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On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 11:39 PM, Arvin Vohra wrote:

With multiple design teams and increasing reach, the LP national facebook page is working hard to promote local candidates. Any candidate who wants to be heavily promoted should basically give us a quote with the following:

Saying something about the problem. For example: “The War on Drugs is a waste of money and a violation of human rights.” “ ‘Gun-Free’ zones advertise to every murderous psychopath that our schools are completely disarmed and defenseless.”

The benefits of cutting something. “By shutting down our foreign military bases, we can return $12,000 to each American family, stop creating enemies around the world, and end needless death and destruction.” “By ending drug prohibition, we can return $2000 to each American family, build real personal responsibility, and dramatically redu1Asian Libertariansce violent, prohibition related crime.”

Your pledge to sponsor legislation to repeal/end/eliminate whatever. Example: “If elected, I will immediately sponsor legislation to nullify the Drug War in Maryland.” “If elected, in my first week, I will sponsor legislation to shut down a minimum of 30 U.S. military bases in foreign countries.” “If elected, I will immediately sponsor legislation to eliminate the Department of Education.”

(Note: Make a promise that you can
be held to. For example: “If elected, I will end the drug war,” is something
that you might be unable to do, so it looks like blatant lying.)

On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 12:34 PM, Mark

I hope more people use positive as opposed to just negative. “Abolish” doesn’t work.
We wrote this 14 years ago, what has membership done since it was first ignored?

Libertarian Activists
Southern California

“Libertarian Activists Seek to Abolish the use of the Word “Abolish” by
Libertarians in public speeches and Press releases.”

Prepared by Ministry of Humor

March 5, 1999

Members of the Libertarian Party have been telling the public what we want
to abolish for over 25 years, and it looks like the effectiveness of that
word is ending. Several LP activists including Mark Hilgenberg, Abolish Czar
and Doug Scribner are spearheading a nationwide effort to ABOLISH the word
ABOLISH from the Libertarian vocabulary.

“Oh sure, it is a fun word to say and it really gets the crowds cheering at
any Libertarian event, but the average person is scared of the word
abolish”, Scribner said in a phone interview from the “Abolish Abolish”
Headquarters in Orange County.

Citing several examples of how the word “abolish” is used against the
Libertarian Party, Hilgenberg asked “why must we continue to make the front
line activists job harder by constantly telling the voters what we don’t
want? Isn’t it time we let them know what we stand for?”

Libertarian Party activist Marshal Fritz started a campaign against words
like “abolish” in the 1980’s, yet it never seemed to catch on. Many
Libertarians like to cite examples of winning over converts using words like
“abolish”. However, the ever expanding state suggests it may only
appeal to a small percentage of the nation.

“Using words like replace and not abolish, gives a much more inclusive and
positive sound to your speech” Hilgenberg Said.

Marshal Fritz also suggested several other substitute words that might be
more effective in winning converts including:

HARMONY instead of PEACE
If two people are fighting, they can separate themselves into different
rooms and they will have peace. Also, you can achieve peace all by
yourself. However, harmony implies many people working together and

Instead of using the word: PROSPERITY use : ABUNDANCE
Imagine prosperity in Ethiopia .what does it look like? Now imagine
abundance in Ethiopia. Look! Everyone has food and shelter! Many people
imagine prosperity to be what the rich try to maintain, the middle class
fight for and the poor never see. The word prosperity begs the question
what about the poor?

So replace “abolish” with “replace” and completely abolish “abolish”!

The Abolish Abolish committee calls for an end to the use of the word
“abolish” when speaking in public, or in public press releases.

“It will be a real victory for America when we once and for all abolish the
negative and divisive word “abolish” Says Hilgenberg, “remember only you can
abolish “abolish”, join us today!”

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