the Internet, WTF?

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    “But look in the mirror- you’re Libertarian socialists and scare away all small business owners…all conservatives…all Republicans and all Tea Partiers.”

    Once again, here’s one small business owner who doesn’t identify only with the conservatives. Please don’t speak for me, Wayne.

    I know several small business owners who adhere to the antiwar principles typically associated with the Left, which you seem to be lumping in with Liberals. I’m not a Liberal. I’m a Libertarian.

  6. Thomas L. Knapp


    I just re-read my comment, looking for this “criticism” you’re talking about.

    It ain’t there.

    You write:

    “You don’t like that I’m a Libertarian-conservative.”

    Apparently you didn’t think that the WMI crowd would either, since you used the word “conservative” several times and the word “libertarian” not at all (unless I missed it).

    But, FYI, I do not like or dislike the fact that you’re a conservative. I simply recognize the fact that you’re a conservative — one with libertarian leanings, as I have pointed out in your defense more than once.

    “Ayn Rand was both a Libertarian and conservative.”

    According to her, she was neither.

    “She is beloved by Republicans and conservatives, but HATED by liberals.”

    Yeah — that’s why William F. Buckley Jr. and Whittaker Chambers read her out of the conservative movement, and why Hillary Clinton cites her as an inspiration.

    “Ron Paul is viewed by most mainstream voters as a conservative.”

    And rightly so.

  7. Steve LaBianca

    W.A.R. said, “You don’t like that I’m a Libertarian-conservative.”

    The key here is that the word “Libertarian” used here is a descriptive word for “conservative”. (I even question how “libertarian” of a conservative W.A.R. is – nothing nearly like Frank Chodorov or Albert Jay Nock, I’d say).

    W.A.R. ISN’T a conservative libertarian, which Ron Paul is, but a conservative. WTF are you doing posing as a “libertarian” for?

    WTF are you trying to “redefine” libertarianism, when you are a self professed conservative?

    Please . . . PLEASE go back to the conservative home you belong in; you embarrass yourself and libertarians every time you open your mouth.

  8. Thomas L. Knapp

    Jill @ 9,

    Make that two small business owners who don’t identify only with the conservatives.

    Maybe we’re not “real” small business owners until we’ve left our stakeholders high and dry a time or two, and racked up some Better Business Bureau complaints.

    Somehow I’ve managed to fail at both of those things for nearly a decade. Guess I should get on that.

  9. Steve LaBianca

    But . . . knowing the M.O. of W.A.R. he won’t actually address my comments (if at all), but he MIGHT attack me in some way, shape or fashion.

  10. Steve LaBianca

    More W.A.R. “No, I do not go after liberals or leftists because they support bigger govt. They may agree with LP on one small issue…maybe two”

    The three major categories of government policy:

    Civil liberties;
    Foreign policy;

    True leftists agree with libertarian on TWO OF THE THREE.

    Agreed, leftists/liberals are HORRIBLE on economics and enterprising liberty, but what is worse than the mass murder that conservatives like Dubya an the rest of the neo-cons perpetrate on Americans as well as foreigners? Not much, from this libertarian’s POV.

  11. David Colborne

    No Wayne, here’s what keeps Tea Partiers out of the LP:

    If you’re a Tea Partier in Nevada, you can…
    Join the GOP!
    Membership is free.
    Participation in the primary is free.
    May have to tolerate RINOs… or don’t. That’s the beauty of a primary.
    Support winning candidates and campaigns.

    Or, before last Thursday, you could…
    Join the LP!
    Membership was free in Clark County and Nye County.
    Participate in a smaller convention where your voice and your vote count for something, instead of getting lost amidst hundreds of thousands of other party members.
    Never have to deal with a RINO.
    Participate in the growth and expansion of a local affiliate, with several really cool titles available like “Recording Secretary” (this item is only slightly tongue-in-cheek).
    Want to run for office? No problem – just show up to a local convention, say hi, and you’re basically on the ballot.

