Howard Phillips, Founder of the Constitution Party, Passes Away

From Ballot Access News:

On April 20, Howard Phillips, founder of the Constitution Party, died. He was age 72 and lived in Virginia. Thanks to Darcy Richardson for this news.

The following was posted on Conservative Heritage Times website by RedPhillips:

Howard Phillips (no relation) has passed away. This is sad news. He was a good Christian, a good man and a good conservative. He will be missed. Phillips was a Nixon Administration official, but left the GOP due to its ever leftward drift. He founded the Constitution Party and was three times its candidate for President. May he Rest in Peace. The (real) conservative movement has lost a giant

According to Wikipedia, he died from diabetic complications.

 To read an obituary in The Washington Times, go to the following link:

The following is taken from John Loften’s Facebook Page (

HOWARD PHILLIPS, a longtime friend (more than 40 years), has died. I will be posting here two TV shows we did together (I983, 1984) and some of my memories of him….meanwhile, please pray for his family that God will comfort them in their grief….

HOWARD, HARVARD AND ME*. From October 5-December 1981, Howard Phillips conducted a series of nine seminars for Harvard students under the auspices of the Kennedy Institute of Politics. I was one of the participants. This book has the transcripts of our presentations and the Q and A sessions following. On the cover here are Howard, Paul Weyrich, me, Brig. Gen. Albion Knight, Morton Blackwell, Richard Viguerie. Some of these books avail on Amazon…


10 thoughts on “Howard Phillips, Founder of the Constitution Party, Passes Away

  1. Sean Scallon

    he Constitution Party has been around for over 20 years and has become the largest conservative non-major party in the nation. This is no small feat and is largely due to Phillips’s leadership that the CP has survived when such parties as the Populist or the AIP and many others for example have fallen by the wayside. And it has survived despite the fact Pat Buchanan never joined (even though the party was supposed to be a vehicle for him) and became the plaything for Christian Reconstructionalists who sectarianism nearly destroyed it. Again Phillips and many others kept the party going in spite of these disappointments. And he did so knowing he was cutting himself off from the Republicans and Conservative INC. when he founded the CP (then called the U.S. Taxpayers Party) in 1992. That took a lot of guts considering he was a former government official and played a key role in the creation of the New Right which helped Reagan win the GOP nomination. He turned his back on a lot of money and TV appearances and endorsements because he held on to what was right. Above all such a sacrifice should not be forgotten. Requiem im Pacem.

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    From Chuck Baldwin’s Facebook Page:

    My dear friend Howard Phillips passed away this past Saturday. He was one of my heroes and one of the most brilliant men I have ever known. He forgot more about government and history than most of us will ever learn. He was a graduate of Harvard. He was the head of two federal agencies in the Nixon White House. Most people don’t realize that he was the principal founder of what became known as the “Religious Right.” He also inspired Jerry Falwell to start the Moral Majority. He was the founder of the Constitution Party and chairman of the Conservative Caucus. America lost an ardent defender of liberty, and I lost a good friend. The family has asked me to preach Howard’s funeral. I don’t know the exact day yet. When I know, I will post it here on my Facebook wall. The funeral will take place at the McLean Bible Church in Tysons Corner, Virginia. I’m sure going to miss my friend.

  3. Dennis

    Howard Phillips and I had many political and ideological differences, but he was a principled anti-war voice and for that he earned my respect. RIP.

  4. Rod Stern

    Ideology aside, I have to give kudos to anyone willing to buck the two party establishment. Condolences to his friends and family.

  5. JamesT

    Too Bad. I enjoyed his Conservative Caucus youtube videos even if I don’t always agree with him.

  6. Phil

    Mr. Phillips will be sorely missed. He was on the right track in establishing the third party, especially after the dedication of a new presidential library and see how the former presidents and current one seemed to be buddies. I learned much through his writings.
    BTW, doesn’t even list him.

  7. Nick Chevalier

    “the dedication of a new presidential library ”

    Both of Dubya’s books are there…and he hadn’t even finished coloring the second one yet!

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