Gary Johnson CM: ‘99% sure Gary will seek LP nomination’

Guy McLendon quotes Gary Johnson’s campaign manager:

“Ron Nielson said I could quote him as follows … He’s pushing Gary to run on the LP ticket, and is 99% sure Gary will seek our nomination. That was maybe a week or so ago …”

Mister McLendon is quoted as saying this on an open Facebook discussion thread he is actively participating in.

The thread and Group are both at:!/groups/RecruitGaryJohnsonLP2012/

75 thoughts on “Gary Johnson CM: ‘99% sure Gary will seek LP nomination’

  1. Alex Avery

    I’m a bit concerned his candidacy would be entirely based on “getting back at” the Republicans for “hanging him out to dry.”

    If he’s going to make the switch, he’d better do so soon, he’s got a short 5 or 6 months to convince us that he will genuinely support the Party and its hundreds of candidates, and that he won’t be a Republican again by 2013.

  2. NewFederalist

    I really don’t know why he would want to do this. He was a great governor and is certainly young enough to have a political future if he really wants one. Winning a senate seat from New Mexico should be doable but probably not if he runs on the LP ticket in 2012 for president.

  3. George Phillies

    Readers should recall that if Johnson switches party, his campaign manager likely has a job at least through the start of May, as opposed to a job likely to run out of steam in February. And if Johnson happens to win the nomination, the Campaign Manager keeps his job through, say, November.

  4. Bruce Cohen Post author

    Or, if the Campaign Manager tells Gary to not try for the LP Nomination, he has plenty of time to line up a higer paying job.

    Don’t let Mister Phillies kid anyone, working in politics at the Wayne Root or Gary Johnson Team level is generally not the path to a T. Boone Pickens income.

    I highly doubt Governor Johnson’s CM is in this for money. I know as glad as I personally have been to get paid when working for Libertarian Candidates, it’s been slim pickings at best, and usually unpaid or nonpaid.

  5. Robert Capozzi

    If GJ takes the Phillies Oath, he may be all right: I promise never to take a limo ever. Period. 😉

    Better still: I promise to walk from the airport to the hotel…

  6. Jeremy C. Young

    I would disagree with Bruce Cohen that the Johnson team level and the Root team level are the same level. As a former U.S. Governor, Johnson has the ability to raise more money more easily than Root does. Generally, on a Johnson-sized campaign, the campaign manager makes a sizable salary, while other staffers make much less. Bigger campaigns pay their other staffers more.

    However, I would also disagree with George that the campaign manager would be willing to engineer a party switch for the money. Following a candidate to a third party often presents a difficult problem for a staffer; future employers may well question the loyalty of that staffer to his party, and his employment prospects may well be curtailed. Dick Morris is the exception that proves the rule here.

  7. Lavra

    @8, on my phone’s browser, the first two pages of results don’t say anything like that. Do you not know the source where you’ve heard that number?

  8. George Phillies

    The number I gave is in the FEC report for the Johnson campaign for the last quarter. You need to go below the summary tables and click through to B Disbursements, and total up entries for the campaign group.

    I have no idea at all what a phone browser will do with a document this big and heavily formatted. The idea of trying to read the FEC output on a screen that small is … amusing.

    I am not aware of indications that Johnson is running a direct mail campaign on the huge level that Bruce proposes. I suppose that it could be true.

  9. lavra

    >, go to electronic filings and search on “Gary Johnson”.

    Don’t see “electronic filings” anywhere on Link?

    >The idea of trying to read the FEC output on a screen that small is … amusing.

    Concur. On a regular browser now.

    In going to, you can click on “presidential elections”. Is that maybe where you meant? And filtering by Johnson shows his [total] operating expenditures to be $338,893. But I don’t see where you would filter by quarter, or where he paid the firm. Can you point out which entries you’re totaling up? Thanks George 🙂

  10. Robert Capozzi

    14 L, thanks. The disbursements and debts are at the end, with several to consultancy firms. Some forensic accounting may reveal more, but this is all mouse-nuts dollar amounts.

  11. Green Party Conservative

    Gary Johnson would make a fine Green Party candidate as well.

    As a former two term Governor, Mr. Johnson could be a very serious candidate for the Green Party nomination.

    Would Governor Johnson accept a Vice Presidential draft on a Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party presidential ticket?

  12. Brian

    Seriously what’s with these Indy Green folks?

    Gary Johnson would NOT be acceptable to the national Green Party.

