Political backlash toward libertarian ideas is promising”

From an article published in the Loyola Phoenix, By Will Livesley-O’Neill:

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for libertarianism, which means it’s been a good couple of weeks for me – and for America!

That pesky philosophy, beloved by both upper-middle-class classical studies majors and guys in Montana whose two possessions are a shotgun and a rag for polishing a shotgun, has had the kind of news cycle that just makes you want to drop out of society once and for all to form a utopian state in the middle of the ocean.

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5 thoughts on “Political backlash toward libertarian ideas is promising”

  1. Kleptocracy And You

    Just another PARASITE on the @%% of true FREEDOM and the fairest, most just political system = LIBERTARIANISM!

    The leeches have used fear mongering for decades to fool the simple into “voting” for the thieves to continue to steal from them and their loved ones.

    The elimination of FORCE and FRAUD from society is the fairest and most just action to cure the political and economic ills of the citizens of this and all worlds.

    May this MAGGOT Will Livesley-O’Neill learn it quickly as he will be sucking on a DEAD carcass soon enough and surely wish he had a shotgun to DEFEND his socialist @%%!

  2. Deran

    I think the author misses several important things. What he is talking abt is Right Libertarianism, which he assumes is the Tea Party movement.

    I think that while Right Libertarianism is not making the same headway it did a year or so ago, but Left Libertarianism is alive and well in the #Occupy movment.

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