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Libertarian Party of Louisiana Making Progress

by Reed Ebarb, Secretary and Acting Treasurer. Libertarian Party of Louisiana
Sent to LP News and myself:

The Libertarian Party of Louisiana has seen large increases across the
board this year. We have hired an executive director to handle day to day
operations. The number of registered Libertarians in Louisiana has
increased by more than 42% and that number continues to increase. Our
revenues since August have been more than the last 5 years combined. We
fielded 5 congressional candidates this year that combined, received more
than 124,000 votes, a record for Louisiana Libertarians. We also had more
congressional candidates than the Democrats in Louisiana. The LPL had 2
Libertarians Elected to public office. These are the first two
Libertarians elected to public office in Louisiana history. Moving
forward, the LPL is focused on 2013. In Louisiana, there are more than 100
offices up for election in 2013, many in small towns. We plan to target
these “lower level” offices and get more Libertarians elected to local
offices. In addition, we plan to continue working on increasing the number
of registered Libertarians in Louisiana to more than 10,000 in the year
2013 and expect revenues to exceed 2012 levels. The Libertarian Party of
Louisiana has been very active over the past year and we expect to
continue this level of activity over the next few years.

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  1. George Whitfield George Whitfield December 1, 2012

    Great effort and trend. Keep us informed and I will be happy to donate for some 2013 races.

  2. LPofLA deserves a large congrats on breaking both the record for total votes and percentage of the vote in the POTUS race this cycle. Way to go, keep it GROWING locally !

  3. Reed E Reed E December 1, 2012

    To those here who sometimes say that National does nothing, I would like to throw in that we did receive assistance from National in the form of Data Dumps and a lot of direction from Bob Johnston.

  4. TM TM December 3, 2012

    I am the 42%.

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