George Phillies: Vote Republican? You must be joking!

Posted as an editiorial by George Phillies in the September 2012 Liberty for America

The Republicans launched an unprovoked war of aggression against Iraq. To justify their crimes against peace, they staged an unprecedented series of bald faced lies. When their occupation of Iraq was met with the staunch resistance of Iraqi patriots, they arranged for the city of Fallujah to be substantially razed to the ground, a crime against civilization whose obvious historical ana-log was the destruction of the city of Lidice. They then violated the Geneva conventions by imprisoning and torturing thousands of foreigners in secret prisons in Poland and elsewhere. On the home front, Republicans caused the National Security Agency to create massive wiretapping systems that intercepted most phone calls. That’s electronic warfare, warfare against the American people, warfare supported by almost every Republican in Con-gress. When Americans wage war on America, that’s the crime in the Constitution. Republicans deserve fair trials, not votes.

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28 thoughts on “George Phillies: Vote Republican? You must be joking!

  1. just Libertarian

    Of course, crypto-Democrat Phillies is silent on the Obama administration doing the same things.

  2. Dale

    The Obama administration ALSO started a war in Iraq and began a massive domestic spying program? Wow, news to me!

    Yes, Guantanamo is still open. Yes, the wiretapping program continues. Those are tragic, regrettable, and angering to me. But they are not the “same things.”

    I’m voting for Obama, but also donating to the ACLU; that’s the best that I can make of a bad situation.

  3. NewFederalist

    “I’m voting for Obama, but also donating to the ACLU; that’s the best that I can make of a bad situation.”

    I would suggest you try a little harder.

  4. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Dale: You’re voting for Obama? He’s had a chance to stop the war in Afghanistan, but hasn’t; he’s had a chance to close Guantanamo, and hasn’t. Do you think he’ll be different in his second term?

  5. Joe Buchman


    >>Republicans deserve fair trials, not votes.<< Excellent summary! Same for Democrats though. Obama has had the exact same national security "team" and policies in place the past 4 years, with far more drone attacks which have killed innocents as well as (occasionally) their intended targets.

  6. Kevin Knedler

    Well done. As I have already stated, I will most likely go to my grave without EVER voting for a Republican again. I think the last time I voted for one was about 10 years ago anyway. Only time I ever voted for a Democrat was in a POTUS primary in 1984 I think.
    I’m closer to the end than the begining and I have better things to do with my time instead of supporting more of the same from the thugs, bloods, and crypts.

  7. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I would like to urge IPR readers to read this month’s “Liberty for America” (there is a link in the article above). It provides an up-to-date summary of what has been going on in the Libertarian Party. Oh, and what a month it was–

  8. JT

    Dale: “I’m voting for Obama, but also donating to the ACLU; that’s the best that I can make of a bad situation.”

    People making the best of a bad situation ensures that the situation won’t get much better.

  9. Tom Blanton

    Republicans may not even deserve fair trials, but it’s not surprising that Obama didn’t want to try them. After all, he has escalated the Af-Pak war, warrantless surveillance, covert ops in over 70 nations, pulled a regime change operation in Libya that he sold as a no-fly zone operation, and he’s working on another regime change in Syria. Not to mention the never ending PATRIOT Act and Obama’s assassinations of suspicious people.

    Obama is every bit the nightmare that Bush was. Only an idiot could pretend otherwise.

    So, there is as much chance of the Obama regime putting war criminals on trial as there is them putting their Wall Street bankster cronies on trial. In fact, Herr Holder sent the message just the other day that homicide by torture is acceptable for government agents to engage in.

    Choosing between voting for a Republican and voting for a Democrat is much like choosing between eating elephant shit or donkey shit.

    So, will Phillies be quitting the LP to run for the Senate as a Democrat after he endorses Obama?

    It’s a shame that libertarians don’t spend more time demonizing the government itself as opposed to demonizing other parties or personalities.

    What happened to all those minarchists that used to be in the LP?

  10. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    TB, I’m of the opinion that George’s editorial had more to do with responding to Root’s endorsement of Romney than excluding Democrats. It’s not like he said that Democrats and Obama are great and doing things right. He just happened to be talking about Republicans. I’ll end this comment by saying “Duh”. I don’t really think that needed to be pointed out.

  11. Be Rational

    Being obsessively anti-Republican does NOT mean that one is not a libertarian.

    Being obsessively pro-Republican DOES.

  12. paulie

    The Omni-Robomba 2012 is automated to bomb everything ….from scores of foreign countries to our economy and what remains of our civil liberties

  13. Mark Axinn


    Very comprehensive summary of recent events and superb editorial in your latest issue.

    I agree with other comments that the Democrats are just as bad, but the current issue responds to Wayne Root’s recent move to the evil Republican Party. If he had become a Democrat, I am sure that George would have had some choice comments about that party too, especially after having lived in Kennedy-a-chusetts for so long.

  14. Q2Q

    I think the Democrats are incompetent, wannabe socialists who believe they’re the victim in every situation. I think Republicans are corrupt, hypocritical, quasi-fascists who try to play the hero at every opportunity. I love and agree with the LP on 99% of the issues, and I am a registered Libertarian. However, I am voting for Romney because this country can’t take another four years of Obama’s idiocy. Seriously, Bush may have led America down the path of fascism and economic ruin, but Jesus, the economy wasn’t this bad under Bush and gas prices weren’t this high either. I’d rather let Romney and his holy underwear usher in an age of autocratic Mormon theocracy then risk another four years of a black Jimmy Carter. This election is too important to risk Obama’s re-election. Is having Gary Johnson winning 5% of the vote and having the LP qualifying for political party welfare really worth having Obama in the White House? I don’t, and that’s why I’m voting Romney.

  15. Tom Blanton

    I was just giving Phillies a hard time.

    Actually it is refreshing to see a libertarian talk about the war crimes of Republicans. I wish more libertarians would speak out about the war crimes commited by “our” government in general, along with the many violations of their own laws against the people of America.

    It would be interesting if Bush and Obama had to share a cell for a couple of years in the nude, with bright lights and loud music on 24/7 and the air conditioner turned up full blast while waiting for a trial with attorneys they aren’t allowed to talk to. Isn’t that what a “fair” trial consists of these days?

    What’s good enough for Bradley Manning ought to be good enough for Bush and Obama.

    Bashing Democrats is what Republicans do. Bashing Republicans is what Republicans do. Libertarians ought to be bashing government and let the Republicans and Democrats bash each other.

  16. Be Rational

    “Bashing Democrats is what Republicans do. Bashing Republicans is what Republicans do. Libertarians ought to be bashing government and let the Republicans and Democrats bash each other.” – Tom Blanton

    Very sound advice.

  17. Be Rational

    @23 Q2Q

    Voting for Romney or Obama would be a totally wasted vote:

    1) They do not represent your interests. You should vote for the principles you support so that YOUR voice is heard and registered in the national debate.

    2) Your one vote will not change the outcome of the election for POTUS in any state. Even the “battleground” states will not end that close.

    3) In your specific case of fearing Obama, you should get past that fear and get ready for what’s coming. Romney would be little different IMO, but no matter, Romney is going to lose big. Obama will surpass 3oo Electoral votes easily.

  18. Stewart Flood

    Even Fixed News is now trashing Romney. His campaign is in Chernobyl mode after his statement yesterday.

    This would be a good time for Obama’s puppets on the debate commission to finish him off by letting Johnson in the debates.

  19. Kevin Knedler

    @ 23.
    Kinda of like deciding if you want a 32 cal pointed at your head or a 9 mm. When they go off, the result is the same. Poof.

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