Adam Kokesh Talks to Movie-goers About “American Sniper”

Adam Kokesh has released a video of himself standing outside a theater in Santa Monica, CA, talking with people who have just seen “American Sniper”, a controversial film directed by Clint Eastwood. The movie was taken from the autobiography of Chris Kyle, a soldier who has been celebrated by some people for the killing of Iraqis during a time of American occupation.

The video came to my attention on Facebook via an article by the Daily Dot. That article can be read here .

Adam Kokesh, an Iraq war veteran, has been a talk show host, and is a controversial figure himself. He was a visitor this past Saturday (January 31) to the 6th Annual Southern California Regional Libertarian Party Conference, where he talked about his new book, Freedom, which is available for free. You can learn more about that here.

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  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I always see him described as libertarian (small “l”), which is why I’ve never posted anything about him here. However, he has shown up at Libertarian events in Los Angeles County the past two weekends, and is staying in Thousand Oaks before he embarks on a “Freedom” tour.
    We’ll approach to join soon enough, I’m sure I’d like him to speak to my group in Pasadena, but I’d like to have some time to advertise and get a good crowd, and I think they’re leaving for the tour at the end of the month. We’ll see.

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I didn’t ask him, since he’s only recently moved here. I believe his mother is in Thousand Oaks, which is north of Los Angeles. I don’t think I want him too involved in the county, anyway, until we get some things straightened out.

  3. Andy

    So the point being is that if Adam Kokesh is in Thousand Oaks, his county Libertarian Party affiliate would be Ventura, not Los Angeles.

  4. paulie

    Correct. But I am sure he’s well aware of the LP, so if he hasn’t joined it’s most likely because he, like many small l libertarians, doesn’t believe it’s a good way of achieving liberty (or that it is ineffective). It’s possible that it’s just because he hasn’t been asked, but he’s been at other LP events so I doubt it.

  5. Andy

    Well the fact that so many small “l” libertarians have not joined the Libertarian Party does not speak well of the Libertarian Party’s organizational efforts.

  6. Andy

    Adam Kokesh has said that he plans to run for President in 2020. Is he going to run as a Libertarian, an independent, or something else?

  7. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Well, according to FB, Adam turned 33 on Sunday, so I guess he’ll be old enough in 2020 (IIRC). However, I wonder if his gun conviction could be a problem? I would think it might be.

  8. paulie

    It’s not a problem. Court precedent is that states may not add to the list of qualifications in the constitution, so felons and even people in prison can run.

  9. paulie

    I am watching it now.

    If, as has been said on a prior thread, Eastwood intended the film to convey an antiwar message, it clearly seems not to have reached most of these folks that watched it.

  10. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I’ve only made it halfway through the video, but I’m shocked at how the people interviewed, who all (except for maybe the girl at 5:00) seem to be reasonably smart, have just bought the whole, stupid, Iraq “fighting terrorists” lie. What will it take for people to see the US as the terrible bully we have become?

    Everytime we murder someone in a country we don’t belong in, we make more terrorists.

    I’ll support the troops by trying to get them all back home.

  11. paulie

    The thinking process of the general public is not shocking to those of us who have petitioned a lot and engaged in other mass outreach to the general public.

  12. Seymour Results

    This video clearly illustrates what Libertarian activists have to put up with. John Kerry’s (mainstream Democrat) campaign paid Michael Whouley $50M to win IOWA for him in 2004.

    The Libertarian Party pays Democrats (who actively confuse petition signers) to do their petitioning for them. Andy and Paulie (above) have been on Bill Redpath’s “do not hire” list since around 2006, in spite of them gently explaining libertarianism to the kinds of people displayed in the video above.

    Instead of hiring people like that, who are, by all accounts, doing “the Lord’s work,” (or at least the educational work that was once done by Thomas Paine and Frederick Hayek), Bill Redpath (the LP’s “single failure point”) hires Democrats to tell voters “Libertarians want more money for the schools.” and “Edward Snowden was a traitor, who should be tried for treason.”

    You get out of political action PRECISELY what you put into it. Because Libertarians don’t actually care to even be loyal to their most dedicated workers, they have nothing to show for the previous 30 years.

    Success and dedication aren’t rewarded in the LP, they’re punished.

    This raises an interesting question: Who comprises the LP?

    I posit that a few people in the LP who are under the control of external forces who would prefer that the LP not “get off the ground.”

    There are a lot of dreamers, dipshits, and incompetents in the LP. There are a lot of “agorists” who cannot comprehend that if you talk to the jaywalkers in the video above, you actually can get a lot of them to vote for freedom. They were going to vote for Bush or Kerry, but they weren’t “strongly committed” to that position. (ie: They weren’t using their votes for anything so intelligible that the alternative wasn’t attractive.) It’s even possible to “make liberty cool,” locally. It becomes a “local uprising.” Many such “apoliticals” simple didn’t know there was always an option on the ballot to legalize marijuana. (In fact, in virtually every area of the USA, we haven’t even reached our “baseline levels of default support.” This is primarily due to the abject incomprehension of BASIC, FUNDAMENTAL, POLITICAL SCIENCE 101, STRATEGY)

    If you are literally owned and controlled by your political opposition, and don’t care enough to take charge of what goes on in LNC meetings, you probably aren’t mature enough to have your own political party. …And you don’t.

