Wisconsin Libertarians respond to Scott Walker announcement

via LPWI.org:

Scott Walker has officially joined the race for President.

We’re often asked to give a Libertarian assessment of the Governor, from those outside of Wisconsin wondering if he lives up to the hype as a small-government, free-market, fiscal conservative. We ran candidates against him in 2010 and 2014 (but not in the recall), and in doing so we’ve heard a lot of complaints that the national media has yet to latch onto.

Some highlights that might be of interest:

  • Scott Walker threatened to veto constitutional carry, preventing that bill from passing and instead signing a watered-down carry bill to satisfy his objections.
  • Scott Walker’s main “economic growth” push, has been in the creation of W.E.D.C.: the scandal-plagued, crony-capitalist slush fund that gives out taxpayer dollars to politically-connected businesses, with Walker as its Chairman.
  • Scott Walker campaigned against accounting gimmicks to evade the balanced-budget requirement, and then defended his own deficit spending using the same tactics.
  • Scott Walker forbade the construction of a new casino in Southeast Wisconsin, a private business venture that can pay for itself and then some, while pushing government subsidies for a new arena for the billionaire-owned Milwaukee Bucks (that the Menominee tribe had offered to pay the state’s portion of.)
  • Scott Walker campaigned against the statewide indoor smoking ban, saying it was an intrusion on property rights and small businesses, and then changed his mind about it once in office.
  • Scott Walker is a prohibitionist, often repeating long-debunked Reefer Madness arguments. He also dismissed the idea that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol, while presiding over the state with the highest rate of alcoholism in the country.
  • Scott Walker previously condemned the irrational and economically destructive policy of ethanol subsidies, but then flip-flopped when Iowa caucus-goers became more important to him than Wisconsin voters.
  • Scott Walker campaigned for and defended Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage, including a criminal prohibition on Wisconsin residents getting married out-of-state to someone of the same sex.
  • Scott Walker tried to gut the state’s public records provision to protect himself and state legislators, with a last-minute amendment to the state budget, only to claim he had no idea where it came from when public outcry forced the amendment’s removal.
  • Scott Walker made a promise to create 250,000 private-sector jobs in his first term the centerpiece of his 2010 campaign. Actual number: 144,595.
  • Scott Walker is a vocal supporter of the PATRIOT Act, and said Congress was wrong to pass even limited reforms of domestic warrantless spying.
  • Scott Walker made a show of signing a “compassionate” bill named after a terminally ill child, which purported to allowed severe epilepsy patients access to cannabis-based treatments. The bill did nothing, and such treatments are still impossible to legally obtain in Wisconsin.
  • Scott Walker is a full-blown neoconservative on foreign policy, promoting more war, more intervention, and more military spending.

    Wisconsin Libertarians: feel free to add your own suggestions for things the rest of the nation should know about Wisconsin’s Governor.

12 thoughts on “Wisconsin Libertarians respond to Scott Walker announcement

  1. Andy Craig Post author

    The most-liked suggestion for an addition to this list from our Facebook page, was a predictably Wisconsin complaint:

    “He wanted to force craft beer brewers to use distributors like the big beer guys, thereby eliminating the ability for craft beer brewers to sell their own product on site!!! I don’t think that passed, but he tried. For who was he trying to do that for? NOT THE PEOPLE.”

  2. Andy Craig

    I enjoy Wisconsin’s selection on occasion, but I’m not much of a drinker in general.

  3. Andy Craig Post author

    I’d like to, but between the diabetes and the chronic stomach condition, a beer-heavy diet isn’t recommended. The craft brew revolution- after Carter finally legalized home-brewed competition for the megacorp piss-in-a-can- is a great libertarian story, though.

    I do appreciate and like that part of Wisconsin German culture, also, aside from just the tasty beer. The bar and tavern culture, while it has its downsides, is a great and under-appreciated bulwark of civil society and small business. It’s sad to see them die a slow strangulation of government regulation- the smoking ban hit them hard, now they’re fighting to stop e-cigs from being included in that, and video gambling machines are still in the same gray area as they were in 1998 when Ed Thompson’s tavern got raided for it. It was LPWI, incl. that year’s candidate for Governor, showing up to protest that, that prompted Ed to join the LP, get elected Mayor, and run for Governor in 2002.

  4. Andy Craig Post author

    A radio show out of Tampa Bay, FL, The Paul Molloy Show on WTAN, has invited me on to discuss this piece. I’ll be on tomorrow morning at 8:15 local time / 9:15 central.

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