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Johnson Campaign Endorses 26 More Candidates

The following Media Release from the Gary Johnson Campaign includes 1 Gubernatorial, 4 US Senate, 10 US House, 1 State Senate, 7 State House and 3 other candidate endorsements.

The campaign has also announced monthly conference calls for all interested endorsed candidates as well as all other Libertarian candidates requesting or considering requesting endorsement by the campaign.  The first of these candidate conference calls will occur at 10PM Eastern Time on Monday, June 25th, 2012.  Details, including the call in number and conference code, are available upon request by email:



Gary Johnson Campaign Endorses Third Set of Libertarian Candidates

25 June 2012 – Salt Lake City – Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Headquarters

Governor Johnson is pleased to announce, on behalf of himself, Judge Gray and the Johnson/Gray2012 Campaign, his endorsement of the following candidates:

(Note: This is the third in a series of endorsement announcements.  Additional endorsements will follow as various Libertarian State Parties complete the nomination and selection procedures for additional candidates):


Barbara Howe for Governor of North Carolina.


Barbara Howe is a summa cum laude graduate of Pfeiffer College with a Bachelor’s degree in English and psychology.  She has devoted much of her adult life to three important causes: home schooling, the La Leche League (defending the rights of breastfeeding mothers) and advancing Liberty through the Libertarian Party of North Carolina.  Barbara joined the Libertarian Party in 1976, served four terms as the State Chair and served as the campaign manager for Dr. Michael Munger in 2008.

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Barbara Howe has been a strong advocate for the message of liberty in her many years of involvement with the Libertarian Party. Her experience, commitment, and energy make her a great candidate for Governor of North Carolina. She is a fellow athlete and her dedication to spreading the message of liberty is exemplified by her campaign goal of visiting and running a 5K in every one of the 100 counties in North Carolina. If the voters of North Carolina want a Governor who will protect their tax dollars and their personal liberty, then, Vote for Libertarian Barbara Howe.”

Barbara Howe: “Gary Johnson is a great spokesperson for the Libertarian message of individual rights and personal responsibility. I am excited that he has found a political home in the Libertarian Party. Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray represent the best presidential ticket and I look forward to working with them to give voters a real alternative to the failed policies of the Democrats and Republicans.”


Andrew Horning for the United States Senate, Indiana.


Andy Horning has worked in cardiovascular healthcare since 1979.  His book on Stress Echocardiography has been printed in 8 editions and has been used in CME-accredited medical education courses. It was at least partly his work in the heavily, mindlessly, counter-productively legislated and litigated field of healthcare that drove him to reexamine what he’d been taught about the government’s proper role in our lives. That reexamination, and a study of both America’s history and “Austrian School” economics, led him to libertarian political philosophy. He has since earned a reputation as a principled Libertarian activist, writer, public speaker and political candidate.  His columns and opinion letters have appeared in over 25 newspapers in Indiana, as well as others around the nation, including the Houston Chronicle, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Andy Horning is the only candidate for Senate in Indiana who is fully committed to honor his oath to uphold the US Constitution.  America needs Libertarians like Andy in the US Senate to help us all Live Free.”

Andy Horning: “I enthusiastically endorse Johnson/Gray 2012.  Gary Johnson is easily the most sane, informed, responsible and constitutionally qualified candidate on the ballot. The Johnson/Gray ticket makes me proud to be a Libertarian.”


Dr. Dean Ahmad for the United States Senate, Maryland.


Dr. Ahmad  is the recipient of several awards for civic activism and a former President of the Montgomery County Civic Federation.  Born in 1948 to Palestinian refugee parents, Dr. Ahmad was raised in Pennsylvania.  He graduated cum laude from Harvard in 1970 and in 1975 obtained a Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics from the University of Arizona.  He is president of the Islamic libertarian think-tank ( and is an internationally sought-after speaker and author of numerous articles on current events.  He has been a Libertarian Party activist since 1975, and has served as campaign manager for four Libertarian campaigns including Steve Ziegler’s successful election to School Board in Charles County, Maryland.  For more information, see: and

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Dr. Ahmad is a strong consistent voice calling for individual Liberty for ALL Americans.  His record of success as a civic activist for decades proves that Dr. Dean Ahmad is the kind of U.S. Senator this nation truly needs.”

Dr. Ahmad says, “I endorse Governor Gary Johnson because his success as a governor in fighting overweening government demonstrates that he has exactly what it takes to be President at this time of financial crisis and diminishing personal liberty.”


Scotty Boman for the United States Senate, Michigan.


Scotty has been a Libertarian candidate in every statewide partisan election since 1994. In 1997, his candidacy for Detroit City Council was endorsed by the Detroit News. Scotty met and voted for Ron Paul in 1988, when Dr. Paul was the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee. Scotty says, “I have been a Ron Paul “R3VOLutionary” longer than most “R3VOLutionaries” have been alive!”  Scotty received his B.S. from Western Michigan University in 1985, with a double major in Physics and Philosophy and a minor in Mathematics.  He earned an M.A. in Physics from Western two years later, and an additional graduate degree from Wayne State University in 1999.  He is a physics instructor at Wayne County Community College and as an Astronomy instructor at Macomb Community College.

