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Video of Constitution Party Presidential Debate, March 31, 2012

On March 31, 2012, four Constitution Party candidates for President held a debate in Lansing, Michigan. The four candidates were Dr. Laurie Roth, Susan Ducey, former U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode, and former Savannah State football coach Robby Wells. The video is below; thanks to WKTV and the U.S. Taxpayers Party Michigan for making the video available on YouTube.… Read more ...

Root: The Lynching of Rush Limbaugh over S&H (Sex & Handouts)

Former LP Vice Presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root, writing at The Blaze, penned the following editorial:


The Lynching of Rush Limbaugh over S&H (Sex & Handouts)
By Wayne Allyn Root

The progressive left’s lynching of Rush Limbaugh reminds me of why conservative talk radio is successful and leftists can never duplicate that success.… Read more ...

Virgil Goode apparently running for Constitution Party Presidential nomination

Daily Kos’s David Nir reports that former Rep. Virgil Goode of Virginia has created a Presidential campaign committee with the FEC. Here’s the FEC form. You’ll notice that Goode’s wife Lucy is serving as campaign treasurer (not unusual for a political race), and that Goode doesn’t yet have a website or an FEC number; presumably those will come later.… Read more ...

Mark Rutherford running for LP Chair

In the following video, current Libertarian Vice Chair Mark Rutherford announces his candidacy for chair of the LP:

Rutherford’s campaign platform appears to have three parts: 1) get more Libertarian-minded people elected to office; 2) reorganize the party infrastructure from top to bottom to transform it into a modern political party; 3) do a better job of reaching out to voters.… Read more ...

Chuck Moulton: An Open Letter to Gary Johnson about the Fair Tax

Chuck Moulton is a former vice-chair of the Libertarian Party. He sent the following to IPR:

Governor Johnson called me on Wednesday to ask for my support as a LP convention delegate in Las Vegas. We spoke for 5 minutes about problems with the Fair Tax before I had to leave to teach a class.… Read more ...

LP-Pres: Carl Person Calls for Repeal of Gun Control Laws

Forwarded to IPR by Person’s new campaign manager, Chris Doscher:


January 11, 2012

“Gun control activists have used the one-year anniversary of the Tuscon, Arizona shootings as a springboard for their agenda of stripping away our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

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Bill Still’s “Address to the Libertarian Nation” Contains New Proposals, Disagreements with LP Positions

The campaign of Libertarian presidential candidate Bill Still has been relatively quiet of late, but Still has returned with a new video addressing “the Libertarian Nation.” In the video, he offers new clarity about his views on a wide range of issues — a first for Still, who has previously focused on monetary reform to the exclusion of a comprehensive platform.… Read more ...

Carl Person Fires Campaign Manager, Apologizes for Bestiality Comments

According to now-fired campaign manager Tom Stevens, Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Carl Person has issued the following statement:

I have terminated Dr. Tom Stevens as my Campaign Manager because of the direction my campaign was going, which was different from the direction I have intended. The material on bestiality published and emphasized by Dr.

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Hill article on Jill Stein includes supportive comments from Ralph Nader

In a rather lengthy piece on Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and the Occupy Wall Street movement, reporter Kris Kitto obtains this nugget from Ralph Nader on Stein’s candidacy:

Former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader says signature collection alone can consume a third-party campaign’s resources.

“By the time you finish, it’s Labor Day, and you’re exhausted, and you don’t have any money,” says Nader, adding that he sees promise in Stein.

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Jill Stein: Black Friday shows how economy doesn’t work for working people

A press release from Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein:

Green presidential candidate Jill Stein took note of the intense efforts of retailers to stimulate demand with Black Friday spending sprees, saying that, “We all want an economy in which workers have money in their pockets and retailers have paying customers.

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In new article, ABC’s The Note is bullish on 2012 third party prospects

Amy Bingham of ABC’s The Note writes that third parties may well do better in 2012 than they have in the past. The article contains quotes from LP Executive Director Wes Benedict, GP spokesman Mark Dunlea, GP presidential candidate Jill Stein (apparently misidentified as the only GP candidate in the field), and Americans Elect CEO Elliot Ackerman.… Read more ...

LP-Pres: Allegations from 2010 concerning RJ Harris’ past, and Harris’ response

IPR has recently been made aware of a 2010 dispute between then-Congressional candidate RJ Harris and the now-defunct blog Okie Pundit, which was a vocal supporter of Harris’ opponent Tom Cole. Excerpts from Okie Pundit’s post and Harris’ response are included below. First, we should note that the following facts are not in dispute:

– Harris used to be named Jason Sam Barnes.… Read more ...