2008 Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin running for Lieutenant Governor of Montana as a Republican

Sioux Falls Conservative Examiner writer Lori Stacey reports that 2008 Constitution Party Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin will run for Lieutenant Governor of Montana as a Republican:

The major announcement took place during the live broadcast of Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s sermon at Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana. He treated his congregation and many others watching online to a major political announcement this afternoon.

Dr. Chuck Baldwin, the 2008 Presidential Nominee of the Constitution Party has accepted an invitation by Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob Fanning to be his running mate for Lt. Governor of Montana.

In looking up Bob Fanning’s campaign website, I noticed that this is definitely official as Bob already has Chuck Baldwin listed as his Lt. Governor running mate.

Bob Fanning, a retired manufacturing CEO, is one of ten candidates vying for the Republican nomination for Montana governor in 2012. In Montana, gubernatorial candidates pick their running mates before the primary.

16 thoughts on “2008 Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin running for Lieutenant Governor of Montana as a Republican

  1. Darryl W. Perry

    When high profile members of third parties join one of the two factions of the Republicratic Duopoly, it really does a disservice to the abandoned party and furthers the stereotype of minor parties being splinter groups of the two major parties.

  2. James Clifton

    Disappointing. So many seek third party nominations and leave the party after the election. Was hoping Baldwin would not be one who uses and abuses third parties, ala Ron Paul. Too bad.

  3. wolfefan

    @2 – IMHO Chuck Baldwin does not now and never has cared about the CP. It’s about building his ministry brand. Sometimes people with a minor-league profile pick up a third party so they can be a big fish in a small pond for a while, and when they realize there’s no real future there they move on. Baldwin moved to Montana specifically to to this. I could be wrong, others know him better than I, but it’s a pretty common pattern.

  4. Rain

    @5 Oh, he is such a mean old bad guy, accessing free speech and exercising his liberties and free will!

  5. Timothy Yung

    Wow! I didn’t see this coming. I wish Chuck Baldwin good luck and I would hope for him if I lived in Montana. I wonder who the CP will choose for 2012 now.

  6. Alaska Constitution Party

    Potential CP Presidential Candidates
    From Politics1.com:


    Darrell Castle (Tennessee) – ’08 VP nominee, CP National Vice Chairman, attorney & USMC veteran.

    Todd Clayton Jr. (Washington)

    Virgil Goode (Virginia) – Former Congressman, former State Sen., CP National Executive Committee member, attorney & ex-Republican.

    Richard Mack (Utah) – Former Graham County (AZ) Sheriff, Author, Libertarian activist & ’04 Utah Gov. candidate.

    Roy Moore (R-Alabama) – Former State Supreme Court Chief Justice, Vietnam War veteran & ’06/’10 Gov. candidate.

    Diane Beall Templin (California) – Attorney, anti-gay activist and frequent candidate.

    Bill Tucker (Wisconsin) – Retired Navy Commander & businessman.

    Serious contenders should make themselves known before the National CP Nominating Convention in Memphis next April.

  7. history ----- on the current situation(s) .... Lake

    NewFederalist // Nov 14, 2011:
    “Announcing from the pulpit… nice touch.”

    [A] yeah, if you hate the founding fathers

    [B] faith in the inteligence and ethics of Uncle Chuckie, ya get what you deserve.

    [C] and folks wonder why potential independents and third party types dislike, no, hate, hate, hate CP

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