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Scotty Boman has an unwavering commitment to the goal of achieving Liberty in our lifetime – over wealth and ambition, over politics and party, over all other considerations, he is uncompromising in his devotion to restoring the American Dream.  Vote for Scotty Boman for the United States Senate!”

Scotty Boman: “We have never had a more qualified and capable champion of personal and economic freedom than the 2012 Libertarian Party candidate for President of the United States – Governor Gary Johnson.”


John Jay Myers for the United States Senate, Texas.


John Jay Myers is a member of the Libertarian National Committee.  He writes, “I do not believe that the Democrats are single handedly destroying this country. I know that they, like the Republicans, are using both hands. Most of the problems that we face as Americans are caused by unjust manipulation of government. The warfare state, terrorism, insurance, health care, energy, education & even corruption in government are all prime examples of how our government’s attempts to do good for some, backfire on us all. Then our government uses the problems it creates to justify taking even more control out of our hands, which leads to even more people who only see government as the answer. Wrong answer.”

Governor Gary Johnson: “John Jay Myers is the best, most articulate, best qualified candidate for the US Senate.  He is a small business owner, libertarian activist and powerful voice on the Libertarian National Committee.  That voice is needed in our US Senate.  Vote for John Jay Myers.”

John Jay Myers: “I endorse Governor Johnson because we agree; it’s time to end the wars, end corporate welfare and let the People live as they see fit; Let the People Live Free.”


Randy Lualin for the United States House of Representatives, Colorado 2nd District.


Randy was born in St. Louis Missouri and moved with his family to Colorado in 1962.  He was raised in Boulder and graduated from Fairview High School in 1975.  He credits his family for instilling the nurturing values of “Faith, Hope and Love.”  Following service in the US Military, where he added the values of Duty, Honor and Country, he attended Colorado State University studying Wildlife management.  For the past 30 years he has worked as a Mason; working up from a laborer to owning Luallin Masonry.  Kike Governor Johnson, who also built his own business, Randy’s interests include running long distance (attempted the Leadville 100 and co-directed the Coal Creek Cross County Challenge), hunting, hiking (all the states 14ers and some of the 7 summits of the world), history (particularly the west), traveling (I have been all over the world) and writing (one novel, Maroons- a Human Epic).  Randy also serves as a volunteer for the Cub Scouts, Indian Guides, Public Access Television, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, and Habitat for Humanity.

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Randy Luallin is a hard working citizen dedicated to individual freedom and rights.  He will initiate, support, and vote for only legislation that supports our Constitution, Liberty, social justice and freedom.  Vote for Randy Lualin for the US House of Representatives.”

Randy Lualin: “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because I believe he is a man of his word and has the interest of all Americans and their Freedom at heart.”


Josh Gilliland for the United States House of Representatives, Colorado 4th District.


Josh and his wife Jenny live in Strasburg, Colorado with their three children. Josh writes, “We LOVE living in Colorado and can think of no better place to raise a family.”  Josh earned a BSC from Ohio University and an MBA from the University of Colorado.  He has been a professional in the telecommunications industry since 1997 and has also run his own business.  He promises as a Libertarian to do all that’s in his power to get the government out of your way and to reverse the national debt crisis that’s taking place thanks to our federal government’s reckless spending.

Governor Johnson states: “Josh Gilliland will champion the Libertarian Principles of maximum freedom and minimum government.  We need more people like Josh in the United States House.  He is the best possible representative for the people of Colorado’s 4th district.”

Josh Gilliland: “I endorse Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray because their vision and plan for our nation is exactly what is needed to get us out of our current mess and into a future of freedom and prosperity!”


Joe Ruiz for the United States House of Representatives, Indiana 2nd district.


Joe Ruiz is a 27 year old father of two from Mishawaka, Indiana. As the son of a Marine turned pastor, Joe learned the value of family, community, and faith. Raised in La Porte County, Joe graduated from Michigan City High School and attended Bethel College before graduating with his BS in business management from Indiana Wesleyan. He will graduate with an MBA in December of this year.  Both he and his wife have thus far dedicated their lives to assisting those less fortunate. Joe currently works with at-risk youth at the Family and Children’s Center where he puts his compassion to work for the community.

Governor Johnson states: “Joe not only talks about doing right but lives it.  He has a proven history empowering the people with faith in the individual.  Joe is the right candidate to promote liberty while working to ensure every citizen has the opportunity to live the American Dream. Joe is consistent in his message of civil and economic liberty.”

Joe Ruiz: “No other presidential/vice presidential team has a record of limited government like Governor Johnson and Judge Gray. While the other two parties offer words, Johnson and Gray offer proof.”


Rex Bell for the United States House of Representatives, Indiana 6th district.


