Celeste Katz: Joe Lhota And Kristin Davis: NYC’s 2013 Libertarian Party Ticket?

The following article, written by Celeste Katz, was published on the New York Daily News website on April 10th. 


The Libertarian Party has endorsed Republican Joe Lhota for mayor — but it’s not clear if he wants their line.

By accepting the nomination, Lhota would end up on the ballot alongside former “Manhattan Madam” Kristin Davis, who did time at Rikers Island after pleading guilty to promoting prostitution in the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal.

Davis personally nominated Lhota at a party convention in Queens Tuesday night and is now running for comptroller instead of mayor.

It could be uncomfortable for Lhota — whose platform emphasizes crime control — to appear on petitions for the Libertarian line alongside Davis, who says she used to run a high-class, high-dollar call girl operation that supplied hookers to Spitzer and other famous figures. (Her Facebook page lists her occupation as “Former Ex-Madam at Former Felon.”)

But Lhota, a Republican with some Libertarian views, may have no choice.

Election law dictates that candidates cannot stop a party from circulating petitions in their name. They can only choose to accept or decline the line after the fact.

Between Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg, Republicans have controlled City Hall in Democrat-dominated New York since 1994 — but they didn’t get there without third-party help. The winner of the 2013 GOP primary will certainly look to carry another line in November.

Lhota said he played no role in Tuesday night’s nomination, which was largely engineered by Davis advisory trickster Roger Stone.

Read the rest of the article at the following link: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2013/04/joe-lhota-and-kristin-davis-nycs-2013-libertarian-party-ticket

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10 thoughts on “Celeste Katz: Joe Lhota And Kristin Davis: NYC’s 2013 Libertarian Party Ticket?

  1. Joe Wendt

    So the LP nominated an almost libertarian Republican for Mayor, a hooker for Comptroller, and a fmr Green Party candidate for Public Advocate. OKAY… that’s special.

  2. paulie


    Do we have permission to run the full article? It’s what Cody got kicked off IPR for the first time, and could get Warren sued if we didn’t.

    Mea culpa: used to do it myself all the time, but I didn’t get caught.

    If you don’t have permission from the original author and publisher you should just publish an excerpt and a link back to the original.

    @4 should be a separate followup story.

    BTW, what happens now? LP runs no one for mayor…or what?

  3. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Should I email the author Paulie?

    Or just change it to be an excerpt?

    I’m thinking the second option, why even bother bringing it to their attention?

  4. Jill Pyeatt

    I suggest the latter, Krzysztof. That way you can stop worrying about it right now.

  5. Rod Stern

    “BTW, what happens now? LP runs no one for mayor…or what?”

    Any updates on this?

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