LP Monday Message: Edwards, Weiner & Schwarzenegger

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Dear Friend of Liberty,

John Edwards was the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2004, and he was a leading contender for the presidential nomination in 2008. We all now know he cheated on his wife and lied to America about it throughout much of that time. Now he’s facing potential jail time if convicted of using campaign funds for a cover-up.

Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner has put on quite a show lately.

The soap operas aren’t confined to Democrats. Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently confessed to cheating for decades and had a child he hid from the public for years.

Not that long ago, Newt Gingrich was cheating on one of his ex-wives while haranguing Bill Clinton over Monica Lewinsky.

A few other names come to mind: Al Gore, Mark Foley, Jesse Jackson Sr., Jesse Jackson Jr., and Mark Sanford.

Some people argue that these people’s private lives should not be of concern to the public.

A counter-argument is that people who lie about their private lives are also likely to lie about official business as well. Could they also lie about weapons of mass destruction, or global warming, or the necessity of a trillion-dollar bailout?

So what’s my point? That Libertarians are more honest than Republicans and Democrats?

Actually, no. My point is, human beings are fallible, and many of us are dishonest and easily corrupted.

That’s one of the reasons why government should have as little power as possible. When human beings have the power to control others’ lives, our natural fallibility makes us very dangerous.

What’s worse, power tends to corrupt us and make us even more dishonest, conniving, and cruel.

We Libertarians understand that humans are fundamentally imperfect, and we will always be imperfect.

Libertarians aren’t simply looking for honest politicians. We are looking for politicians who understand this problem, and who will stand on principle to take power away from government, and return it to the individual.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

5 thoughts on “LP Monday Message: Edwards, Weiner & Schwarzenegger

  1. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    A few other names come to mind: Al Gore, Mark Foley, Jesse Jackson Sr., Jesse Jackson Jr., and Mark Sanford,

    and in Sandy Ego County via U of Misery: FORMER Congress member, Viet nam era air ace, Top Gun instructor and all around lying jerk Randall ‘Duke’ Cunningham, now in federal stir near Tucson, Arid Zona.

  2. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Anthony Weiner [Dog] Survive?

    ………. the big question a day after the New York congressman admitted to lying about sending a lewd photo of his crotch to a Seattle college student via Twitter.

    …………. Weiner owned up to sending the photo and admitted that he’d sent similar pictures to six different women he met online over the last three years.

    Yet Weiner’s biggest problem could be the continuing drip of revelations as some of the women he allegedly communicated have come forward to tell their side of the story.

    So far, three women have claimed online relationships with Weiner, hinting they have more pictures and hundreds of lurid texts that could prove to be even more politically embarrassing to the congressman:

    •Meagan Broussard: A 26-year-old single mom from Texas, Broussard is the women who provided the photos of Weiner published yesterday on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government site.

    She provided dozens of photos, emails, Facebook messages and cell phone call logs to ABC News detailing her online relationship with Weiner, which began in April. “I didn’t think it was him,” she told ABC.

    “I thought for sure, ‘Why would someone in that position be doing this?’ ”

    ———– Just more proof of what we anti Establishment sons and daughters of Patrick Henry knew for months and years!

  3. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement


    Anthony Weiner’s unfolding sex scandal is almost certain to dash his dreams of becoming New York City mayor.

    Ben Adler looks at the local politicians, from City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to Comptroller John Liu to outer-borough Democrats, who will benefit or lose out from the congressman’s implosion.

    Anthony Weiner often is described in the press as the protégé of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the powerful Washington player who ranks third in the Senate Democratic caucus.

    Weiner worked on Schumer’s congressional staff and then won Schumer’s former seat in 1998, with Schumer’s endorsement.

    He also clearly learned from the senator’s knack for getting in the news.

    But the similarities end there.

    In fact, a better role model for Weiner might have been Ed Koch, the former three-term New York City mayor who had previously served in Congress.

    Like Koch, Weiner has cultivated an image as an aggressive New Yorker with the attitude of someone with mayoral ambitions, rather than remaining a Washington legislator.

    Weiner also has tried to assemble the same political coalition that Koch relied upon: middle-class, outer-borough white ethnics who lean left on most domestic issues but more rightward on foreign policy and crime, coupled with reformist, left-wing professionals.

    As Steve Kornacki explains in Capital New York, Weiner’s recent star turn as an outspoken proponent of liberal causes, such as single-payer health insurance, was as much about running for mayor as an indication that he had developed greater interest in national issues.

    Weiner’s heightened national profile, along with his strong showing in the 2005 Democratic mayoral primary, had made him the front runner for mayor in 2013.

  4. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement


    “Engulfed in a scandal that threatens to end his political career, Rep. Anthony Weiner spent much of Tuesday behind closed doors apologizing to key Democrats for lying about his risqué online behavior.

    But it may not be enough to save the embattled New York Democrat as politicians on both sides of the aisle distanced themselves from the scandal, calling for his resignation from Congress.

    On Tuesday, former Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine, who is running for Senate in Virginia, became the first leading Democrat to urge Weiner to resign.

    “Lying is unforgivable. Lying publicly about something like this is unforgivable and he should resign,” Kaine said in an interview with Charlottesville’s CBS 19.”

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