Rex was born in New Castle in 1952, and has lived within a few miles of that location his entire life. He was raised on a small farm near Millville, the second of eight children of Myron and Phyllis Bell. Rex attended Millville Grade School, and graduated from Hagerstown High School in 1970. After a short stint at Indiana University, he returned home and started his own contracting business in 1974, which he still operates today.  Rex is married to his wife Susan and they are the proud parents of three grown children and five grandchildren.  Rex writes, “I joined the Libertarian Party because I believe that personal freedom and personal responsibility are what made this nation great. I also believe that abandoning personal freedom and personal responsibility, and expecting the government to provide for our every wish, want and need, will be the downfall of this great nation.”

Governor Johnson states: “Rex embodies the limited government principles that we so desperately need in Washington as we work to cut federal spending and waste.”

Rex Bell: “Gary Johnson is our best hope for stopping runaway government and restoring the American dream of freedom.”


Roy Hall for the United States House of Representatives, Texas 8th District.


Roy was born and raised in Longview, TX the youngest son of a mother who worked nights as an RN and an Air Force veteran and independent salesman father. The middle class community of Longview instilled pride in hard work.  Working since the age of 16 Roy learned the value of a dollar.  He is a graduate of Texas A & M-Corpus Christi and worked up to 3 jobs at a time in addition to a full academic schedule to pay his own way. After college, Roy settled in the Houston area and went to work in public service, enforcing and encouraging fair credit markets in Texas. Roy describes himself as “a true conservative” (advocating for limited government in all aspects) but “past and current erosions of civil and economic liberties made me realize both of the old parties were broken, so I became a candidate for Congress in the Libertarian Party.”

Governor Johnson states: “Roy Hall will actively uphold his oath of office, defending the Constitution and working to maximize freedom and limit the intrusion of the federal government.”

Roy Hall: “I endorse Governor Johnson and Judge Gray because the major parties are broken.  It’s time for solutions that work, and Governor Johnson has the track record to prove it.”


Zach Grady for the United States House of Representatives, Texas 14th District. 


Zach Grady is running to fill what is currently the seat in the United States Congress held by Dr. Ron Paul.  Zach is a Constitutional Libertarian, and, as he says “Most of all, a regular person, who’s fed up with the corruption in every level of the oversized federal government.  We need to wake everyone up to the fact that the Libertarian Party is THE third party alternative.”  Zach comes from the new wave of political candidates that subscribe to the Dr. Ron Paul, Campaign For Liberty philosophy of limited government and greater personal liberty or as Zach calls himself, “not a politician – a Paulitician.”  Zach promises to support or introduce legislation for a full audit of the private Federal Reserve, and with the criminality that an audit would expose, END THE FED. Zach also promises to ban the insider trading that is currently permitted by members of our Congress and get international organizations like the U.N. and the IMF out of the internal affairs of our Sovereign Nation, cut the size of government, cut taxes, and repeal all unConstitutional regulations and mandates.

Governor Johnson states: “Zach Grady is a Libertarian who will restore accountability to our broken monetary system, and liberty to our nation.  Vote for Zach Grady.”

Zach Grady: “I endorse Gary Johnson because he shares my beliefs and Libertarian philosophy.”


Jamey Stanczak for the United States House of Representatives, Texas 29th District.


James writes, “If you want someone in Washington who thinks like you and respects you as a free individual American, then you will want to vote for me.  I believe in using the fruits of the American accomplishment, workforce, creativity, products and diversity to make the people of our nation happier, stronger, and capable of success. I insist on handing down the promise of freedom that my grandfathers and ancestors fought for to insure that existence for our children.  As a small business owner, you can assure yourself that I will fight for you. As a medical student I support both Eastern and Western medicine and believe that together we can achieve great benefits by incorporating them together into our mainstream healthcare system.  We all know someone who is having a difficult time affording their cost of living, dealing with medical issues, and finding a good job. I will fight to lower taxes, lower the cost of living, open new industry, and bring back the American Dream.”

Governor Johnson states: “Jamey Adam Stanczak would make an excellent United States Congressman.  He supports cutting taxes, efficient government, making productive immigration easier and revitalizing the economy.  Vote for Jamey Stanczak.”

Jamey Stanczak: “I endorse Governor Johnson because he eliminated New Mexico’s budget deficit, cut the rate of growth in state government in half and promotes Liberty and Entrepreneurship.”


Ed Rankin for the United States House of Representatives, Texas 30th District.


Ed is a recognized expert in organizational systems and effectiveness.  His work has been cited in numerous professional journals and business publications and he has made numerous television and radio appearances about human resource management issues. Ed has testified before the US House of Representatives regarding small business taxation. Ed holds a BS degree in Psychology, an MS degree in Labor and Industrial Relations, and an MA in Human and Organizational Systems. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching and is currently completing a PhD in Human Development. He is accredited as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the Human Resources Certification Institute and as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation. Ed has served on numerous appointed and elected community groups including the Boards of Directors of the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, Disability Rights Texas, United Cerebral Palsy of Texas and Clean Dallas, Inc. He Chaired the Dallas Mayor’s Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities for two terms and was elected as a Trustee of the Southlake Carroll Independent School District. Ed is a graduate of Partner’s in Policymaking, a leadership program sponsored by the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities. He is a graduate of Leadership Dallas and is a member of The Dallas Assembly.

