34 thoughts on “IPR’s Paulie Elected as LNC Region 7 Alternate

  1. paulie

    Thanks guys.

    I still don’t have confirmed contact info for Oklahoma. The other 4 states voted for me.

    Call 415-690-6352 with your ideas and suggestions.

  2. Joe Buchman Post author

    My personal, heartfelt, congratulations as well.

    You, sir, are in my experience of you, a peaceful warrior for Liberty of the order and lasting magnitude of the Founders of this nation.

    Much of the work you do, and have done for Liberty, goes, if not completely unnoticed, then certainly not fully celebrated for the positive difference you have made, and continue to make on the front lines of this fight.

    I say, well done! And THANK YOU! AND CONGRATULATIONS, but also:

  3. Steven R Linnabary

    I knew Paulie before he was a powerful political insider!



  4. Dale

    I, uh, would’ve picked a different video segment.
    (Have you seen Evangelion, the anime this clip is from? In context it’s, shall we say, not exactly uplifting.)

  5. John Jay Myers

    It would be better if this “congratulations” clip ended with someone screaming “sucker”. Cause honestly it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

  6. AncientAryan Astronaut

    A useless eater elected to a board of useless eaters, what could be more perfect (oops sorry I sneezed)

  7. paulie

    Thanks again (almost) everyone.

    I know it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and in fact pointed this out to John before he ran (not sure if he remembers).

    However, I’ve attended about half the meetings for the last five years as an observer and have read all the LNC Discuss Public list messages this term so I am pretty familiar with what I am stepping into.

    I would appreciate hearing from all of you with ideas on what I can do to make things better.

    I most prefer being contacted by phone at the number above. Call any time; if I am sleeping or busy I will call you back.

    My second most preferred method to be contacted is through public comment on IPR.

    Both of the above are preferable to emailing me personally.

    As an alternate I will usually not be able to vote or introduce motions, however, I can participate in the discussion, and plan on doing so.

    John is running an active Senate campaign and two businesses, so we are talking about the possibility of me going to Vegas instead of him for the next meeting. I could use some help with that in terms of ride and/or room share and maybe some contributions to make it affordable. If you can help in any way give me a call for details.

    After all a “useless eater” does need to eat, even if not quite so much as I have been 🙂

  8. Nick Kruse

    Congratulations, Paulie!

    You should try to get the LNC to do what they can with the Zapper Plan. The Zapper Plan seems to be the best plan for advancing the Libertarian Party.

  9. Reed Ebarb

    I will shoot you an email with all the contact information for the Louisiana LP. You have my number if you need anything. -Reed Ebarb, Secretary of Libertarian Party of Louisiana

  10. Kevin Knedler

    @ # 20 Don.

    Thinking of my friend Barry on “Storage Wars”.


  11. Kevin Knedler

    Dah. Yeepp. Correcto.
    Dave Hester.

    Barry is the guy with skeleton gloves. I need a set of those gloves.

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  13. paulie


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