    After Thursday, you now can…
    Join the LP!
    Membership is now $50/year, with escalating membership tiers. This entitles you to the right to vote…
    If you can afford to attend the convention. It won’t be free in 2012, I can guarantee you that. Expect it to be somewhere north of $200 at the door just to get in, unless you’re a Brigade member. Then it’ll be a steal at $175.
    There will be fewer people once you get inside, though, so you have that going for you.
    On the other hand, there’s no local party anymore.
    Speaking of local parties, want to run for a local office? No problem – just go to Las Vegas, pay your state dues, pay your inevitable convention door fee, then enjoy the sublime bliss of allowing people that live over 400 miles away from you determine whether or not you’d be a fit candidate for a race they’ll never vote in.
    If you already live in Las Vegas, you can enjoy the sublime pleasures of watching the token Reno resident determine whether or not you’re a fit candidate for your race. Nirvana!
    Want to participate in LP events in Nevada? That’s easy – you can follow our state LP events on our empty Meetup page or on the non-existent calendar on the state web site! Fun for the whole family!

    Yes, I’m still bitter. Why do you ask?

  12. David Colborne

    I apologize for the scattered line breaks in the last comment. There were supposed to be bullet points, but I tried to do it the fancy way with HTML instead of just typing an asterisk.

    I vote we immediately disaffiliate the HTML parser from IPR. I think my vote speaks for itself.

  13. Ayn R. Key

    Conservatives often think that libertarians are actually liberals, just like liberals often think that libertarians are conservatives.

    Root also thinks that libertarians are liberals.

  14. John Jay Myers

    Who is a Libertarian Socialist?

    Just for the record, if we wanted to have fun, we can pull up article after article where Wayne and Ron put out almost opposite press releases.

    In particular in areas that would separate the Libertarian from the Republican. Ron taking the Libertarian side.

    It would make for a really funny article.

    The difference is that Ron Paul means what he says, Wayne contradicts the Wayne of 3 months ago in the video above in regards to Mubarak.

    Wayne is not anything like Ron Paul, one of the most glaring differences is that you hardly hear Ron mention the word Obama, he also blames Republicans for our mess. Which is the smart way for a Libertarian to talk.

    It is a good way to forward the cause of liberty, and it’s funny coming from a guy who has found success in the Republican Party, which proves the point, people are sick of partisan hackery and apparently they donate millions of dollars to a candidate who can rise above it.

    If only we would learn that lesson.

    If Wayne wants to be like Ron Paul he kind of missed the boat, but he if wanted to play catch up he could start by at least pretending to be like Ron Paul. No one is going to buy it, and it would be a disaster when people research Wayne, but he could at least pretend…. for now.

  15. Wayne Root


    I have meeting in 5 minutes so no time for detailed response…but telling a lie alot of times doesn’t make it the truth.

    Ron Paul is a friend of mine. He appears on my radio show many many times over the past year. It’s a lovefest when we are on the air together. My views match his on most every issue we’ve ever discussed on the air…but they match virtually exactly with Rand Paul, who was elected a U.S. Senator in Kentucky of all places with Libertarian-conservative views just like mine.

    Rand moderated his dad’s views to get elected. He was very successful. Now he is the hero of the Tea Party movement- you know that movement you seem to hate so much. Ayn Rand is also a hero of that movement.

    And it’s also a lie to keep saying I’m pro war. Or only attack Democrats. Just not true on either count.

    I do over 1000 media interviews a year…I often attack GOP very strongly…I often declare my distaste for nonstop wars and discuss how they are bankrupting America.

    I often discuss my desire to dramatically cut defense spending…end the wars…dramatically cut foreign aid…and dramatically cut military bases around the world.

    What about that do you disagree with?

    It may not be the most popular view of Republicans or Tea Partiers, yet when I state it that way (above) in my speeches…I get standing ovations when my speech is over…all over the country. So evidently like Rand Paul I know how to attract center right and conservative votes.

    By the way…my mailing list is now almost 50,000…my Facebook and Twitter accounts are 7000…my list of volunteers for a Presidential run is almost 5000. I’d say my brand sells.

    Let’s see 2000+ media appearances…50,000 fans who read my newsletter…my commentaries published in Washington Times…regular on Fox News…best-selling author…5000 volunteers for President…

    You’d never know all this from reading your vicious comments.

    I’m off to a meeting.


  16. wolfefan

    Hi Wayne –

    How do you balance your admiration of Rand with your faith?

    Best regards…

  17. John Jay Myers

    Off the top of my head:
    The Mosque… opposite of Ron Paul
    Mubarak… opposite of Ron Paul
    Gitmo/fair trials… opposite of Ron Paul
    The constitution in general… 50/50 split.
    Ron and Rand = end all foreign aid, you = dramatically cut?
    Ron = end ALL wars bring the troops HOME now where, you again=dramatically cut?.. means nothing.
    I am sure there are many more, I will leave it to others to find them.