Governor Johnson states: “Ed Rankin is the most qualified candidate in this race.  Vote Libertarian; Vote for Ed Rankin!”

Ed Rankin: “Governor Johnson is by far the best candidate for President of the United States.  It’s time the United States had a Libertarian President.”


Ethan Garofolo for the United States House of Representatives, Texas 31st District.


Ethan Garofolo was born to a working-class family. During his childhood and adolescence Ethan lived the devastating effects economic conditions can have on families. Ethan attended Brigham Young University where he majored in Computer Science and French. It was also here that Ethan began an earnest study of the founding philosophy of our nation. This message of liberty and limited confirmed his deep love for our country, and built his political foundation.  After graduating from BYU Ethan and his wife Julie moved to Texas and District 31. They fully understand the meaning of, “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could.” The booming tech industry, sheer beauty of the Hill Country, and the warmhearted people of this area made the decision a no-brainer. Ethan has worked as a software developer since arriving in 2006.  He and Julie are now the parents of two wonderful daughters.  Ethan was not born into privilege and is not a professional politician (nor would he ever seek to make a career of it!). The opportunities and freedoms America still provides today are what allowed him to improve his circumstances and build something wonderful.  Ethan believes that these opportunities are at risk today, suffering from the reckless abuses of power in the Congress.  The crippled, jobless economy and the $15 trillion (and growing) debt that produced it; the multiple ongoing foreign wars; the runaway intervention into the business and personal lives of all Americans; the constant erosion of civil liberties; and a broken two-party system that profits from perpetuating these ills all threaten our freedom and prosperity. With neither party much interested in real reform and alarmed for the future of his two girls, Ethan was compelled to sound the cry of Liberty! and run for office.  Ethan believes that America’s brightest days are still to come but only if we return government to its proper constitutionally-defined limits.

Governor Johnson states: “Ethan is a true citizen-candidate.  He will work to end for-profit politics that have hurt our families, our nation and threaten the dreams for our future and those of our children.  Vote for Ethan!”

Ethan Garofolo: “I endorse Gary Johnson because he understands and will defend our American values which are all based on Liberty.”


Seth Hollist for the United States House of Representatives, Texas 32nd District. 


Seth writes, “Texas Congressional District 32 is where I live, where I worship, and where I work. I have been driving nearly the entire length of it, from Wylie to Addison and back, on an almost daily basis (and not on the toll roads either), for about 4 years now. Most businesses I visit frequently are also within the district boundaries. I’ve been living here and getting to know people who also live here for many years. I believe I can boldly speak for them as their humble servant and representative.” When elected to Congress, Seth Hollist promises to focus his efforts on: Requiring Sunset/Re-authorization requirements in all bills, and passing a bill requiring all current Federal laws to Sunset in 10 years unless re-authorized. A smaller, more reasonably sized, and better-focused military – Ending the undeclared and unconstitutional Wars and Policing activities.

The Downsize DC Agenda.  Stopping Socialistic UN agendas and other treaties that usurp the USA’s sovereignty.  Seth is a husband, married 9 years, and a father of 3 young kids; each of whom he loves very much.  He works hard to help insure they have a home, food, and great potential for the future.

Gary Johnson states: “Seth Hollist is a true freedom lover fighting for the liberty and livelihood of everyone in the greater northern Dallas area.  Vote for Seth Hollist.”

Seth Hollist: “I endorse Gary Johnson.  He has the experience and conviction to promote liberty which is the only way to save our nation.”


Ed Kless for Texas State Senate, 8th District.


Ed believes the foundational principles of our country of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been abandoned by both major political parties. What remains are collectivists on two sides of the aisle – the Republicans who collude with big business and fund expansionist government through unsustainable deficit spending and the Democrats who believe that bigger government is the answer to every problem and fund expansionist government through confiscatory tax policies.  Ed says, “I have finally said it is time to wake up!”  Ed is senior director of partner development and strategy for Sage North America.  He develops and delivers leadership programs and consults with entrepreneurs daily to assist them in growing their companies.  Prior to joining Sage, Ed co-founded Third Wave Business Systems, a Microsoft Business Solutions Partner, which grew to 20 team members and 5 million in revenue.  Ed is also a senior fellow at the VeraSage Institute, a think tank devoted to professional organizations and the free market.

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Ed Kless is exactly the kind of candidate the Libertarian Party needs.  He is principled, passionate and pragmatic.”

Ed Kless: “Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray represent the only candidates who are willing to honestly address the reality of our situation.”


Larry Reedy for the Colorado State House of Representatives, 15th District.


Larry was born and raised in Colorado Springs and is a veteran of the United States Air Force.  He served on three continents in four years. Educated in district 49, 11, and at UCCS, he states, “I am a product of Colorado Springs and I know this community.”

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Larry Reedy would represent the Libertarian ideal of maximum individual liberty consistently in the Colorado State Legislature.”

