Libertarian presidential candidates forum live from Bloomington, Illinois

The Libertarian Party of Illinois will be streaming a presidential candidates forum live from their state convention Saturday, October 22 beginning at 2:30 p.m. (CDT).

Participating candidates include RJ Harris, Roger Gary, Lee Wrights, Carl Person, and Bill Still. The forum will be moderated by Lex Green, 2010 Illinois gubernatorial candidate and current state political director.

Illinois LP chair Lupe Diaz clarified that LP Illinois does not endorse any candidate for president. “The RJ Harris for President Campaign is lending us their UStream account,” he said. “LP Illinois is providing the equipment, manpower, and platform.”


8 thoughts on “Libertarian presidential candidates forum live from Bloomington, Illinois

  1. Jeremy C. Young

    I’m hoping the stream will be posted online in more permanent form — I’d love to hear this in its entirety.

    George, one of those debates, through no fault of the LPMA, was pathetic — only one candidate (plus another candidate’s campaign manager) showed up. I watched the other one and it was very informative, but it happened before RJ Harris and Bill Still joined the field, and I’m excited to hear from all five candidates at once. Plus, it would be interesting to hear whether Wrights or Gary has become a better speaker since that debate. (Person was already a good speaker; that’s not the problem I have with him.)

  2. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 6

    What problems do you have with Carl Person? I think he is the most experienced and credentialed candidate in the race for the LP Presidential Nomination.

    I would be interested in hearing any other negative comments people wish to share.

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