    These are issues that challenge a libertarian to take principled stands on the philopophy of freedom, if your interest is to soft sell freedom, you have come to the wrong party. You can honestly soft sell freedom and get away with it in the Republican Party… so why come here?

    You are not going to attract millions of people or money to this party with your message. That is the problem. But you will however keep us from doing it, because of the “You guys nominated Root/Barr” factor that we have had to overcome.

    You had Ron on your show one day and he had to defend the Libertarian Party for you.

    The numbers at the bottom of your post mean nothing if those people don’t care about this party and being a part of it for the right reasons.

    I have been to your facebook page, if you mention voting libertarian on it, your page lights up with people going… “What? You mean not vote Republican?”

    I don’t know man, I know you are not a quiter, but there is no reason you couldn’t be a joiner and join the Republican Party and I think you would be really happy.

    And lastly…. explain Nevada?

  18. LibertarianGirl

    yeah , nevada? still no explanation from Wayne or any NV excom member voting to kill the county parties…im gonna make sure every thread here about you asks that question until you answer .

  19. Michael H. Wilson

    Wayne you are critical of those who want to abolish the mortgage interest deduction.

    If the nation goes to a flat tax the MID will no longer be there. How do we avoid the negative impact that will have?

  20. Kevin Knedler

    Wayne, nice job on the video. Not many people get the opportunity to speak to large audiences like that on a regular basis. Knowing the audience and discussing issues important to them is critical.

    But really Wayne, nothing you do will please some people– NOTHING. It is what it is, and it is part of politics and being a public figure.

  21. Timmos

    “but they match virtually exactly with Rand Paul, who was elected a U.S. Senator in Kentucky of all places with Libertarian-conservative views just like mine.”


    “They thought all along that they could call me a libertarian and hang that label around my neck like an albatross, but I’m not a libertarian”


    At least Rand admits it.

  22. Carol Moore

    Now if he wants to disaffiliate something, why doesn’t he disaffiliate Puerto Rico, set it free and end US taxpayer aid to it??

  23. LibertarianGirl

    well until I and others receive in writing from every excom member why they voted to de-affiliate , we are operational and moving forward…

  24. Jill Pyeatt

    @ 34: The silence is deafening, LG.

    I’d like to ask if this is the way Wayne would be if he happens to win the 2012 presidential nomination: will he ignore the questions he doesn’t wan to answer? It certainly appears that way.

  25. Thomas L. Knapp

    “if he happens to win the 2012 presidential nomination”

    That seems exceedingly unlikely.

    Wayne has the same problem as George Phillies had in 2008, but he has it worse.

    The problem was identified by Dick Morris with reference to Hillary Clinton as a prospective presidential candidate back in the late 1990s, and it goes something like this:

    A candidate can have a solid base of support, a great campaign team, a great campaign strategy, etc., but there’s a point at which his or her “negative” ratings come into play as a solid barrier to success.

    Morris thought that point was around 35%, i.e. if more than 35% of likely voters have a negative opinion of you, you’re not going to get 50%+1 to vote for you.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Root — assuming he seeks the nomination — arrives in Vegas with the single largest campaign war chest, the most delegates, etc.

    But 35% or more of the delegates likely won’t piss on him if he was on fire, or vote for him for the nomination under any circumstances.

    They’ll be completely inaccessible to him, and accessible to virtually any other candidate who manages to winnow it down to a two-way race.

    That in turn means that he’ll have to close the deal with a much higher percentage of those who are undecided, or whose first choices are eliminated, but who are willing to consider him.

    Of course all actual or prospective candidate presumably face some percentage of “not a chance I’ll vote for you” delegates. It wouldn’t surprise me if Duensing’s negatives are even higher than Root’s by convention time.

    Wrights’s and Gary’s negatives are existent, but probably far lower than Root’s, and they’re likely to go down while his are likely to go up.

  26. LibertarianGirl

    the same thing that happened to him running for Chair will happen to him running for Pres.The people that love him love him and everybody else who support various other candidates will all move to the next ‘other than Wayne Root’ as their candidate is eliminated. he will lose.

    He may talk a good talk but he isnt infallible and this latest debacle will end up being his demise. He cant get away from the fact he wants a top down structure and doesnt like county parties. he cant get away from saying activists have saotaged the party , he simply cant get away from what he’s done. A smarter man wouldve seen the internal bickering of state parties as cryptonite to someone needing the most delegates possible. He shoulda stayed out of the LPNevada excom and remained friendly with as many people as possible. But he didnt and now he’s gonna reap the benefits of his poor decision making. Im gonna make sure.

