July 2013 Edition of Liberty for America Released

From George Phillies, publisher of Liberty for America, July 7, 2013:

New Liberty for America issue
July 2013


Yes, I do mention my forthcoming though not soon book will be
The ^War on America


*  There is No Building!
*  The War on America
*  Good News: Our Oregon Affiliate Wins Its Suit
*  MA Special Congressional Election
*  LP-Sacramento Raises a Quarter-Million
*  Editorial—Who Is the Enemy?
*  Joe Wendt Launches Presidential Poll
*  LP—Illinois State Convention
*  LP-Texas Local Training Effort
*  LP Texas Hires New Executive Director
*  Restore the Fourth
*  Demos Held Across America
*  Utah State Convention
*  Johnson May Run As Republican
*  The David Nolan 2% of a Building
*  The Starchild Motion
*  Parliamentary Pettifoggery
*  Johnson January 2012—95% on Staff
*  Howell Out, Benedict in; Howell Stays as Political Director
*  Mattson Elected LSLA Treasurer
*  Nevada Members Appeal for LNC Assistance
*  Partei der Vernunft — the German Libertarians
*  Electronic Edition Specials
–full details on Sacramento
–the LP Nevada letter

The full issue is available below:


One thought on “July 2013 Edition of Liberty for America Released

  1. Mark Axinn

    I might not always agree with George, but I am in awe of his dedication in putting out this comprehensive report every month of goings-on in the LP.

    Thanks, George, for all your hard work.

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