Kyle Lewis:”Political Entrepreneurship: Why I’m IP”

Kyle Lewis is the Third Congressional District Co-Chair of the Minnesota Independence Party. He explains why building the IP as an alternative to the Bipartisan establishment is important:

“In a world where we can choose from hundreds of boxes of Mac & Cheese, why is it that we’re left with only two options for matters of such importance as running our state or country?”

“Raised as a believer in free markets, I always think when something isn’t going well someone or something will step up to replace it. However, we find ourselves stuck in a political system in which the two largest brands have manipulated the market in such a way that most people have tuned out. With the toxic environment, special interest focus and the massive amounts of money it takes to play the game, well, trying to change the system may not seem too attractive.”

“We desperately need more political entrepreneurs. From its inception, the Independence Party of Minnesota has sought to re-shape the political landscape of this state from one of indecisiveness and gridlock to one that puts citizens first.”

He note the increasing move of both “major” parties away from the center with the result that “more and more people lose their political home.” For several years the Minnesota Independence Party has become a home for some of these politically homeless.

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One thought on “Kyle Lewis:”Political Entrepreneurship: Why I’m IP”

  1. Trent Hill

    I dont get why more people dont try to emulate the Progressives of Vermont and the Independent Party in Minnesota. Both have been fantastically successful.

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