  27. Wayne Root


    Now you’re making things up. I have NEVER said I want a top down structure…nor that I don’t like county parties. That is so untrue. I said that the Nevada Lp has not achieved success. Nevada is arguably the most Libertarian state in America. Certainly in top 5. Yet our results have been awful for last 40 years. It was time to try something new in Nevada. The EC of Nevada decided that made sense and I voted with them. That’s all that happened…and it’s all I said. There was no effective message…no candidate here with any fundraising or support or media exposure. The EC came up with a plan to change that and try something new.

    I have been very successful in life by quickly changing strategy and coming up with new gameplans. When the results are as bad as Nevada LP…you must shift strategy.

    It’s called a new gameplan. That’s all it is.

    And you Deb and David and everyone else in Nevada should recognize that I have been classy and honorable to come onto IRP as often as I can with my busy schedule…and answer as many questions as I can.

    I always try my best.

    I voted to try a new strategy and gameplan with a EC team.

    I am 90% involved with national LP, LNC, LNCC, and national media- as you all know.

    I heard a strategy, it sounded like a good idea, and I voted with the EC to make a change. When you have a new leadership group in any organization, you have to listen to their fresh ideas and give them a chance. It’s that simple. If they fail, vote them out in 2 years. But let them run the ship the way they choose.

    Thats all that happened.

    I love the LP. I bleed LP. I’ve cost my family millions of dollars and precious time I can never get back by diverting time from my businesses…in the midst of a depression…to fight for the LP and the freedom movement.

    The results are remarkable. Hard work pays off. 50,000 fans who get my newsletter. Almost 5000 volunteers for a future political campaign. 7000 Facebook fans. TV and radio offers. Major business speeches across the globe where I mix in a heavy dose of Libertarian politics…and I receive standing ovations.

    What I’m doing…my message is working…it is striking a chord.

    I have ZERO interest in alienating or dis-enfranchising anyone in Nevada or anywhere else. If I’m looking to build a big tent nationally, why would I want a smaller tent in Nevada? Of course I don’t. I’m here answering you now.
    I voted to give the new EC team a chance to implement a new strategy. And I strongly felt the old one was a failure. Give the new Nevada EC a chance. They are all good people who love the LP…just like you.

    And I am here…no matter what the rules say…to work with everyone. Deb and David know how to reach me anytime. I don’t really know Sandy Darby but she is welcome to call me as well.

    But in the end my job is not day to day in Nevada…it’s to continue to attract lots of national media and “brand” the LP.


  28. LibertarianGirl

    Wayne , Nye county went from no party to an affiliated party , 2 elected Libertarians , 30 or more activists , regular meetigs and several outreach events monthly and you de-affiliated them because…??? you are in violation of the LPNevada bylaws for not offering your reasons in writing. Of course you could play semantics and state the bylaws don’t give a timeline for giving reasons or you could just offer your reasoning… I think its clear from your email to me , you want a centralized business model or whatever , i agree it sounded glib , just regurgitating my take on what you’ve said , if Im wrong , please enlighten me.., exactly what was wrong with the 3 active and growing county parties in NV??

  29. LibertarianGirl

    if you really wanted to NOT disenfranchise anybody , let me the first to tell you , you made an egregious mistake trusting Joe Silvestri .. I really truly wish you’d contacted/consulted me or Rowan before you did this , we bth woulve told you it was a mistake . Im sorry it has to be like this but saying i just went along with the team is no excuse. I lost friends over defending you, I really did , and last Thursday was a knife in my back . I do think your a nice guy , but we’re doing politics now sooo…

  30. Another 24 hour flip flop?

    “It needs to be run from one central location and have one coordinated message. That’s how all great companies and organizations are run. I’m a small business CEO. And a very successful one.”
    In politics this is known as “top down”.

  31. The Root Party, LLC

    Root: It was time to try something new in Nevada.

    If so, the Libertarian Way would have been to try and persuade the county affiliates to cede their independence to the state party — not to dictate from above in Bolshevik fashion.

    Root: I’ve cost my family millions of dollars … diverting time from my businesses…

    Millions? Exaggerate much?

    Actually, it seems that your “business” is to try and make yourself into a highly paid political pundit — in which case you’re “investing” in the LP for personal gain, rather than “working for” the LP.

    What you’re really doing is rigging the LP’s ruling structure so it can best serve your personal, financial goals.

