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Tony Hall: “I’m Ready to Clean Up City Hall”

Email to IPR from the campaign of Tony Hall, independent for Mayor of San Francisco:

New Tony Hall Ads: “I’m Ready to Clean Up City Hall”

New cable ads target City Hall deals, weak Lee/Adachi pension reform measures

Tony Hall’s mayoral campaign announced the release of two new television ads running on cable news stations through Election Day. The ads sharpen the focus of Hall’s campaign around issues of City Hall insider dealing, citing “special pension deals” and “developer giveaways.” The pensions are meant to benefit people’s retirement but you’re yet to show whether or not it will be better than the current pensions being offered. You shouldn’t make any changes to your pension for the time being as you may be sutton mis sold pension.


Serious Solution :15

Ed Lee and Jeff Adachi’s pension plans still mean millions in annual pension debt.
The serious solution?
Bring all new public benefits back in line with the private sector.
It’s time to clean up City Hall.
I’m ready. Are you with me?

I’m Ready :30

San Francisco may have a new mayor, but it’s still business as usual at City Hall.
Asking San Franciscans for more fees and taxes, while granting millions to politically connected developers.
That’s not acceptable to me – and it shouldn’t be acceptable to you.
Whether its developer giveaways or special pension deals – it’s always working San Franciscans paying the bill.
Cleaning up City Hall is going to take determination and leadership — and it’s going to take you.
I’m ready. Are you with me?

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What You Might Not Know About Tony Hall

Tony Hall has 35 years experience in executive and administrative positions in nine different City of San Francisco departments, starting with his very first position in 1965, as a pension fraud investigator for the San Francisco retirement system, and then as a minorities recruiter for San Francisco’s Civil Service Commission. Afterwards starting in 1968, he served two years on Mayor Joseph Alioto’s staff as a community liaison officer, responsible for the oversight of recreation facilities in outlying neighborhoods within the city.

From 1970-1974, Tony Hall served as the Chief Administrator for the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, overseeing all operations of an office of hundreds of attorneys and administrative support staff. In March of 1974, he joined Harvey Rose serving as a budget analyst for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He then went to the Port Authority where he oversaw the transition of several thousand state Port Authority workers into city and county service during the transition of the San Francisco Port from the state to the city.

After a successful decade in the entertainment industry, in 1985 Tony Hall returned to city service and spent 15 years as the Executive Assistant to the Presiding Judge in both the San Francisco Municipal and Superior Court System, overseeing all court operations and originated the community and drug court programs. In this position, he also originated, sourced funding and oversaw the construction of the new Civic Center Courthouse.

A lifelong registered Independent, Tony Hall was elected as a District 7 Supervisor for the City and County of San Francisco in 2000 where he won bipartisan praise for leading efforts to rescue the Lake Merced habitat and rebuild Harding Park, the Laguna Honda Senior Center, the Youth Guidance Center and the Ocean Avenue Business Corridor.

In 2004 he was appointed as Executive Director of the Treasure Island Development Authority, where he increased police presence, business activities, film production and recreation facilities. He was – and remains today – a fierce advocate for an honest, realistic development plan that benefits the residents of Treasure Island and the people of San Francisco.

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