Region 7 Report To LNC

Region 7 Report.
Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas.
March 16-17, 2013.
By Gary Johnson and Paulie Frankel.

The Libertarian Party of Alabama will hold its next state convention on Saturday, June 8.
The state party, the Green Party, and the Constitution Party filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court
against the Alabama Secretary of State on February 12, challenging the March petition deadline for
newly-qualifying parties as unconstitutional.
The state party and ABLE, Alabama for Ballot Access Law Equality, are lobbying the state
legislature for SB 265 by State Senator Cam Ward, which would cut the number of signatures for a
newly-qualifying party from 3 percent of the last gubernatorial vote to 1.5 percent.
Members are being encouraged to recruit a friend or relative to become a dues paying member
of the state party on Membership Day, Wednesday, May 8.


The Libertarian Party of Louisiana is organizing executive committees in parishes.
The New Orleans Times-Picayune covered the party on February 28. The newspaper reported
that membership had grown 50 percent in the past year.
Executive director Wendy Adams says she is interested in having the national convention in
New Orleans.


The Libertarian Party of Mississippi held its state convention on Saturday, March 2, in Biloxi.
R. Lee Wrights spoke.
Zackary Redmond, 18, a high school student, is getting press coverage for his campaign for the
Gautier City Council.


The Libertarian Party of Oklahoma is lobbying the legislature to support good bills on ballot
access and oppose bad ones.
On the one hand, HB 2134 by State Representative Jeffrey Hickman would reduce the number
of signatures for a new party from 5 percent of the vote in the last election to 5,000 signatures.
Also, SB 668 would reduce the number of signatures for newly-qualifying parties in midterm
years but not in presidential years by changing the requirement from 5 percent of the last vote cast to 5
percent of the last gubernatorial vote. The number would change in 2014 from 66,744 to 51,739.
Page 1 of 2On the other hand, SB 76 would raise candidate filing fees.
The party does not have ballot access. As a result, the state party is weak but local parties meet


The Libertarian Party of Texas is recruiting candidates for the 2014 partisan elections and
candidates for the non-partisan elections in 2013.
The state executive committee set a goal to hire a full time executive director to work alongside
Heather Fazio, its part time membership coordinator.
County chairs have been appointed in many previously unorganized counties.
The state party has hosted public forums on nullification and lobbying the state legislature.

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