    Perhaps you think that a strong Root showing at the next national LP convention will boast your “official Libertarian” creds on Fox News, yielding more media face time to promote yourself.

  32. I am soo shaking my head

    Wayne Root has better things to do. With all the time he spends traveling. On Radio, TV, etc. I know for a fact having friends in the entertainment industries that this can take a toll on your family home life. His wife must be a strong person to stand by his side and support what he does. He must give a lot of support and love to his kids sooo much that I am sure he makes his limited time quality. You people as soo much to continue to sit and blog with insults and I know some of you didn’t even bother to promote yourself as half as well even though you are no where near what Wayne Root can do.

    For those who don’t believe, maybe you should take a look again at the entertainment industry. A lot of those people lives are miserable. No I don’t have to read the Globe. You think politics is any difference.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

  33. LibertarianGirl

    ok that made no sense and now i know who said it , sing , sing a song!!:) ur a total nut lady

    “Not only your an idiot, You are also a Socialist”

    me_ um there was absolutely nothing socialist about 45 and before you call others idiots check your English . You should have the word ARE between only and your , and also you don’t capitalize you after a comma so…

  34. LibertarianGirl

    oh and Wayne , the bylaws state every member voting to de-affiliate must provide in writing their own reasons to the Counties Executive committee so issuing a blanket press release from Joe Silvestri doesnt cut it. you are still in violation of the bylaws and all 3 countt parties are moving forward . we will use your actions and those of your fellow board members against you and will use it to garner support for us.I know at least 6 people that voted for y’alls side last convention that have written me that they won’t next time. You will be defeated at the next State Convention and subsequently at the National 1 too. Your only recourse is to undo what you’ve done.

  35. Marc Montoni

    Wayne said:

    50,000 fans who get my newsletter. Almost 5000 volunteers for a future political campaign. 7000 Facebook fans. TV and radio offers. Major business speeches across the globe where I mix in a heavy dose of Libertarian politics?and I receive standing ovations.

    This gets to the heart of my concern about you, Wayne.

    If you were genuinely trying to build the LP with all of this, those newsletter subscribers would have been signed up for LP-Announce instead of your personal newsletter; those Facebook fans would have been directed to add the Libertarian Party’s FB page rather than your personal page, and so on. This shouldn’t be about *you*. It should be about building a bigger LP for the next election.

    Building your own fanbase, raising money for yourself, getting facetime on TV, those are all great things to be doing, but if they’re not benefiting the LP, then they’re for you personally. As things stand now, the LP is still shrinking in the number of donors. If you were successfully promoting the LP, that trend should be in the other direction.

    As I said in a prior comment:

    These guys keep bringing up the ‘debating society’ myth, but it is usually their own actions that foster debate. Meanwhile, the party they are ‘creating’ is less politically active than when they started to gain control (say, 2002-2003).

    We have fewer elected officials, fewer appointed officials, fewer candidates, fewer members, less money raised, fewer monthly pledgers, fewer media hits, and so on, compared to 1998-2002. Root’s media hits don’t really count: every time Harry Browne was on a TV or radio program, calls and emails would start coming to LPHQ, and some of those inquiries would subsequently join. That’s simply NOT HAPPENING with Root’s appearances.

    I admire Root’s persistence and energy, but the fact is that he’s simply not answering any of the questions the voting public has for us.

    I’d like to suggest that those interested in a stronger and more consistent LP should take a look at the Radical Caucus. We’re smaller in number than the competing caucuses, but by joining the caucus, consistent libertarians have a better shot at returning the LP to its principlestradition.

    “The Libertarian Party early on developed a lively tradition of caucuses to advocate for certain positions within the Party. One of the strongest and most important of these was the Radical Caucus. In recent years radicals have continued to play an important part in the Libertarian Party, but have perhaps not spent as much time and energy as needed to keep the Party focused on the prize: Freedom. Freedom from taxes, from wars, from state aggression against individuals. Therefore this re-mobilization of the LP Radical Caucus to work within the Libertarian Party to strengthen it, not only in numbers, but also in spirit.”

  36. Michael H. Wilson

    @ 52 Marc writes: “Building your own fanbase, raising money for yourself, getting facetime on TV, those are all great things to be doing, but if they’re not benefiting the LP, then they’re for you personally.”

    And those of us who have put time, money and effort into building this organization are now finding our efforts being used for someone else’ benefit.

  37. David Colborne

    Wayne, I agree that a centralized message can work with certain organizations and businesses. Political parties don’t fall in that category, I can prove it, and you know it. How?