Larry Reedy: “I endorse Governor Gary Johnson for President of the United States because he has a track record of excellence as an elected executive who cut spending and created a culture of job growth during his eight years as Governor of New Mexico.”


Brett Halbert for Colorado State House of Representatives, 32nd District.


Brett decided to run for the State House because “Despite his campaign vows to make marijuana enforcement a low priority, the President has stepped up raids on these clinics and has been remarkably successful – if one considers tormenting sick people, shutting down tax-paying businesses, confiscating private property and threatening to jail people a success.  My Goal is to reduce the size and scope of state government while bringing back our personal freedom. The issues I regard as urgent and feel the most passionate about are: Balancing the state budget by cutting spending, not raising taxes; Reforming education by transitioning to a free market providing school choice and parent responsibility; Securing full marriage equality for all people regardless of gender; Dismantling the excessive regulations surrounding the medicinal marijuana industry, providing access to medicine for patients; Pro-legal immigration legislation that allows individuals who do not pose a credible threat to security, health, or property to remain in the state contributing to their personal well-being and the economy.”

Governor Gary Johnson states: Brett Halbert will make a terrific State Legislator. He is an ardent supporter of personal liberty and vows to push for comprehensive pro-immigration legislation as well as to end the current state of marriage inequality.  He is the best choice for Colorado’s House District 32.

Brett Halbert: I support Governor Gary Johnson because he has a proven track record, a balanced budget in his home state, job creation and his principled stand for gay and straight marriage equality. 


Robert R. Ryan for Ohio State House of Representatives, Ohio 28th District.


Robert R. Ryan, is an engineer in satellite and aerospace propulsion systems. Mr. Ryan became involved in human rights and drug reform efforts as result of events in his mother’s battle with cancer and his son’s drug arrest. He has been very active in community service and has held significant leadership positions in Cub Scouts, PTA, Knights of Columbus, Weed n Seed and other organizations. Mr. Ryan previously ran for Mayor of Salisbury Maryland and was later elected to the Republican Central Committee.  As a member and treasurer of the Republican Central Committee, he authored and co-sponsored resolutions on voting rights and medical marijuana which resulted in the Daryl Puttman medical marijuana bill signed into law by Governor Bob Ehrlich.. Mr. Ryan moved back to Ohio, where he worked on several local issues including the defeat of the Hamilton County Jail tax. He has also testified on several issues at state legislative and local government hearings.  Mr. Ryan believes that the Republican & Democratic Party dominance of state and federal government is the root cause of our dysfunctional government.

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Mr. Ryan is absolutely correct; we need a real third party to end this destructive Bi-Polar politics.  Mr. Ryan is an engineer and knows how to ask the right questions and sift thru the data in order to make intelligent decisions that will lower our tax burden and greatly expand our personal freedoms. He will make a terrific State Representative.”

Rob Ryan: “Gary Johnson is well qualified to be President. As Governor, he showed leadership by vetoing hundreds of bills with only a few being overridden by the legislature. He restored the State General Fund reserves and won reelection as a Republican despite the state being overwhelming Democratic.”


Nick Tanner for Texas State House of Representatives, 47th District.


Nick Tanner was born in Austin, Texas has lived in District 47 his whole life.  Nick has spent much of his professional life performing jobs that the majority of politicians would lead you to believe “most Americans won’t do” in construction industry.  In 2003 he received his degree as a registered massage therapist. In late 2010 Nick began volunteering at a local pantry. The delivery program he implemented began with only 15 people and today the program reaches more than 80 people each week.  Nick truly believes, “Compassion is the true path to happiness, and the true path to compassion is to put yourself in other people’s shoes.”

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Nick Tanner is a prime example of what happens when every day, taxpaying citizens get involved in the political process in order to make a positive difference. Nick will bring the Libertarian principles of maximum freedom and minimum government to the office of State Representative for District 47.  Vote for Nick Tanner!”

Judge Jim Gray adds: “Nick Tanner is the only candidate that will bring the principles of smaller government, lower taxation, and personal responsibility back to the office of State Representative. A common sense approach is what our local, state, and federal governments need now, more than ever. That’s why I endorse Nick Tanner for State Representative, District 47.”

Nick Tanner: “I endorse Johnson/Gray 2012 because they are the only candidates that stand for small government, individual liberties, and the constitutional principles on which our country was founded.”


Joe Edgar for Texas State House of Representatives, 48th District.


Joe Edgar is a successful entrepreneur, small business owner and entrepreneur who knows how private industry works, while also understanding the public involvement. Joe is an active member of the Austin City Chamber and of the Central Texas Angel Network, the leading regional investor group that invests private funds into local start-up companies.  As one of 11 children raised on a Native American Reservation, Joe understands what many in our community are experiencing- very limited financial resources and a lack of opportunities.  He also spent two years living with the indigenous Aboriginal communities in the Australian Outback as a full time volunteer.  In Austin, Joe and his family are very active in supporting programs for the elderly and families in need.  And as a strong advocate for financial independence, Joe also supports and volunteers his time and expertise at a local tax center, filing tax returns for low-income families and teaching financial literacy.  Joe Edgar earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics, with honors, from the University of Oregon and attended the University of Texas to study Mathematics.  He is the fortunate husband of a brilliant wife and father of four wonderful children.  He and his family are committed members of their neighborhood association and their local church community.

