Libertarians happy with most ballot measure results from around the country in 2014

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In an article for Liberty magazine that summarizes election results for key statewide ballot measures in Tuesday’s election, Bruce Ramsey said, “Libertarians should take encouragement …”

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And via Our America Initiative, 2012 Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson writes:

A good start

While the media and the army of pundits in the national media have been talking nonstop since the election about the Republican takeover of the Senate, much less has been said about a number of victories for liberty that were won at the state and local level. Those victories are the result of some amazing grassroots work by activists across the nation — including the Our America Initiative.

Voters in Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia all approved measures to legalize and regulate marijuana, joining Colorado and Washington. In all of these campaigns, Our America volunteers were out doing the hard work to insure success, and I traveled to Alaska for events and media appearances in support for that state’s historic legalization measure.

Likewise, laws to reduce penalties for marijuana possession were enacted in both California and New Mexico — with Our America’s support.

In Arizona, voters approved a ground-breaking law to grant the “right to try” to patients with terminal illnesses who wish to try experimental medical treatments that have not yet been approved by the government. Our America strongly supports the “right to try”, and is committed to supporting similar measures across the nation.

Likewise, in both Massachusetts and South Dakota, Our America supporters played an active role in protecting gaming from unnecessary government restriction. Alabama voters confirmed hunting rights, and in Massachusetts, a burdensome system of automatic gas tax increases was repealed. Our America strongly supported all of these liberty initiatives.

Almost every day, organizations and individuals across the country contact us to seek Our America’s support for measures such as these – measures that are consistent with the simple notion of less government and greater freedom. With state legislatures convening early next year, these requests will only increase in the weeks ahead. Go to our State Projects page to see just how much work we are already doing.

Frankly, with our growing army of volunteers and activists in all 50 states, our capacity to support liberty initiatives and legislation is limited only by resources. Effective grassroots campaigns require coordination, materials, social media efforts and media outreach.

Even with our amazing volunteers, all of these require funding. And we must depend on you for that funding. Unlike many organizations who claim to be grassroots — but who receive their funding from corporations or other deep-pocketed special interests, Our America truly IS grassroots. It is YOUR contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or more that allows us to support initiatives such as the ones enacted last week.

The fight for smaller government and greater liberty isn’t just about the President and Congress. It is being fought in state capitols and city council chambers all across America — and we need to be there. I hope I can count on you to go to Our America today and make the contribution that will provide the resources that will turn opportunities and activism into more victories.

Last week’s elections confirmed that liberty wins when we can make our case and push back against the status quo. With your financial support, we will do just that.

Thank you!

Gov. Gary Johnson

In somewhat related news, the national voter turnout this year was the lowest in 72 years, which means that in many states it will be easier to qualify ballot measures for 2016, as well as making it easier for alternative and independent candidates to qualify for the ballot in many states in 2016.

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  1. paulie Post author

    One reason why I think we should move as many issues as we can from being decided by legislation to being decided by initiative and referendum, as well as spread initiative and referendum to states that don’t have it yet and make it easier to qualify ballot issues.

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