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Former Reform Party Member Advances As A Republican

Republican Dan Roberts will face Democratic candidate Jared Huffman in the general election. Roberts earned 15% of the vote in the “top two” primary for the congressional race in California’s 2nd congressional district. In a biographical article about Roberts, the Marin Independent Journal noted his earlier connections to smaller political parties:

“…Roberts, who had left the Republican Party to join Ross Perot’s Reform Party, couldn’t re-register as a Republican in time to qualify for the June 8, 2010 primary. At the last minute, Roberts tried to get his name on the ballot as the American Independent Party’s nominee but failed.”

According to his website, his campaign has also been endorsed by the American Independent Party. Roberts, a military veteran, has attracted the attention of some non-interventionists for a quote on his website advocating “benign foreign policy: no wars of adventure. Stop nation building.” The candidate with the third-highest vote total in this race was activist Norman Solomon who at one point was registered as a member of the Green Party. Roberts defeated Solomon by 172 votes. Solomon conceded to Roberts on June 26.



  1. Dennis Dennis July 19, 2012

    Radovan Karadžic

  2. Dennis Dennis July 19, 2012

    Awww. I see good ol’ Don Grundmann’s name on that list, Paulie! Whatever happened to that lovable fellow? I was thinking of him just the other day while watching a documentary on Radovan Karadži?.

  3. Paulie Paulie July 19, 2012

    Please provide a citation

    When it becomes impossible to get into the general election as anything other than a Democrat or Republican, people who want to get into the general election are forced to run as Democrats and Republicans even if they don’t want to. In some districts only Democrats or only Republicans. Many other would be alt party and independent candidates chose not to run at all as a result.

    A runoff election happens when no candidate in the general election gets 50% plus one, and in that general election there is one candidate per party plus independents. Voters know that this general election can be final so they pay attention to it and the candidates involved.

    Under top two, only the most extremely involved voters bother to pay attention because everyone knows that two of the candidates will advance, thus the real election will be what you lyingly misrepresent as the runoff (no retractions of this lie will be accepted, as this has been explained to you numerous times and yet you continue to deliberately spread this pernicious lie).

    Voters allow the politics junkies to narrow the field for them and make the real decision from the to two – IE only Democrats and Republicans – with no other voices allowed. The turnout in the California primary just concluded was down precipitously from previous primaries in California under the less tyrannical system in place prior to this Top One With Two Faces, and certainly nothing like in a general election, proving that you are indeed lying.

    Under such a system, no one who wants to be elected, or even get any attention as a candidate, can be anything but an abused house servant of the Top Two parties, or the Top One Party in lopsided districts.

    This is what happened here, and it’s shameful and sickening.

    Hopefully, the courts will throw this unsconstitutional scheme, or the voters will reconsider their duped folly and reverse the passage of this monstrous evil system.

  4. Paulie Paulie July 19, 2012

    Now that California has held its first regularly-scheduled top-two open primary, there have now been 81 minor party members who have run in top-two open primaries, in races that also had at least two major party members running. In all 81 instances, the minor party candidate did not place first or second in the primary and therefore was blocked from the general election campaign.

    Besides the California examples, there have been such races in Louisiana and Washington state. There were 21 California minor party members who appeared on the California primary ballot last month. Here is a list of those candidates, and their percentages, and the order in which each placed:

    1. Marsha Feinland, Peace & Freedom, US Senate, 14th of 24, 1.19%
    2. Gail Lightfoot, Libertarian, US Senate, 9th of 24, 2.09%
    3. Don Grundmann, American Independent, US Senate, 18th of 24, .68%
    4. Kabiruddin Karim ali, Peace & Freedom, US Senate, 24th of 24, .25%
    5. Douglas Arthur Tuma, Libertarian, US House 7, 4th of 4, 3.07%
    6. Barry Hermanson, Green, US House 12, 3rd of 6, 5.36%
    7. Carol Brouillet, Green, US House 18, 4th of 4, 4.08%
    8. Eric Petersen, Green, US House 20, 5th of 7, 2.07%
    9. Michael W. Powelson, Green, US House 30, 6th of 7, 2.06%
    10. David William Steinman, Green, US House 33, 6th of 8, 3.48%
    11. Steve Collett, Libertarian, US House 33, 5th of 8, 4.35%
    12. Howard Johnson, Peace & Freedom, US House 34, 3rd of 3, 6.66%
    13. Anthony W. Vieyra, Green, US House 35, 3rd of 3, 18.64%
    14. Michael Benoit, Libertarian, US House 50, 4th of 5, 5.41%
    15. John H. Webster, Libertarian, State Senate 13, 3rd of 4, 15.45%
    16. David Edwards, Green, Assembly 1, 4th of 5, 6.11%
    17. Charley Hooper, Libertarian, Assembly 1, 5th of 5, 5.38%
    18. Pamela Elizondo, Green, Assembly 2, 3rd of 4, 8.77%
    19. Janice Marlae Bonser, Libertarian, Assembly 8, 5th of 6, 4.33%
    20. C. T. Weber, Peace & Freedom, Assembly 9, 6th of 6, 3.01%
    21. John Paul Lindblad, Green, Assembly 39, 5th of 6, 7.60%

  5. just saying just saying July 19, 2012


  6. just asking just asking July 19, 2012

    top two system forced Roberts to run as a Republican

    Please provide a citation for this seemingly basis claim, or retract and admit your lie.

    atrocious that Norman Solomon and any other actual or potential candidates will be kept out of the general election

    No candidates were kept out of the already-past general election. Creepy commie Solomon and the other losers lost the general election, and now the independent statesman Dan Roberts will be in the runoff election.

  7. Paulie Paulie July 18, 2012

    It’s too bad that the fascist top two system forced Roberts to run as a Republican again. Kind of like a runaway slave being returned to the plantation in chains, or an abused spouse coming back for more after leaving. Also atrocious that Norman Solomon and any other actual or potential candidates will be kept out of the general election.

  8. just saying just saying July 17, 2012

    Great news. Nonpartisan runoff voting racks up another victory for independent statesmen over partisan hacks!

  9. HumbleTravis HumbleTravis July 16, 2012


    I thought about that. I wrote the headline that way because the quote made it sound like his running as an AIP candidate was largely a tactical decision whereas his leaving the Republican Party for the Reform Party was based on his personal politics. He did not have any experience with the AIP before he ran for congress as a member of that party (“what you need is a party where no one has filed”*), although he did say in an interview that “their platform suited [him]”*. I will gladly change the title of the article if my fellow IPR editors feel that an adjustment is needed.


  10. Richard Winger Richard Winger July 16, 2012

    Oops, I just realized my comment above is partially wrong. Nevertheless, Roberts’ affiliation with the American Independent Party in 2010 seems more significant than his past registration into the Reform Party, because it is far more recent and also because Roberts was a write-in candidate for Congress in the Americans Elect primary in 2010, whereas the article doesn’t say he ever ran for office while he was in the Reform Party.

  11. Richard Winger Richard Winger July 16, 2012

    The title of this article should be “former American Independent Party candidate…”. There is nothing in the story about the Reform Party.

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  13. Dennis Dennis July 14, 2012

    I think the bulk of the folks involved in the 2000 takeover never planned on staying anyway. This fellow was apparently a Perotista. Props to him on his recent success.

  14. Nick Nick July 14, 2012

    Reform Party members leaving and going to the Republicans are nothing new. A lot of the people involved in the 2000 take over did it to.

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