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Joe Edgar will bring the Libertarian principles of maximum freedom and minimum government to the Texas State House where it is sorely needed.  Vote for Joe Edgar.”

Joe Edgar: “Gary Johnson’s neighbor’s dogs have created more shovel ready jobs than ANYONE in government.  Gary Johnson is the best candidate for President because he knows government doesn’t create jobs.”


Neill Snider for Texas State House of Representatives, 56th District. 


Neill Snider is a lifelong resident of Waco, Texas.  He is a mechanical contractor/manufacturing technologist and owner of Neill Mechanical Technology, Inc.  He holds a technology degree from Southwest Texas State University.  In 1996, he served on the Waco City Council Architectural Review Board.  He is a past Libertarian candidate for State Representative, and believes in eliminating most state taxes, privatizing the Texas education system, and allowing Texans to conduct business freely. He is married with six children.

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Vote for Neill Snider!  The problems we have were all caused by Republicans and Democrats.  Just this once, vote Libertarian.”

Neill Snider: “I endorse Governor Johnson and Judge Jim Gray because they are Libertarians!”


Bruce Beckman for Texas State House of Representatives, 93rd District.


Bruce Beckman was born in McHenry, Illinois and currently lives in Haslet, Texas with his wife and four children.  Bruce paid his own way through college by working at a Chicago-area hospital. He graduated with a Finance degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.   After graduation, he worked for two years in the financial services industry before beginning his current career in the airline industry.  Bruce is committed to representing the people of District 93 — not lobbyists or other interests outside of the district. He will work hard in Austin to reduce wasteful spending and protect the Constitutional rights of all Texans.

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Bruce Beckman will fight for individual liberty, free markets and limited government.  Vote for Bruce.”

Bruce Beckman: “Gary Johnson has never just talked about spending cuts.  He gets them done!”


Darryl Perry for Register of Deeds, Cheshire County New Hampshire.


Darryl W. Perry is an Activist, Author, Poet and Statesman. Darryl writes a weekly article for the Mountaineer Jeffersonian, a monthly article for The Sovereign and has appeared on various alternative media talking about his books, political career and goals. Darryl is the Owner/Managing Editor of Free Patriot Press.  His opponent, Evelyn Hubal, was first elected as Register of Deeds in 1974, and has run unopposed since at least 2000.  Darryl says, “If elected, I will work to abolish this office!”  His other endorsements include Richard Winger publisher of Ballot Access News,

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Darryl W. Perry will work to eliminate the office of Register of Deeds, thus saving taxpayers over $350,000 per year.”


Ken Stanford for Tax Assessor, Tarrant County, Texas.


Ken writes, “I started doing Federal Income Tax Returns professionally when I was 16.  Ever since then, I’ve been doing income taxes, bookkeeping, and other administrative work. I would put in a review process for denied appeals to make it easier for property owners and separate the Tax Assessor office from the court.  I will not restrict anyone from registering a vehicle or paying any other tax because of outstanding court fines.  The two (taxes and fines) have nothing to do with each other and should be kept separate.  I would also cease taking money for red light camera fines. I believe the red light cameras to be illegal. I also think the three funniest words in the English language are: Libertarian Tax Assessor.”

Gary Johnson states: “Ken Stanford will bring the principles of low taxes and personal liberty to the office of Tax assessor-Collector. Please vote for Ken Stanford!”

Ken Stanford: “Gary Johnson is the only candidate for President of the United States who truly stands for small government, small taxes and maximum Liberty.”


Patrick Dixon for County Commissioner, Travis County Texas.


Pat Dixon a consultant/independent contractor for industrial process control systems specializing in advanced control solutions for the pulp and paper industry.  He was first elected to the Lago Vista City Council in 2005 and served 2 terms ending in 2010.  He is a graduate of, and currently served on the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Council of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.  Pat was recently reelected Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Texas.

Governor Gary Johnson states: “Pat Dixon is a proven winner in the Libertarian Party and the Liberty movement.  Vote for Pat Dixon.”

Pat Dixon: “I endorse Gary Johnson because he is the only candidate for President of the United States who will deliver both Peace and Liberty.”


Joseph G. Buchman, PhD
731 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah  84102
Direct::435 602 0798
Campaign Office: 801 303 7926


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  1. paulie paulie August 3, 2012

    @39 So you are going to vote for the right boot on your neck? Good luck with that.

  2. Party follower Party follower August 3, 2012

    Lost my vote with endorsements of Jim Gray and Dean Ahmad.

  3. Ad Hoc Ad Hoc June 28, 2012

    Hear hear!