  13. Richard Vanier

    It is so laughable that George Phillies is opposed to anything that will grow The Libertarian Party. Gary Johnson running as The Libertarian Nominee for President would grow the Libertarian Party geometrically. He has a real resume and track record to run on and he is 100% more Libertarian that our last nominee. Unlike our past nominee, he does not need to apologize for his past legislation.

    I suggest everyone go to his campaign webpage and read his platform. Please do not believe the misinformation being spread by some of the proxies working for other so-called libertarian campaigns.

    In Liberty

    Richard Vanier

    California Libertarian Party-Executive Committee-At Large Representative

  14. Thomas L. Knapp


    “Gary Johnson running as The Libertarian Nominee for President would grow the Libertarian Party geometrically.”

    Any rational basis for that supposition?

    As a Republican presidential candidate, he seems to be about as popular as gout (hint — his roaring presidential campaign polls in the 1% range and raised about 2/3 as much in the 3rd quarter of 2011 as the Libertarian National Committee did).

  15. MG

    I don’t endorse internal candidates as such, and generally have no advice beyond study Libertarianism, be nice to opponents and get a good tailor.

    I will say persons of non-LP experience and showing character from both sides such as Gov. Johnson matched with someone like Gravel becoming a normal thing for us works fine for me. I would also welcome more ‘home-grown’ LP candidates with local public office experience or activists such as Lee Wrights.

    A Johnson candidacy most likely can help change the conversation but will not however immediately greatly grow the party or movement unless his focus is ballot access. In general it’s education and outreach that’s the main engine of growth. He does however have many supporters who might discover what we’re doing through his candidacy.

    My recollection is Johnson is a party member for some years. I met him some years ago and he is very engaging in person. Some of his positions are improvable but on the whole probably ‘good enough for government work’ at this point of our growth. His main platform is he’s Gary Johnson, nice guy who has done good things. That’s a strong platform.

  16. Robert Capozzi

    rv and tk, well, “geometric” growth is impossible. 10 or 20 fold might be possible. Say, for ex., GJ gets the nomination. RP endorses him, more publicly than he announced his plan to vote for Baldwin in 08.

    GJ avoids getting bogged down like BB’s campaign did with ballot access. He never takes a limo, keeping GP’s attacks to a minimum. But media gives GJ similar or more exposure than BB.

    Gingrich gets the R nomination. Bloomberg runs on the AE line. BHO bombs a nuclear development facility in Iran in October.

    Dunno, other stuff… Could the LP swell from 15K to 150K in such circumstances? I’d say yes.

  17. George Phillies

    @22 “Any rational basis for that supposition?”


    We have been being fed that nonsense through two Harry Brown campaigns, a Barr campaign, the Howard Stern New York campaign….run a celebrity and it will expand our party and lure people in. Browne’s 2000 campaign short-term wrecked the party, and Barr’s was a recycle, doing less damage because there was less too damage.

  18. NewFederalist

    I am having trouble following this… Prof. Phillies has there been an acceptable nominee in your opinion by the LP in its history? I guess I am surprised that you didn’t apparently think very highly of Harry Browne.

  19. Robert Capozzi

    25 nf, GP may not have supported any standard-bearer, but his point is different. He appears to believe that a candidate cannot substantially increase membership, no matter who he or she is.

    I’d note that Stern did last stay on the ballot, but he’s generally historically correct, except for the Clark campaign, I suspect. But, even that wasn’t all that significant. It may just be impossible for a L campaign to be a substantial membership generator.

    I’m not convinced that’s the case, but the evidence seems to support the Good Professor’s contention…

  20. Nicholas Sarwark

    JMHO: I was a big fan of Browne in 1996, but voted against his nomination in 2000. He was a great man, but running the same candidate for President in consecutive cycles is not something I support.

  21. ATBAFT

    GJ’s campaign manager appears to have done (is doing) an absymal job. Why expect anything better if GJ came over to LP and wanted him hired? Then, again, whom do we have who is better at running a campaign?

  22. George Phillies

    @25 I think it is entirely possible to have a candidate who would be effective at building a stronger Libertarian Party. However, those are not the people we have recently nominated.

    What do I think of Browne? Read my book “Funding Liberty” available on

  23. Thomas L. Knapp

    Sure, there are candidates who might substantially increase membership.

    Whether or not Johnson is one of them is a different question entirely.