    Once the LP gets to that point, they should give Andy or I a call, and see what we have to say. Everyone on the LNC has had the core problems explained to them in great detail. …But they all have better things to do than actually participate in politics.

  13. paulie

    I’m not on a do not hire list with Bill. He calls me for work. He doesn’t call Andy but doesn’t really do anything to keep him from being able to work either.

    Seymour has some good points in the comment above. Too bad Andy and Seymour have an “incomprehension of BASIC, FUNDAMENTAL, POLITICAL SCIENCE 101, STRATEGY” when it comes to explaining things to LNC members, people on these message boards, people at LP conventions and meetings, etc. Being abrasive, openly cynical and long winded won’t get them to implement any of our ideas.

  14. Seymour Results

    Oh yeah, the video. …In the top ten best things ever put up on youtube. Clearly shows a nation derailed, from the standpoint of the stalled vehicle on the tracks. Adam perfectly captures the deer-in-headlights confusion of the American electorate when faced with any issue of basic morality or civic comprehension.

    This is the kind of atomic-level detail that most people never get from “the News.” It shows why election after election goes to the sociopath who can most convincingly lie with a smile. (Reminds me of the old “fool the idiot” sketch on Saturday Night Live.) The guy at 15:00 was classic: physically “brave,” intellectually cowardly. …Wonderful how he’s fine with the camera until it reveals his thoughtless nature. Then, “you don’t have my permission to post this.” LOL

    All political systems are emergent. The emergent properties of the whole are reflective of the nature of the granular components, “nodes,” or “points.” This video shows that the government youth propaganda camps have expertly accomplished their mission: to create a nation of narrowly-specialized insects whose sole purpose is to make honey for the beekeeper. And who cares if the beekeeper is a sociopath? …You’re just a DNA-programmed worker bee with no cortex. …Go out, find a flower! Buzz off!

    …Adam, you’re a saint.

  15. Andy

    “Andy and Paulie (above) have been on Bill Redpath’s “do not hire” list since around 2006, in spite of them gently explaining libertarianism to the kinds of people displayed in the video above.”

    There is no official “do not hire” list. I do think that too much LP petition work has been unnecessarily steered toward non-libertarians (who do a less effective job, and therefore spend LP donor resources in an inefficient manner), but I have still worked on plenty of LP ballot access drive since 2006, the last of which was Illinois last year.

  16. Seymour Results

    There is no official “do not hire” list.

    Sounds like somebody’s here for an argument.

    –I didn’t say there was, but if Bill Redpath and Scott Kohlhaas had their way, do you think you’d have much work? How about Paulie, Jake Witmer, or Milton Lukins? Pretty much everyone who’s ever gotten petition signatures or registered people into the LP is “persona non grata.”

    LOL …There’s a list all right, even if it’s only comprised of the neurons inside Bill Redpath’s skull. Now, the list might not be numbered, and it might not be in any clear order, and it might not even ever get “called into ordered existence all at the same time” (which would then, I concede, stretch the use of the term “list“) but if you asked Bill Redpath to tell you all the people he doesn’t want to hire back, I bet that you could write what he said down, one right after the other, and it would look a lot like a “list.”

    So yes, I suppose, to be pedantic to the point of absurdity, (which probably doesn’t help your case) that next you’re going to tell me that my official concept of the word “list” is wrong. Then again, you do have a point: Bill Redpath does seem to just “make it up as he goes along, with no accountability to anyone, whatsoever, for results, efficiency, or best hiring practices.” And intermediaries like Shane Cory and Sean Haugh have even less accountability, because they can truthfully claim they don’t know their input-holes from their output-holes.

    If I implied that there was a physical list that other people had access to, I guess that would be incorrect. (And that’s really the problem, because there are no “contract completion forms” when people get done working for the LP. …They want the ability to stab you in the back later, just like the major parties often do at the lower levels. In that regard, the LP isn’t much different than the mainstream D and R sociopathic political entities (except that they don’t treat their best workers that way, because they want to get elected and re-elected).

    The first thing to do would be to convince Libertarians that the advice in about 2,000 or so political science and political strategy textbooks are true. The second thing to do would be to point out to them, as a sighted man points out to a blind man who has never before had vision, what ought to be prioritized. This is a delicate art, and “delicate arts” come someplace after “fundamental comprehension of reality” in order of operations.

    One of the first things I’d ask, of any district where a majority of the voters were registered as libertarians, is “why aren’t we winning elections in this state house district if over 50% of the people are freaking registered as libertarians?!”

    Oh, yeah, the guy on the way to making that happen was fired by the fucking-stupid Arizona Libertarian Party. They thanked him anonymously at the 2009 convention for keeping Coconino County on the ballot, while refusing to honor their word to hire him back. …Idiots!

    And that, friends and neighbors, is PRECISELY why the LP hasn’t elected anyone of significance since 1980.

    #libertarian nice idea, poor execution.

  17. Andy

    I totally agree that there has been an unnecessary over-reliance on hiring non-libertarian mercenaries, and that this has been detrimental to the party, particularly when some of them have brought in low validity rates and/or misrepresented the party to the public.

  18. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I watched the rest of the video last night. I am very impressed at how well Adam conducted himself. He would be a tremendous asset to the the LP CA.

    Yes, I know that Thousand Oaks is in Ventura County. I believe he has quite a few friends in LA County, though. I’m hoping to get him inolved at least a little when he gets back from his trip.

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