  4. Starchild Starchild June 27, 2012

    I am delighted to see the Johnson campaign taking the time to prominently endorse other Libertarian (and libertarian) candidates, and putting a solid LP activist like Joe Buchman in charge of the effort.

    These endorsements further demonstrate a commitment to our party and movement that we have not always gotten from past LP presidential tickets.

  5. paulie paulie June 27, 2012

    What’s a good way to get a hold of the current Oklahoma chair? They seem to have switched out chairs more than once lately.

  6. Austin Battenberg Austin Battenberg June 26, 2012

    Maybe because he is a former Republican and pro-life? I like RJ Harris, so I hope something can be done. He deserves our support.

  7. George Whitfield George Whitfield June 26, 2012

    Hi Joe Buchman,
    There seems to be a quirk in Oklahoma about RJ Harris, who I recall was endorsed by Gary Johnson as a candidate for Congress there. It seems the Oklahoma LP Chairman refuses to acknowledge RJ Harris as a Libertarian Party candidate for Congress and so the National LP won’t list him on its website as an LP candidate. This is wierd and not right. RJ ran for the LP Presidential nomination, worked to get it ballot access in Oklahoma, endorsed Gary Johnson for President and is an articulate and hard working candidate. Do you know what is going on?

  8. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman Post author | June 26, 2012

    @31 Jim — that’s fair enough as well. You’re the only Libertarian candidate in that race, and given your current role with the BTP, we’ll let the endorsement stand and correct the media release.

    I hope you’ll vote for Governor Johnson, especially if there’s not BTP candidate on your ballot and encourage polling organizations to include him in the polling for the debates.

    All the best — go win that race, and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.


  9. paulie paulie June 26, 2012

    Fair enough.

  10. Darryl W. Perry Darryl W. Perry June 26, 2012

    @30 – once Jim gets ballot access in any State OR files as a certified write-in, I will publicly endorse him.
    If neither happens, I most likely will not make an endorsement for President.

  11. paulie paulie June 26, 2012

    You’ll have a hard time seeing their presidential candidate mentioned anywhere at all, but if you search IPR long enough you’ll find a few references.

    It’s Jim Duensing (Tiffany Briscoe was nominated, then un-nominated due to lying about her background). Interesting that Darryl is not endorsing him either.

    Jim’s plan for ballot access is to go out as a volunteer and get tourists on Fremont Street in Vegas to sign petitions for their home states (he plans to have a box full for every state) and he believes some of them will be so inspired by the experience of meeting him that they will take the petitions home and get him on the ballot in their home states as volunteers. He has a birther themed campaign themesong – “Sweet Home Mombassa.”

  12. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman June 26, 2012

    Paulie @ 27 — So am I daft? How come I don’t see their Presidential candidate mentioned on the BTP website?

    Joe (who knows I’m daft, so don’t bother with that question!)

  13. Paulie Paulie June 25, 2012

    Judge Gray is not an anti-semite, and Dean Ahmad is not only not an anti-semite, he is a semite.

    What @26 means is that they are not Zionists.

  14. Paulie Paulie June 25, 2012

    The BTP already has a presidential candidate, but they are on zero state ballots.

  15. Paul Blumstein Paul Blumstein June 25, 2012

    It was bad enough that GJ when took on an anti-Semite for VP, but endorsing anti-Semitic Dean Ahmad clearly shows his colors. Think of all the campaign money he’s going to bring in from the KKK & Nazis.

  16. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman June 25, 2012

    Trent @ 24,

    Yep. My bad for assuming that, as there’s not yet a BTP candidate for President on a ballot anywhere (unless I’m misinformed about this as well), that there won’t be.

    But did I miss something here:


    Looks like my only option to keep from being embarrassed by this is to work for a fusion candidacy this year.

    Any chance of that? How about an entire BTP endorsement of Johnson/Gray??

    Any BTPers wanna Party with Johnson/Gray like it’s 1773???

    Joe (who remains grateful, BTW, for the BTP endorsement of my 2008 campaign for the US Congress . . .)

  17. Trent Hill Trent Hill June 25, 2012

    I mostly meant what Darryl himself alluded to. As the chair of another party (BTP) he cannot very well endorse Johnson. In fact, his candidate will be actively working against Johnson. He will be helping his presidential candidate in that regard, no doubt.

  18. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman June 25, 2012

    Darryl @ 17,

    My apologies. That form has a pre-printed endorsement of Gary and it’s perfectly correct that 1) you didn’t fill out the “because . . .” portion (although you’re not alone on that) and 2) you didn’t cross out the pre-printed “I endorse Gary Johnson.”

    So I see this as a lack of rigor on my part, one I’ll put in place going forward, and one not sufficient for me to act to withdraw our endorsement of you for the position of “Register of Deeds, Cheshire County New Hampshire.”

    So aside from offering my apologies for misunderstanding your request and misreading what was on that form, and offering for you to keep our endorsement of you for this office/campaign — what would it take to earn your endorsement of Governor Johnson (and in the process help me out of this somewhat embarrassing corner I find myself in?)