    He’s well-known and well-liked among the LP’s existing membership, but apparently he’s neither especially well-known nor especially well-liked outside of that membership and the state of New Mexico.

  24. George Phillies

    Actually, I said ‘build a stronger party’ not ‘increase the membership’. These are not the same, though the first will lead to the second, for some definition of ‘member’.

  25. Q2Q

    I think it’s more prudent to have a nominee with the substantial financial resources and zero name recognition then a well-known candidate that has little cash on hand. Just look at Ed Clark, no very well known but won the party 1 million votes. Personally, I am more supportive of Carl Person for the nomination, primarily because he has some financial resources to travel and has a record of winning over a 100000 in a state. Having that kind of candidate will do more to build the LP then a celebrity can ever do.

  26. bruuno

    I am not an LP member and have no ‘dog in the hunt’. I am simply an outsider looking in who follows LP (and 3rd Party)politics though I am sure not as devotedly as many on this board. But here is my take and perhaps it may be of some interest to those because it is one who is not bogged down by personal grudges or interests as many here seem to be (no offense).
    Gary Johnson, at this point, would be the best pick by far for the LP unless Ron Paul is willing to do it. Not only does he have the advantage over all other LP presidential candidates in experience, not only campaigning but in elected office, as well as significantly higher name recognition than all the others, but he is quite likable and would actually get at least some attention from the national media. Plus, from what I can tell, he would truly represent both wings of the party (social and economic).
    WIth all due respect to the other candidates but they simply can’t hold a candle to Johnson.
    WAR is simply too out there and completely reckless. Plus he really does have a used car salesman vibe.
    All the others have zero national ID and I have seen little to no ability to raise money though I am sure they are all fine people. While they don’t seem the types to be an embarrassment and hurt the Party I see no indication they will ‘build’ the Party either. Think Badnarik, a man who seems like a great guy and well meaning candidate but simply couldn’t wage a credible national campaign.
    Will he be the answer to you prayers? Probably not. But you can hold your head high with him as your candidate, he will get you more national attention, he stands a much better chance of breaking the 1 million mark and the 1% level, and I have a feeling that Ron Paul would be more likely to publicly endorse him than some unknown (but that is just a hunch).

  27. Dan Reale

    In general, running a presidential candidate should not be the primary way to build a party (but we do it that way in the LP). Running as many candidates as humanly possible will build the party, however.

    I will agree with Mr. Phillies that running a celebrity just to run one is foolish. Obviously, we should not run Lady Gaga, just any old Republican retread or anything similar just for the sake of doing it.

    But with Johnson (and Paul, and Ventura), we would not be doing that.

    That said, I’m going to take issue with Bruuno’s comment re Badnarik. Badnarik was a guy whose time simply hadn’t come in 2004. Back then (and I remember), you had to pull teeth just to get anyone to mention that the Federal Reserve even existed. Bruuno made his comment re the Bardnarik campaign withouit acknowledging just how far back in the dark ages of public awareness we really were.

  28. johncjackson

    This is a coordinated effort between the RNC and Gary Johnson to prevent a 3rd party run by Ron Paul, obviously. Their strategy didn’t work in the Republican primaries, but they might make this one work. Johnson will jump to the LP, while the pollsters and ballot fixers in the GOP lead Paul on just enough to make him think he has a shot- maybe even give him a couple states early. Johnson will secure the LP nom, and it will be too late for Paul to get on any ballots.

  29. johncjackson

    Ron Paul is not going to endorse Gary Johnson, BTW. The egos ( and other things) involved are crazy, regardless of perception.

  30. bruuno

    Mr. Reale- You might be very right about Mr. Badnarik. Again I found a lot to like about him and think you are right about him being ahead of his time, not just on issues but in other ways as well. It is nothing against him as a person or even his skills as a candidate or theorist. It is that he had zero national name ID and no fundraising ability. Certainly not a reflection on him as a person.
    As for johncjackson you have got to be kidding me. Governor Johnson and the GOP are not in cahoots. If they were they would not have been shutting Johnson out of so many events. Quite frankly it is a little nutty to think it is a conspiracy.

  31. johncjackson

    You are assuming he had a shot at winning and wanted to win the GOP nom. Of course they are in cahoots, and the RNC has dirt on him. They let him have 2 terms as Governor, and now it’s his turn to serve them. Together they will take out Ron paul, just not in the way they wanted. If they don’t manage to do it with the 3rd party sabotage, then I’m sure someone ( not johnson) will release that other dirt on paul thats far dirtier than the paul rockwell newsletter business. Johnson is not winning POTUS under any ballot line, he has no interest in political office, and Ron paul will not be endorsing him after he didn’t make a deal at their meeting.

