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Commonwealth Magazine: Independent Practice Very Different Politics

(The following was originally published in Commonwealth Magazine.)

THE THREE INDEPENDENT candidates running for governor said on Friday that their candidacies are an attempt to challenge the existing two-party structure and bring an outsider’s perspective to running state government. 

The independents may have similar goals, but their approaches are very different. Evan Falchuk, a former healthcare executive, spent much of the forum sponsored by CommonWealth magazine and the Massachusetts Bar Association sniping at rival Jeff McCormick, a venture capitalist. Falchuk sought to portray himself as the true independent, while McCormick played up his corporate experience and the business efficiency he would bring to the State House. Scott Lively, a former attorney and minister from Springfield, said he believes a biblical approach to governing is needed in Massachusetts. He spoke about returning to the Commonwealth he remembers from his youth. 

Over half of Massachusetts voters are unenrolled, meaning they aren’t officially affiliated with either the Republican or Democratic parties, and that number is growing. Still, candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties win every election. 

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