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Howie Hawkins campaign plans moneybloom for Friday Sept. 27

From the Green Shadow Cabinet website, posted September 18, 2013: 

Howie Hawkins is a long-time New York Green organizer who is running for Syracuse Common Council. He received nearly 60,000 votes as the New York Green Party’s candidate for governor in 2010, winning ballot access for the party, and earned 48% of the vote for Syracuse Common Council District 4 in 2011 – the same seat he is running for now.

Howie Hawkins’ campaign team is organizing a moneybloom – when supporters pledge to give on a single day to collectively reach a fundraising goal – to support Hawkins’ campaign on Friday, September 27th. From Howie Hawkins for 4th district councilor:

Howie is running for Syracuse City Council in order to speak up for the policies needed to fully fund our schools and public services. He is a lifelong activist, always working hard, agitating and organizing for practical solutions.

To support him, we are organizing a MoneyBloom, a one day, online fundraising event.

Please pledge to donate whatever you can spare to support Howie Hawkins and a historic Green win in Syracuse!


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  1. paulie paulie October 14, 2013

    I like “money bloom.”

  2. SirGwain SirGwain September 22, 2013

    No it does not, it comes from the term ‘Info War’ or Information War if you prefer, coined by Alex Jones.

    You win the info war by informing yourself, moneybombs raise the funds to inform others.

    It is just plain cool.

  3. Steven Berson Steven Berson September 22, 2013

    “Money bomb” implies violence. An ironic choice for supposed believers in the NAP.

  4. SirGwain SirGwain September 20, 2013

    LOL! moneybloom, I like moneybomb better.

    wimps 🙂

  5. Will Will September 20, 2013

    Car companies and oil companies are constantly appropriating images and motifs commonly associated with the environmental movement in order persuade consumers to be believe that they are behaving in an environmentally conscious way, and that the use of their products provides a way to connect with nature.

  6. NewFederalist NewFederalist September 19, 2013

    How ironic his campaign signs look like the BP colors and logo!

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