  32. George Phillies

    bruuno: on Badnarik: “It is that he had zero national name ID and no fundraising ability.”

    You don’t know what you are talking about.

    Michael Badnarik and his zero of a VP nominee raised, post-nomination, more money from other people than did any prior Libertarian Presidential team. (Clark ran with a billionaire who wrote checks.)

    In my opinion, the reasonable man concludes that Bruuno is a lying concern troll too cowardly to sign his name.

  33. Lavra

    @41: “This is a coordinated effort between the RNC and Gary Johnson to”

    Sorry to sound like a broken record on this thread, but source please? Anyone paying attention knows that’s nonsense.

  34. bruuno

    Mr. Phillies, with all due respect, but your bitterness is rather sad considering that from what I know you have done a lot for the LP in the past. And my name is Christian Bruun, I live in Long Island, NY and if I was a ‘concern troll’ why would I have started my entire statement saying that I am not a member of the LP nor do I plan to be. I was merely giving my take on the situation, take it or leave it. And your “too cowardly to sign his name” is a tiresome tactic. For someone who is so concerned about peoples freedoms I have noticed you are quite intolerant of people who disagree with you.
    And yes Mr. Phillies, Badnarik, sadly, was not a particularly effective fundraiser. None of the LP nominees (other than the Clark campaign which was largely self funded from Koch) have been so far so you saying he raised more than previous ones (from other people) is not exactly an eye popping statement.

  35. Thomas L. Knapp


    What makes you think the GOP establishment feels the need to “take out” Ron Paul?

    He has almost no shot at the GOP nomination, nor has he shown any interest in running third party — and if he did want to run third party, he’d have the LP’s nomination locked up on request, whether Johnson was seeking it or not.

  36. Robert Capozzi

    Aside from Clark, I suspect ALL prez nominees raised mouse-nuts money. It is kind of interesting the MB raised the most…I wonder if he benefited from the booms of the 90s and early to mid aughts. Or did his team focus on fundraising more. Or something else….

  37. Robert Capozzi

    48 tk: …nor has he shown any interest in running third party…

    me: Directly, no. Reading Rockwell, it sure looks like the Paulistas are thinking along those lines…

  38. Dave

    Johnson’s probably the best candidate the Libertarians could run(excluding Paul) Best does not mean he’s all that great, but he’s a two term Governor whose appeared in a few nationally televised debates. And he’s popular enough to still lead in a hypothetical Republican primary for the Senate in New Mexico, suggesting he has some relevance.

    That being said, the only advantage I really think he offers is guaranteeing either a Paul endorsement or at least neutrality. And if Paul did somehow win the nomination, I’d imagine he might even withdraw from the ticket and ask for the party to endorse Paul. On Johnson’s own merits, I don’t really see him getting more then a percent or so. Paul’s more socially conservative support is cool on him, and they’d just vote Constitution. And Johnson’s not the sort who could attract Republicans dissatisfied with Romney( He could get me, but the issues that motivate me are not the issues that motivate most Republicans who view Mitt as a RINO.)

    I think he’d do decent, and I hope he runs if Paul doesn’t, but he’ll be treated like a novelty, especially if someone like Bloomberg runs and sucks all the air out of the third party movement.

  39. George Phillies

    With respect to this possibility, the interesting question IMHO is

    Republican conservative of the month that mattered.
    AE unknown. Bloomberg?
    Green Party, likely Jill Stein at this point but the world may change.
    Constitutionalist, likely not significant unless it is Ron Paul.

    I think Romney is unnominatable in his own party.

  40. John C Jackson


    Many Paulistas also believe that when RP secures the GOP nomination, the LP will choose not to nominate anyone and endorse Ron Paul.

  41. John C Jackson

    But, I think there are some, though convinced Paul is the real favorite for the nomination, that believe he will be denied the GOP nomination due to conspiracy ( and/or he WOULD be the favorite if not for the black out) or maybe even some belief in reality. So he ( they) might want to seek the Ind/3rd party route to winning.

  42. johncjackson

    I know, but when the god Ron Paul secures the GOP nomination, the LP will remove their nominee from the ballots and cease to exist, because.. well, if Ron Paul is president, there is obviously no need for the LP, right?

