New Nevada Data Showing Voter Registration By Party Released

From Ballot Access News, July 3, 2013:

The Secretary of State of Nevada issues monthly tallies for the number of registered voters in each party. This news story notes that the Libertarian Party is the only one of Nevada’s four ballot-qualified parties that gained registrants during June. The number of independent voters, like the number of voters in the Democratic, Republican, and Independent American Parties, also declined during June. Here is a link to the part of the Secretary of State’s web page that has voter registration data.

Total Voters By Party in Nevada, June 2013:

Democratic Party – 588,607

Republican Party – 474,917

Non-Partisan – 251,462

Independent American Party – 67,630

Libertarian Party – 10,212

Other Parties – 9,409

14 thoughts on “New Nevada Data Showing Voter Registration By Party Released

  1. Cody Quirk

    Chris, did you thoroughly check, examine, and compare the voter registration data of last month with the month before?

  2. paulie

    As noted in the article it is from Ballot Access News. You should address your question to Richard Winger at the original linked at the top of the article, or if he happens to stop by here.

  3. Cody Quirk

    I already did, and both articles are horribly inaccurate on the voter registration numbers for Nevada.

    (I also posted this comment on BAN)…

    I examined the voter reg. numbers of the month of June & May, and that news article, along with Richard’s take on the numbers, is incorrect.

    For example, the IAP had 67,299 total registered voters for the month of May, and yet for last month the IAP had 67,630 total registered voters.

    In fact the IAP gained more registered voters last month then the Libertarian Party did!

    So it looks like this article, as well as the one that’s linked, needs to be greatly corrected.

  4. Steve M

    I looked into the Independent American Party registration and vote totals in California for potus. The Independent American Party has far more registered voters but received far fewer votes. My hypothesis has been that people mistakenly select when registering the Independent American Party when they mean to be independent from all parties.

    Just before the Nov 2012 Election

    American Independent Party had 336,196 registered voters
    Libertarian Party had 108736 registered voters.

    Nov 2012 election results for president

    Thomas Hoefling American Independent received 38,372 votes
    Gary Johnson Libertarian received 143,221

  5. Nick Hensley

    @5 I had the same thought.

    You would be surprised how many people register as Reform when they are trying to register Republican…

  6. Cody Quirk

    Steve, there is no California IAP. And while you might have a point about the California AIP’s numbers & the popularity of their name, in my state, the IAP is very active in state & local politics.
    Plus if you compare the percentages of registered IAP’ers in the rural counties while comparing the IAP percentages of Clark & Washoe Counties- the IAP is bigger in the rurals, where voters are more conservative and educated about party preferences, but also where the IAP is the most popular and does elect it’s members to local and county offices in those areas, in which we currently have 4 office-holders.

  7. Steve M

    I was thinking that I might have the names confused but I suspect the point remains the same.

    Create a Party that has the word Independent in the name and you will probably get market share just for that reason regardless of the ideology and practical politics of the party.

  8. Steve M

    For Nevada in Nov 2012 :

    Vergil Goode received 3,240 votes
    Gary Johnson received 10,968 votes

    Registartion statistics:

    Independent Americans had 71,720
    Libertarian had 10,509

    I think my hypothesis holds up.

  9. Steve M

    Interesting point Cody…. additional color may change the image.

    Maine 2012:

    Green Independent had 3580 registered voters
    Libertarian Party had zero registered voters

    2012 election
    Gary Johnson received 143,221 votes

    I am not sure if the Green Independents had a candidate but
    Jill Stein Received 85,638

    other note worthy totals were

    Thomas Hoefling American Independent at 38,372
    Roseanne Barr Peace and Freedom at 53,824

    and Ron Paul received 21,461 write in votes

  10. Waldemar Testarossa Fiumente

    Well the LP continues to grow, that’s good news at least!

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