In The Guardian: ‘Can Roseanne Barr help the Green party break out?’

Writer Dan Gillmor writes in the UK newspaper The Guardian, wondering if comedian Roseanne Barr, now contending for the Green Party’s presidential nomination, will help to raise the profile of the Green Party of the United States, which struggles a great deal compared to its European counterparts.  Interestingly, Gillmor cites a tweet by Barr saying that she does not expect to win the nomination.

Barr’s announcement highlights the state of American politics these days. The major parties seem owned and operated by the 1% – the wealthy and powerful interests that have all but taken control of Congress and state governments in the past decade. Minor parties like the Greens are hobbled by laws, written by major parties, that make serious challenges at high levels next to impossible; and their candidates tend either to be unknown or implausible in other ways. This conundrum is less the case in some other countries, where the Greens, enabled in part by laws friendlier to greater political diversity, have won seats in national legislatures…

Obama has governed from the political right, including assertions of executive power – including a penchant for secrecy and antipathy to civil liberties – that are even more extreme than Bush’s. The Republicans, meanwhile, have moved much further to the right. They flaunt their love for the 1% and contempt for the environment (when it gets in the way of commerce, at any rate).

In such circumstances, one might imagine an opening for a third party that, among other things, believed in civil liberties; advocated genuine reform of the corporatism that now rules the economy and government; and pushed for an energy policy that sharply reduced America’s carbon footprint. The Greens’ platform endorses all three. But are their candidates plausible?

Certainly Barr, while by no means a dummy, is not. Even she agrees: if we are to believe this tweet, she expects Jill Stein to win the nomination at the party’s July convention in Baltimore. In other words, her campaign is a statement and not much more.

6 thoughts on “In The Guardian: ‘Can Roseanne Barr help the Green party break out?’

  1. Green Party Voter

    Rosanne Barr has helped the U.S. Green Party, and the Green Party in spectacular fashion. Rosanne Barr broke the media black out of the Green Party by joining the Green Party campaign.

    Rosanne Barr could become the first U.S. Green elected as Green Party candidate to the U.S. House of Representatives should she run.

    Thank you Rosanne Barr.

  2. 24/7 the T-Rex of Talk Radio

    I think , since we are still allowed to THINK through today anyway, that the GP would do itself much better by nominating RB. Over 100M know RB’s name. I mean who is Jill Stein ? Never heard of her until a few weeks back. TPs suffer from UNDERwelming, using a named ID as your candidate adds millions of $ to your campaign by SAVING $Ms trying to get your candidate name ID! Roseanne will pickup more votes than Stein will earn (hope you can understand what I mean by that).

    I assure all Greens who truly oppose the “corporate POWERS that Be” one thing. Those Powers are more concerned with a Roseanne Barr Campaign this fall disturbing their plans than a Jill Stein campaign. RB may not be a Party builder, but you as members have to convert all the new people she WILL attract. Carpe Diem


    This is OUR fight LET’S WIN it !! –

  3. Tricia

    I have to disagree with the above voter. The Greens are not focused on gaining popularity, we want to get elected and to make change once we are in. Rosanne Barr does not know enough about politics and the Green Party to be a successful candidate. Jill Stein, although not a career politician, has a very direct plan on what she wants when she gets into office. She has the power to make us be seen as a legitimate and powerful party, while Barr does not. She will make us look like a joke.

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