  43. Robert Capozzi

    58 jcj: well, if Ron Paul is president, there is obviously no need for the LP, right?

    me: Unlikely as that is, my opinion is No. The LP’s utility would increase under such an event.

  44. John C Jackson

    I was being sarcastic and going with what some hardcore RP supporters think, not the reality.

  45. Austin Battenberg

    I’m a Ron Paul supporter, but I am also a libertarian and support the Libertarian Party. Of course I am optimistic and hopeful that Ron Paul will win the Republican primary, because then he has an actual chance of becoming president. That doesn’t mean that the Libertarian Party shouldn’t run a candidate. Besides, knowing the media, there will be little attention on any third party, and they won’t get into the debates, which is unfortunate.

    I like Gary Johnson too, and I wish the Republican Party treated him better and let him participate in the current debates. He has a voice that deserves to be heard.

    Obviously there are other individuals who are more libertarian than Johnson and Paul, and I respect, admire, and support those people. But until we get to a situation where it truly is a contest between Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney, I will continue to support Ron Paul.

    And I agree with some other posters here that the Libertarian Party should run more candidates for local offices, and maybe try to get a few folks into the House of Representatives. A single district shouldn’t be too hard, but anyone running third party would generally have to self-finance their campaign, and anyone who actually wants to hold office generally goes through the two party system.

    Politics sucks.

  46. Robert Capozzi

    62 tb, newsflash, TB. “Abolish government” IS politics, whether you like it or not. Extreme politics, but politics nevertheless. IMO.

  47. Kleptocracy And You

    The GJ campaign has little money and little support. Why is all this time wasted on him? Truthfully he would have trouble reaching Barr’s figures.

    Money and grassroots activism will build the Party not a “miracle” POTUS candidate. Unless of course that candidate can raise (or has) the fund$ and can ignite the grassroots. Something GJ has shown NO ability to do !!!

    RP has shown much more support in money and boots on the ground. Would he break a million votes as the LP nominee ?

    And for those keeping score the LP convention is only three and a half QUICK months away. Minds must be made up rather soon…

    History of the Libertarian Party:

    Carpe Diem

    QUESTION Authority everyday, I DO !!!

  48. Robert Capozzi

    64 K, were GJ to transition over to the LP, he’d have a HUGE time advantage over Barr 08, which started late. GJ also have the advantage of being far less controversial than Barr was. Barr did not shed many of his social con views; GJ has long been pro choice and I believe pro same-gender marriage.

    GJ is also a former 2-term guv, which is a stronger resume for prez than Barr’s former MC background.

    RP — despite his having several policy and background skeletons for Ls — also has a much more substantial national recognition.

    My take is GJ could double, possibly triple BB’s vote totals. RP might garner as much as 10% of the vote (preferably with GJ as veep).

    As L prez candidates, GJ helps build the LP brand. RP represents a potential step-function increase in the brand. Neither makes the LP a major party…that’d take a LOT of follow through down ticket and over time.

  49. Thomas L. Knapp


    “My take is GJ could double, possibly triple BB’s vote totals.”

    But do you have any particular reason for thinking that, other than that you’d like it to be so?

  50. Robert Capozzi

    67 tk, earlier start, less likely to get distracted by ballot access, less divisive candidate among LP regulars, Cosmotarians love him and they are probably generally more affluent, higher likelihood to get the disenchanted Paulistas and others.

    Hopefully, they can target large deep blue states to minimize the wasted-vote phenomenon to up the vote totals.

    I did say “could.” Half a million may roughly be the high-water mark without a very big name or very deep pocketed VP.

  51. Kleptocracy And You

    Yes a RP/GJ LP ticket would be interesting. I don’t think a two term Gov. would agree to take second fiddle to a 76 year old US Rep. A nice guy but he has an ego. Never seen a pol without one.

    I might be off a couple of months, EXC– USE me if I am, but the LP convention is in early-mid March or May. Three to five QUICK months away. (Quick as in Presidential politics QUICK). NH primary is sooner. GJ and RP will see where they stand then. Not much time to decide on such a major decision to jump to third party.

    From what I’ve read from some links on this site GJ’s NH staff has quit, siting among other things they were unable to get even yard signs. NH is basically a “retail” campaign because of it’s size. Everyone supposedly has a chance. If GJ (and Nat. staff) says he has a NH strategy and doesn’t have the money or sense to supply NH with yard signs, I’m not too sure the LP nomination should just be turned over to him. As far as time, GJ has been traveling the nation for over a year and has raised little money or support. I’m for the guy, but let’s face it Robert Kennedy he AIN’T!

