New Jersey Libertarian Party Adds Immigration Plank to Platform at March 21, 2015 Convention

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The New Jersey Libertarian Party had their convention on March 21, and updated their platform. You can read about the changes here .

IPR readers might be interested to know that they added a plank about immigration. Following is that plank:

Proposal #7. Reintroduce Immigration plank

Rationale: Immigration policy is very much in the news today. Earlier versions of our platform had a plank on immigration. Several states and Counties across the U.S. have stopped recognizing ICE Form I-247 orders. Courts have held that I-247 orders “cannot be understood as mandatory because any other interpretation would violate the Tenth Amendment.”

Proposed change: Insert plank 15 to section I (Individual Rights and Civil Order) as follows:

15. Immigration

Issue: We hold that human rights should not be denied or abridged on the basis of nationality or national origin. The right to freely travel between States and Nations is a fundamental right. Humans must be free to leave tyrannical regimes. Employees, employers, and contractors must be free to negotiate without government interference or restriction.

Principle: We oppose state immigration restrictions, whether for the purpose of cooperating with Federal restrictions or otherwise. We strongly oppose all measures that punish employers who hire undocumented workers. The state has no business regulating productive, voluntary interactions between consenting parties.

Transition: Undocumented non-citizens should not be denied the fundamental freedom to labor or move about unimpeded. We oppose government welfare payments to non-citizens just as we oppose welfare payments to all other persons.

We support limited control over the entry into our country of foreign nationals who pose a credible threat to security, health or property, however we assert that peaceful people should be allowed to cross borders peacefully.

The State of New Jersey must refuse to recognize federal immigration detainer orders (“Form I-247”) unless arrestees have been charged with or convicted of violating certain criminal offenses.

Committee Recommendation: The Platform Committee voted 7 to 0 in support of this change.

4 thoughts on “New Jersey Libertarian Party Adds Immigration Plank to Platform at March 21, 2015 Convention

  1. Thomas L. Knapp

    Pretty nicely done! I’d have left out that one exception (“limited control”), but I guess it’s a fairly minor concession to the cult of the omnipotent state and its ritual of sanctification through the use of imaginary lines on the ground.

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