    We can have that discussion here, by email (I wrote you a few minutes ago) or on the phone — whatever you prefer, if you want to have that conversation at all.

    Regardless our endorsement of you stands and I’ll take the heat for that.

    (So for all other candidates considering sending in those forms — I’ll be looking for every blank space to be fully filled out, and every box checked, and every i dotted and t crossed. I’m calling this my new Perry Process.)



  19. Paulie Paulie June 25, 2012

    Darryl is the LP candidate in his race. I’m not sure what Trent means, unless it is that Darryl is teh BTP chair. However, I don’t see that as a problem since the BTP is currently on zero state ballots. Essentially it is right now a website and facebook page. That’s about it.

  20. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman June 25, 2012

    Andy Horning is an outstanding candidate in Indiana. He has run for office numerous times and always promoted liberty in his campaigns.

  21. Mobert Rilnes Mobert Rilnes June 25, 2012

    Did some googling and haven’t found what Trent is talking about. Maybe he could elaborate.

    On the other hand. See @18

  22. Jason Gatties Jason Gatties June 25, 2012

    I will always endorse Darryl W. Perry. Nothing I find on google (most of which I wouldn’t trust to begin with) won’t change that.

    I’m a bit shocked at what seems like a bit of a cryptic diss on Darryl, who contributes to this blog, at what I imagine is no cost to Trent or his mystery employer.

  23. Mobert Rilnes Mobert Rilnes June 25, 2012

    All the endorsements are mutual, so if you are not endorsing Johnson it is likely that he isn’t endorsing you either.

  24. Darryl W. Perry Darryl W. Perry June 25, 2012

    Trent, I’d like to know why you believe I do not deserve an endorsement from Gary Johnson or anyone else.

    By the way, I have not endorsed anyone for President and have emailed Joe Buchman this clarification.

  25. Eric Blitz Eric Blitz June 25, 2012

    Great job Joe. Keep’m coming.

    I always post our Maryland candidates endorsement info on our MD for Gary Johnson FB page and MDLP FB page. Are others doing that in other states? I think they should, the whole point is to build cross-pollination and support between campaign supporters. Maybe you could push that if you agree.

  26. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman June 25, 2012

    Trent @ 10 — What is that site?!?!

    I wonder how many other places picked up the first version (with the misspelling). Sigh . . .

  27. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman June 25, 2012

    I couldn’t sleep, so found my laptop, got the smartphone working as a modem and fixed it (as well as altered my reply above)! Live from the RV on the road . . . actually in the garage of the home we’ve had rented out — doing a few repairs here between renters tomorrow.

  28. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton June 25, 2012

    I logged into IPR to fix it, but looks like someone beat me to the punch. Dunno who. Check other places you posted this though.

  29. Joe Joe June 25, 2012

    Thanks Chuck.

    I’ve fixed it here.

    I’ll send out corrections elsewhere tomorrow, as well as apologies to Dr. Ahmad.

    Thanks again,


  30. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton June 25, 2012

    Dr. Dean Ahman for the United States Senate, Maryland.

    “Ahmad” is misspelled. The website and bio spell it correctly. The title, Johnson quote, and Ahmad quote spell it wrong.

    I would correct it myself (I’m an IPR editor), but I wanted to point it out in case it is misspelled other places this is released too.

  31. Trent Hill Trent Hill June 25, 2012

    Lol, I’m not here to smear anyone. Some research will turn up answers.

  32. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman June 24, 2012

    What I received in May was: “I’m a Life Member of the LP and will be running for Register of Deeds in Cheshire County, NH. The LP nominating convention has not yet taken place, though I anticipate receiving the LP nomination.
    I’d like the form so that I can request an endorsement from Gov. Johnson.”

    Later we received confirmation he had received the LP NH nomination and that he would “work to eliminate the office of Register of Deeds, thus saving taxpayers over $350,000 per year.”

    If allyoualls have information that we should review that could lead to a reconsideration of this endorsement, let me know.


  33. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman Post author | June 24, 2012

    Trent @ 7 — How can you not endorse a candidate who declares, if elected, he will eliminate the office he’s running for?!?!


    That said, it’s true that we vetted him almost entirely on his current campaign, the form he returned, and don’t have the resources to do a full history. So what’s up?

    either here or


  34. Trent Hill Trent Hill June 24, 2012

    Joe Buchman–I’ll take that challenge. Derryl Perry.

  35. Matt Cholko Matt Cholko June 24, 2012

    DP endorsed GJ…that’s the most interesting thing I see here 😉

  36. Mario Conde Mario Conde June 24, 2012

    Is Gary going to endorse Rupert for Governor of Indiana?

  37. Austin Battenberg Austin Battenberg June 24, 2012

    I think this is great! It truly looks like he is trying to build the party by unifying all the candidates.

  38. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman Post author | June 24, 2012

    Yeah. I double dog dare everyone (George, anyone??) to find any candidate in that list to complain about!


    Joe (I’ll try to do better next time . . .)

  39. George Whitfield George Whitfield June 24, 2012

    A lot of great candidates to support and vote for.

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