    As flawed as it would be a RP/GJ ticket would be the best hope at this minute in time to draw the most attention to the LP. Money, money, money. The mother’s milk of politics. RP is the only “l or L” who currently seems able to raise any.

  52. Robert Capozzi

    69 KAY, good point…perhaps GJ would not play second fiddle. Just thinking out loud, but say he bolts in a month. My guess he’d immediately be the front runner.

    But, say, in 3 months, RP bolts. He would eclipse GJ overnight with the LP rank and file, I’d guess.

    We’d know in May, but I’d guess that would be the outcome. I can’t think of a good reason RP wouldn’t want GJ. He’d ask. GJ might choose to go home, never to be heard from again, as he told the media. That’s his right, but I’d hope he’d consider #2 this go ’round…

  53. Robert Capozzi


    To be clear, policy-wise, I prefer GJ to RP. I just think it’s obvious that he’s the better choice for this particular role at this particular time.

  54. Kleptocracy And You

    Actually it would be a very smart move on GJ to take the #2 with RP. Nature teaches age gets everyone. The RP followers must go somewhere when RP exits the stage. GJ would be in a good position to inherit most if not all. (have read where GJ thought RP wasn’t running again and he expected that support this time but RP got in and held almost all that support.)

    I personally believe GJ would make a GREAT POTUS and could actually help with many many of the ills this nation is in now. IOW GJ could be POTUS. Whereas the media continues to tell anyone who listens that RP cannot be POTUS. But if GJ began to threaten the status quo the media would start saying GJ is unelectable.

    GJ is actually the current best R candidate to defeat Obama if he had the funds and the media backing that is, former Western Gov. from a “SWING” state. Swing states are a must if the Rs are to take O out.
    (Obama starts with over 220 SOLID EC votes while the R’s have only 168 solid EC votes, Swing states must fall to the Rs or Obama is EASILY re-elected.)

    Perry and Romney are from SOLID red and blue states, NO GAINS there. GJ proved he could win and be re-elected in a 2 to 1 D state as a R. No other R candidates can claim that and in the poll most of you have seen he (GJ) is better liked in his home state than any other R POTUS candidate. Over 50% still like him where all others fall far below 50% including Perry working in his third term.
    If the people who know you still like you after you leave office you were a good Pol! If and that’s a BIG IF the Rs were smart they would get behind GJ as he could win, the others NOT SO MUCH !

    Heard on CBS radio news today Perry was speaking at a college in NH and he told them that all who are 21 on election day need to vote for him. A three term sitting Gov. who doesn’t know 18 year olds can vote and can’t remember his main campaign topics is perhaps another BUFFOON (“W” anyone) from TX who wants to “lead” YOU………

    #4 is an all-timer!!! ANYONE who thinks this buffoon’s not a puppet is a dumbass! Sorry but true ! The puppetmasters smile when they think of givings us both H.W. and W., ENJOY!
    David Letterman gives you the “real” Bush:
    Never FEAR America “the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)” is grooming Jeb Bush as you SLEEP!

    “If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.” – George W. Bush

    “We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans…” – Bill Clinton

    “The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.” – Henry Kissinger

    “Claim everything. Explain nothing. Deny everything.” – Senator Prescott Bush, grandfather of President George W. Bush

    “…if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched.” – George H.W. Bush – speaking in an interview with Sarah McClendon in December 1992

    BTW – did you hear the news ??? Herman Cain may have sexually harassed YOUR wife or daughter, you may want to ask ………….

  55. JT

    KAY, where do you get the quotes? Do you have a file or something? Or do you search for each one of them whenever you post?

  56. Kleptocracy And You

    Thx Jill !

    JT I use notepad and copy the ones I like as I see them. Then share them when I can. The larger one is under the title “Beat Goes On” which contains hundreds. P a u l i e has scolded me like a child to stop. I guess I do get carried away, but in my little battle for freedom I like to use quotes and videos to help my fight. I think it helps to show what is being said by the ones who would “RULE” you and me. (contrary to some of their beliefs, their poop stinks just like the common folk!)
    I also have things from people who wish to rule no one, but have said intelligent things….

    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” – Noam Chomsky

    Carpe Diem – For LIBERTY

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