Libertarians Are Now a Major(s) Party in DC

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by Martin Austermuele
November 7, 2012

Sometimes you win even if you lose.

That was the case with Bruce Majors , a Libertarian challenger who lost his bid to unseat D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton but attracted 13,462 votes in the process, almost twice what he needed to gain major party status for the D.C. Libertarian Party .

With the result, the party will join the Democrats, Republicans and Statehood Greens as the political parties allowed to hold primaries and enjoy guaranteed ballot access. And yes, they’ll be moved off of the list of “minor” parties, which includes the likes of the Cocktail Party, the Communist Party, the One Minute Past Twelve Party, and the Theocratic Party.

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12 thoughts on “Libertarians Are Now a Major(s) Party in DC

  1. Andy

    This is an excellent development. This is a great way to give the finger to the establishment in the District of Corruption and showing them that the Libertarian Party has arrived.

  2. Kleptocracy And You

    BRAVO Bruce and LPDC. If I remember correctly the LP hasn’t made DC in the past for the POTUS race. This is truly GREAT news in a cycle filled with GREAT LP news !!!

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  3. Andy

    “If I remember correctly the LP hasn’t made DC in the past for the POTUS race.”

    The LP has been on the ballot before in DC. They were not on the ballot their in 2008, but they did made the DC ballot in 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, and I believe in 1988. They were also on the DC ballot in 1980. I’m not sure if they were on in DC in 1976 or 1984, and they definitely were not on the DC ballot in 1972.

    This is the first time that the LP has achieved major party status in DC and it is because of Bruce Majors’ vote total. I hope the party can keep it.

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