LP Blog: Libertarian Robert Kraus for City Council will cut property tax, cut government waste


Libertarian Robert Kraus of Alexandria, Virginia is the only candidate in the race for City Council who will reduce government spending to 2007 levels and cut the average homeowner’s property tax bill by almost $1,400 per year. He will also work to stop handouts to Special Interests who are vying for a piece of a proposed redevelopment project on the city’s waterfront.

Robert Kraus is well-qualified to find and eliminate waste from the city’s budget. He has over 17 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience and teaches finance at Alexandria-based Computer C.O.R.E. He is a proven cost-cutter and applies his skills in his role as the Operations Director for the national Libertarian Party where he carefully watches expenditures and ensures the party stays out of debt.

Three Republicans, six Democrats and two independents are competing for the six seats on the council, four of whom are incumbents. On September 12, Kraus participated in a forum with the other candidates at F.C. Hammond Middle School, where he received more applause than any other candidate present.

Robert Kraus produces plays at the Little Theater of Alexandria has been active in the Alexandria community for 24 years. He is an adjunct instructor at Northern Virginia Community College.

Upcoming campaign events include a League of Women Voters Candidates’ forum on October 2, the Old Town Civic Association City Council Debate on October 10, and the PATCH Candidates’ Forum on October 15.

Campaign website: http://Robert4CityCouncil.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RobertKrausForCityCouncil

12 thoughts on “LP Blog: Libertarian Robert Kraus for City Council will cut property tax, cut government waste

  1. paulie Post author

    He actually was acting ED for over a year, from when Shane left the office to work on Barr’s campaign in May 2008 to when Wes drove from Texas to DC in 2009 – can’t remember the exact month, maybe August (we had lunch in Morgantown, WV when he was on his way to DC).

  2. paulie Post author

    Who were the candidates when Wes left?

    There was no open bid process that I know of.

    I seem to remember Carla being discussed as a possible ED even before Wes was hired.

  3. Wes Benedict

    I’d like to thank my former colleague Robert Kraus for leading by example and running for office in Virginia.

    Not only is Robert a hard-working Libertarian in the national headquarters in D.C., but he’s also very active in the Alexandria community where he lives and is active in the theater.

    I had the pleasure of seeing the production, Oliver, when I lived in the D.C./Alexandria area myself just over a year ago, which was one of Robert’s projects.

    I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye with Robert over the years. But after having worked side-by-side with him in the national LP headquarters myself, where every LP member and FORMER member and BOARD member can cuss you out–but you can’t cuss back!!, I have a better appreciation for what Robert and the rest of staff have to deal with. (In particular, enough free advice to keep 100 times as many people employed without the funds to make it happen, nor the appreciation for the consensus required to make something happen.)

    Best wishes to Robert and his campaign for City Council.

  4. DSZ

    Is Kraus the only Libertarian candidate in Virginia this year (besides Johnson)? Also, as I understand it, it looks like Alexandria’s city council election has voters vote six times from among 12 candidates (this year at least). I really despise that style of election because if you really support one or two underdogs but are ambivalent about the rest, it can sometimes be better to not vote at all than to vote for your preferred candidate plus the other slots (of course the best course of action is to vote just once or twice but how many voters will do that?)

  5. Matt Cholko

    Right on both counts DSZ. Virginia has no other candidates on the ballot this year (most local and ALL state offices are elected in odd years in VA). All six members of the Alexandria city council are at-large.

    The city of Alexandria is so geographically compact that I’m not sure it would make much difference to Rs and Ds, but it certainly does make it harder for Ls to campaign city-wide. On the other hand, there is some talk of changing to a “ward” type of system.

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