Ron Paul Delegate Who Made National News Changes Parties and Runs For Congress As A Libertarian

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Herford for Congress Campaign Explosion 72 hour Moneybomb

August 23 at 12:05am until August 26 at 12:05am in CDT

Many of you remember Liberty activist and Ron Paul supporter Henry Herford from the La Republican State Convention when he was manhandled to the ground by the LaGOP.

Henry has since proudly come over to the Libertarian Party. With the sudden surprise race to fill the vacant seat in Congressional District 5, he has decided to run.

The Republicans are at odds with each other and there are a total of 14 candidates running in this short race. Let’s take advantage of their controversy and make the run off. We need money for signs, radio ads, literature, media campaigns, and more to get things really kicked off.

If everyone from around the country shares this with their Liberty minded friends..and everyone donates, $5 or $10 or $100, we can put a campaign together that can compete.

We have the strongest grassroots organization in the state to support our candidate..we just need money. This is our big chance to get a Libertarian in Congress.

Let’s get our donation meter over $10,000 to get things really started. Click the link in location or below to donate and share this with all your Liberty minded friends.

Here is a link to his website .

Authorized by the Committee to Elect Henry Herford for Congress

16 thoughts on “Ron Paul Delegate Who Made National News Changes Parties and Runs For Congress As A Libertarian

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I plan to post more about this gentleman and his campaign over the weekend, but I wanted to get things started with this tonight.

  2. Raymond Agnew

    His Campaign Kickoff MONEYBOMB is in progress with the goal of raising $25,000 to start.

  3. Reality Watch

    This is the most important race in the country right now. If Herford can get 10% & into a top-two runoff against a black Democrat, we will have our first LP Congressman.

  4. Sam

    10% likely won’t be near enough. I’d say the runoff will more than likely require close to 30% with anyone in the 20-29% range on the bubble. Less than 20% is a pipe dream. The LP candidate in 2012 did very well in CD5, but it was a much smaller field with no Democrat.

    And on the Zaitoon note, correct – he is not a serious candidate but having multiple LP candidates at this point only makes the party look better as it shows more interest in the party. I just hope he participates instead of being “paper only.”

  5. Reality Watch

    Do you really think the top two candidates will take 60% and the 0ther 12 will split 40% ? Around 3% each? We’re talking about, besides Henry, several state legislators, a mayor, and a former Congressman.

  6. Reality Watch

    And Zaitoon shuold drop out and endorse Herford. Zaitoon does not even live in the district.

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