Will Hammer: Put the Hammer Down on Your Virginia Ballot


From a media release by Virginia LP candidate Will Hammer:

It is with great pleasure that I formally announce my candidacy for Virginia’s House of Delegates 20th District. Though I did not get elected last year, I gained a lot of experience and look forward to running again. I am very proud of my campaign last year and look to bring that momentum to this race.

I will be seeking the Libertarian Party nomination again and there will be a lot of carry over from last years campaign. The race may have changed, but my principles have not. I will be looking to get people to talk about the role of government, personal and economic freedom, and the grave failure of the two party system. Party politics has polarized and divided us and I look to end that; my opponent is not immune to that. I may be a dissenting voice when elected, but you will know where I stand, that I am not bought by corporate interest, and that I will work with both sides of the aisle to advance issues that seriously affect Virginians.

Last year I garnered 22,602 votes, or 12.3%, throughout the 6th Congressional District. I achieved this with only $3412.75 compared to my opponent’s $1.2 million, which is about 15 cents per vote to his $9 a vote. I am very proud of this, but of course wish I had done better. This was the best a Libertarian has ever done in a Federal election in Virginia. But even more promising is that the area that makes up Virginia’s 20th District was where I did the best, other than Roanoke. Overall I got 15.6% in Highland, Augusta, Staunton, and Waynesboro; with 19.5% in Staunton and 17.9% in Waynesboro.

I want to grow and better our community. The natural beauty of the area I have called home all of my life, the beautiful architecture and history, and most importantly the kind and considerate people. Whether you are Democrat, Republican, or independent, the two party system has failed us and we must send them a message. Electing a Libertarian will send a loud message to Richmond that we are tired of business as usual. When elected, I will fight against the Dominion pipeline, to end gerrymandering and corruption, bring transparency to Richmond and publish a reasoning for every vote that I place. I will hold online and in person public forums for my constituents. I will protect your gun rights as I was given an A grade from Gun Owners of America last year. I will fight for judicial reform, marijuana legalization, balancing the budget and paying down the state’s debt. I will walk the walk, not talk the talk. If you are tired of business as usual in Virginia, join me and let’s seriously change Richmond.

NOTE: Hammer is currently seeking the endorsement of LP members in his election district.  The meeting of members in his district (to consider the question) will be announced shortly.

10 thoughts on “Will Hammer: Put the Hammer Down on Your Virginia Ballot

  1. Matt Cholko

    Hammer is a Libertarian, but says “Whether you are Democrat, Republican, or independent….”

    I’m not trying to talk shit about Hammer. I like him. And, I’m guilty of doing this sometimes as well. But, its really not a good look for third party candidates to speak in this way. Just feeds into the “two-party system” BS.

  2. William Saturn

    Does IPR also feed into the BS for using the word “Independent?” Should IPR change its name to Independent & Third Party Political Report?

  3. NewFederalist

    I think William has a good point. I would prefer Alternative Political Report since I do not believe there are any true “third parties” in the US today. Lots of “minor” parties and even some “splinter” parties but not true “third” parties. I agree with the late Professor Clinton Rossiter that the last really “third” party in America was the People’s Party of the late 1880’s and early 1890’s.

  4. Matt Cholko

    The word independent is not the problem. The problem is that a Libertarian didn’t even mention his own party when he listed off political affiliations.

  5. Thane "Goldie" Eichenauer

    He mentions Libertarian early on. I would be disappointed if he didn’t at a minimum mention Independent as a great many people apply that label to themselves.

  6. George Whitfield

    I am glad Will Hammer is continuing on into a another campaign as a Libertarian. Staunton, Virginia is my hometown (I grew up there) so I take a special interest in what goes on. I recall that Arin Simes ran as a Libertarian for State Senate there back around 2006 (?) and received over 8% of the vote. The 20th District is smaller so Will can focus better. I wish him the best and hope that he gets the nomination and that the IPR will continue to cover his campaign.

  7. George Whitfield

    I really like the featured video on Will Hammer’s website: “Now That is a Good Latte.” To understand it, you really need to know that his Republican incumbent opponent’s last name was Bob Goodlatte.

  8. Matt Cholko

    I agree that its great that he’s running again, George. I’m interested to see how this campaign goes.

    I will send Will a check (sent him one last year too) as soon as he gets on the ballot.

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