Gary Johnson Appears on Libertarian Radio

Information provided by Alan Pyeatt, At-Large Member of CA Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson is scheduled to be a guest on KRXA-AM radio on Saturday, February 18. Johnson will appear on The Propaganda Hour, hosted by Savva Vassiliev  and Mike Pickens from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM Pacific time. KRXA is located in the Monterey Bay area of California. The show is webcast nationally at Listeners can call in to the show at 1-831-899-5792. Vassiliev is a former alternate member of the California Libertarian Party Executive Committee.

12 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Appears on Libertarian Radio

  1. Alan Pyeatt

    I should have mentioned that C. Michael Pickens, the California LP’s Northern Vice Chair, has been added to The Propaganda Hour as a permanent co-host. Michale is a GREAT addition to the show, and he brings a unique perspective.

    Please support your libertarian media!

  2. John Balzer

    Thane, Gary Johnson is surging in every poll. He is a staunch advocate of the Fair Tax. I am sure that he will win the nomination. He is not a flip-flopper and I remain sure he would push the Fair Tax legislation.

  3. Darryl W Perry

    Thane – the LP’s US Senate candidate from Florida in 2010 (Alex Snitker) was a Fair Tax advocate – I believe he has since joined the GOP.
    I believe there were other LP candidates pushing the Fair Tax, though I could be wrong.

  4. 24/7 the T-Rex of Talk Radio

    Technically the “Fair Tax” of itself shouldn’t be a DEAL killer with GJ! I prefer a NO Tax plan as I consider tax theif. Will I live to see it (No Taxes)? Doubtful ! You must look at the WHOLE program for any candidate!

    Johnson is a Moderate Libertarian. Anyone who can agree with him 75+% of the time should NOT vehemently oppose him. There are thousands of candidates out there from waterboard authority to POTUS with whom you disagree with more than 25% of the time on their positions. Oppose them not Ls!Libertarians need to stop “eating their own” or forming circular firing squads as others have implied. Start ATTACKING the enemies to Liberty, NOT the friends.

    Run for office yourself! You can give the LP message the way you interpret it in your campaign. Don’t worry so much about other LP candidates messages. The LP platform should be the compass for all campaigns, but unless two campaigns stick to it 100%, no two LP campaigns will ever be the same! There is wiggle room within the LP tent! Run for office this year !

    Pick a candidate to back for the LP POTUS nomination. Back that candidate to the hilt, however if they lose the nom don’t destroy the Party because of it. If you aren’t gungho on the nominee, try to get a VP you can live with this year. This Party is losing numbers. The rebuilding of the Party must begin NOW. The continued hate generated by the POTUS nominating process must cease before it destroys the LP.


    Meet Gary Johnson –

    In 2012 Gary Johnson For President –

  5. paulie

    I doubt a person can both be nominated by the Libertarian party and be an advocate of the Fair Tax.

    They can, and have. Mind you, I’m very much against that tax.

  6. Steven Wilson

    Taxation model becomes an issue every so often. Some candidates like Steve Forbes make it a primary variable in that cycle.

    It does make Gary Johnson a different brand. No one else is promoting it that is considered a major candidate.

    I identify a major candidate that is someone that is more than likely to be on more than forty state ballots in November.

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