Green Shadow Cabinet: Syria Alert: Pledge Peace to Congress

September 5, 2013

Green Shadow Cabinet of the United States

Take action today to urge Congress to vote against authorizing a military attack on Syria. Make members of Congress understand that if they vote to authorize an attack on Syria, their vote would not only be wrong, it would also have political consequences. The Green Shadow Cabinet asks that you:

         (1) Take the Peace Voter Pledge“I pledge that I will not vote to reelect any member of Congress who votes for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force against Syria.”

        Sign the pledge right now:

         (2) Call Congress. Tell them you took the Peace Voter Pledge, that you “will not vote to reelect any member of Congress who votes for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force against Syria.” Tell them why. Call them today and tomorrow at their local offices (click here for directory). Call them on Monday and next week at their D.C. offices (call the switchboard at 202-224-3121).

         (3) Speak Out OnlineIn the Streetsand Directly. Help build a Thunderclap of online protest against attacking Syria. Join and organize demonstrations in your community. Go directly to meet with your congressional representatives.

The Green Shadow Cabinet is an alternative to the White House Cabinet in Washington, D.C. – an example to the country that “another government is possible.” Since April, the Cabinet has issued a series of statements opposing U.S. military intervention in Syria and promoting diplomacy with Russia and Iran as unexplored alternatives. These statements may be found here.

“The most effective deterrent against the use of chemical weapons is not the mass bombing of Syria, an action that would be illegal under international law and counterproductive, but to use the international legal system that has been built since World War I and take legal action under the Chemical Weapons Convention,” wrote Attorney General Kevin Zeese yesterday in an official Green Shadow Cabinet statement.

Secretary of Defense Leah Bolger and Secretary of Peace David Swanson have warned that: “U.S. military involvement in Syria could only make things worse. Syria does not need a ‘no fly’ zone. It needs a ‘no weaponizing’ zone. The White House and its allies need to stop arming one side of a civil war, and to persuade Russia to stop arming the other. Further escalating the violence will result in nothing that could outweigh the damage of that violence.”

Pledge for Peace. Thank you.

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