Chuck Baldwin: “These sand people are NOT that sophisticated”

Excerpted from a recent article by 2008 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Rev. Chuck Baldwin:

In addition, how did those terrorists successfully pull off these coordinated attacks? How did they get fully-automatic rifles and bombs into Paris? These sand people are NOT that sophisticated. They do NOT have those kinds of connections. Do you think you could successfully get a group of people together and smuggle dozens of automatic weapons and explosives into a European country–and then successfully coordinate a large-scale attack in a high-security major downtown city? The only people capable of such a thing are Special Ops military personnel. In other words, ISIS had help, folks–a LOT of help.

Furthermore, I believe the mainstream media and Washington politicians are setting America up for another 9/11-type attack. Following the Paris attacks, CIA director John Brennan wasted no time saying that ISIS was preparing more attacks against the West. He also criticized America’s privacy protections–meaning the Fourth Amendment and similar impediments to government encroachment of our liberties.

The full article is at News With Views with the original title “THE PARIS ATTACKS: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE”.

12 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin: “These sand people are NOT that sophisticated”

  1. wolfefan

    That’s because he is a racist loon. He also doesn’t know that all of the terrorists lived in Europe and, IIRC, were born there.

  2. Pete Blome

    The product of 40 years of the media always making the Arab the vicious, ignorant, greedy, psychopath. A by product of a populace that always sees our military punish with impunity, and little to no visible Muslim community to contend with in the USA. After a while, all Arabs are stupid maniacs, everything gets fixed by hitting it with a bigger hammer, and there is no way they are smart enough to do this on their own. Baldwin should know better. Pity this actually comes to light with a criminally psychopathic attack by Arabs, reinforcing popular prejudices. As far as the USA is concerned, a self-fulfilling prophecy?

  3. paulie

    How did they get fully-automatic rifles and bombs into Paris? These sand people are NOT that sophisticated.

    Besides the obvious sound and feel of “sand people,” underestimating them like that is some seriously stupid shit. There are many thousands, perhaps millions, of automatic rifles on the black market in Europe. Tons of all sorts of contraband are smuggled into Europe every single day. Bombs can be made from all sorts of readily available household chemicals and mechanical components. The coordination of the attacks was better planned than the typical terrorist attack, and the bomb manufacturers were apparently better than most at not blowing themselves up in the bomb making process or in making duds, but the simple possession of automatic rifles and bombs is trivial. Nowadays they can even be made anywhere with 3D printing.

  4. Jill Pyeatt

    Sometimes, Chuck Baldwin makes a lot of sense.

    This is not one of those times. He seems to have a bit of info from each different theory as to what happened, and put them into a bizarre narrative. I read the whole article yesterday, and just thought it was too incoherent to post.

    For example, I believe Baldwin thinks that 9/11 was a false-flag. Many of the people who believe that think it’s likely the Paris shootings was one, also. BaIdwin hints at that, then jumps into the same right-wing talking points that you can hear on Faux News.

    Perhaps he should have waited a while to form a more clear opinion before he wrote this article. He still may have been a racist loon, but at least he may have been more consistent.

  5. NewFederalist

    Say what one will about Pastor Baldwin given his background, training and profession he is still more libertarian than most people who profess to be libertarians (which he does not).

  6. paulie

    There are times when he is, but I would not say “more libertarian than most people who profess to be libertarians” and certainly not in a lot of the things that are said in this article.

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