    The Tea Party!

    You of all people should know that, if the GOP was run as a “centralized” entity in the fashion you’re thinking of, the Tea Party never would have experienced the electoral success that it ultimately enjoyed, nor done as much damage to the GOP as it did whenever it dared ignore it. Heck, we live in Nevada – it’s thanks to Sue Lowden’s “top-down” style of management that she was ultimately unable to prevail against Sharron Angle in the primaries. She ticked off most of the base going into the primary, so all Reid had to do was show the more moderate wing of the GOP that she was as crazy as the rest of the ballot to keep her from winning. Once she talked about trading chickens for health care, that was the end of her campaign – her positions and viability were suddenly as fungible and unviable as Tarkanian and the rest.

    How about Rand Paul? Is he in the same style as Romney or Huckabee? Does he push the same issues? No he does not. Why? Because the GOP is not a centralized top-down organization. Heck, look at Rand’s dad – Ron’s basically unbeatable in his district, in no small part due to the tremendous amount of fundraising he enjoys from around the country by serving as a magnet for libertarian-conservative wallets. Does Ron adhere to the central message of the GOP? Hardly.

    The Democratic Party is the same way. You think Pelosi’s usual platform would make it out of the Bay Area? Do you think Democrats in Park City, Utah are running on the same platform as Democrats in San Francisco? Do you think Democrats in Atlanta are running on anything even remotely resembling the platform being used in Cleveland? Or Vermont?

    Regardless of how you feel about the major parties, they do one thing a hell of a lot better than the LP and that’s win elections. Every single time – every single time – whenever any of the state parties gets the idea in their head that they need to “centralize” operations, their local, city, and county level operations immediately install new leadership. No exceptions. It happened here in Nevada with the GOP. It happens everywhere else in the country. Why? Because precinct captains, county central committee members, and everyone else with a pulse and the slightest whiff of political self-awareness knows that the only way to win elections is through hard, tedious work done by as many people as humanly possible. Elections are not won by flowery pronouncements or “consistent messages” from Corporate – they’re won by individuals that believe in their party knocking on every single door in their neighborhood, shaking every hand they can find, overcoming any objections held by their friends and neighbors, and calling every person they know to support their favored candidate. That is what successful political organizations do, which is what the LP ultimately aspires to become.

  38. D. Lou Shenol

    Hey, I have an idea for once. Mr. Root will you please start including the simple ” http://www.LP.org ” whenever and wherever you can to guide some NEW $upport toward the national LP?! From there they will be guided to their state and local LP.

    If your gameplan hasn’t changed you have stated you plan to be elected POTUS by 2016 or 2020 (I think). You must help build the LP to the point it can help you to reach that goal. Just giving the contact info when possible will help to accomplish some of the goal. If you are really paying attention you realize you are catching flack for not bringing more people into the LP. Please start now to promote the LP contact info when possible and a large % of your detractors will stop their carping. Become more irenic, stop any support for the U.S. Armed Forces as “policeman” of the world and some of your detractors will even be voting for you ! To reach your goals you need a vast and in vigour LP backing you to the hilt !!!

    Just a thought…

  39. Leif Kvalheim

    LG @ 57

    I realize that I’m just a random Joe (Leif) who just started reading these comments, but you tend to come off as very spiteful.

    I agree with a lot of your opinions but your injected emotion dilutes a lot of your points.

    I say this because I consider Clark County one of my homes and I’m vested in its well being.

  40. Leif Kvalheim

    Wanted to add that I wish you much success in your current endeavors during this disaffiliation issue.

  41. Thomas L. Knapp

    Leif @ 58,

    Yes, I guess LG does come off as spiteful, but she has an excuse.

    She has resolutely defended Wayne Root from many criticisms for several years now, and then he turns around pretty much kicks her in the face. She’s discovered his true nature. Can you blame her for being upset?

  42. LibertarianGirl

    Leif , what TK said .I am emotional over this . I workeda decade the CCLP , ive sownd endless hours and money and time loving and nuturing it and Ive spent some time and lost more than a few friends defending Wayne Root and he backstabbed me. If it seems like Im mad and taking it personal , its because Im mad and taking it personal, really really hurt , mad and fighting like hell

  43. Jill Pyeatt

    I understand your feelings, LG, and I believe most of us here do. I do think, at this point, that the Nevada
    Ex Com is a bit surprised at the results of their little plan last week. I wonder what they thought would happen. Nothing?

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