Libertarian Party Reaches Half of Its 2011 Fundraising Goal

Source:  Ryan Brennan,,  July 30, 2011)

On July 29, 2011, the Libertarian Party, according to the donation ticker on its homepage, reached half of its 2011 fundraising goal of $400,000. At the time of the writing of this article (July 29, 3:42pm EST), their donation total stands at $204,221.81. Yesterday also saw the Libertarian Party put out a request for donations to help fund ballot access petition drives in New Hampshire and South Dakota. Click here to donate.

10 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Reaches Half of Its 2011 Fundraising Goal

  1. Kleptocracy and You

    Good news, but this is August. They actually are a full month behind. Halfway should have been reached the first week of July. Please use the LINK above and donate what you can to help the LP to get back on schedule.

    Each of us know we feel better inside when the LP’s POTUS ticket is on ALL (51) ballots. OK, CT, LA, DC and some more are troublesome and the funds need to be in the pot NOW or soon to ensure success on ballot access. So PLEASE remember GIVE until it feels GOOD !!! THX

    Someone can help on the exact figure you can give to a Political Party ($everal thou$and!?) per year. Please encourage your RICH family members and friends to MAX OUT before Dec.31. I truly believe 2012 will be a SPECIAL year for the LP. Now is the time to begin building the fund$ for the much needed ballot access.

    ~~~~~~~~~ ********* ~~~~~~~~~

    The Libertarian Party is working every day to cut your taxes. By contrast, professional politicians from the other parties just want more of your money, and are busy increasing the size of government.


    The Libertarian Party’s anti-crime plan would do what the Democrats and Republicans have not done:

    •Respect the victim’s rights and make criminals pay full restitution.
    •Hold all criminals responsible for their actions.
    •Double the police resources available for crime prevention without any additional government spending.
    •Reduce the number of criminals at large on our streets.
    •Defend the most effective crime deterrent available, the private ownership of guns.
    •Create jobs, end welfare dependence, and improve education.
    This Libertarian program would help make America’s streets safe again.

    There is Hope for Your Family
    There is a political party that believes the family budget is more important than the Federal budget. A political party that is working to restore the hopes and dreams of every hard-working American family.

    More than two-hundred Libertarians are currently holding public office. Each of them is working today to keep the government from taking any more of your money. And each of them believes that if government were limited to protecting us against force and fraud, then most Americans would be better off. Less government corruption. No more expensive “boondoggle” projects. No more “special interest” favors at your expense.

    The Libertarian Party always defends the family budget. In its entire history, elected Libertarians have never voted to increase taxes. In fact, Libertarians were instrumental in having the Alaska state income tax repealed.

    The Libertarian Party will stop the waste in government by decreasing its size and power. We will work to roll back the power of Washington bureaucrats and politicians — and leave you and your neighbors in control of your own lives. –

    Have you declared your Independence? –

  2. ATV 2012

    “this is August. They actually are a full month behind.”

    More than that. Fundraising usually falls off the second half of the year because people begin spending their disposable income on summer vacations and Christmas gifts.

  3. paulie

    Political party fundraising usually picks up the second half of the year, as election season gears up. Granted, this is an off year, but there are local elections and the presidential election is getting relatively closer.

  4. Final financial results

    Not really in off years.

    Here are the current and last three pre-Presidential years, first half and total for year:

    2011 H1- 646 825
    2007 H1- 687 596 H2- 1 454 411
    2003 H1- 841 701 H2- 1 633 994
    1999 H1- 1 449 633 H2- 2 683 047

    The most notable trend is progressively downhill.

  5. Final financial results

    h2 is the total for the year. I should have used a better abbreviation. Sorry for the obscuration.

    Second half numbers are

    2007 H2 is ca. 760,000 — larger
    2003 H2 is ca. 792,000 — smaller
    1999 H2 is ca. 1 240 000 — way smaller.

  6. paulie

    As previously mentioned the 200k is half the internet fundraising total, not the overall total. An understandable confusion due to the prominence of the donation ticker at I’m not aware where the LHQP is vis a vis its overall goal from all sources.

    It is currently over 220k, btw.

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