Libertarian Party of Nevada Issues February 2016 Newsletter


We are very excited to deliver the next installment of the LPNevada official newsletter! This newsletter is fully interactive and published each month. Virtually every section has links you can click on that will send you to videos, additional information and more.

Remember that we have our Double The LP membership drive taking place right now. If every Libertarian recruits at least ONE new Libertarian, we will double the size of the Libertarian Party of Nevada! If you like what the Libertarian Party of Nevada is doing, please become a member as every dollar helps us continue to grow.


Brett H. Pojunis

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17 thoughts on “Libertarian Party of Nevada Issues February 2016 Newsletter

  1. Shane

    What happened to LP News from national? How many times a year does it go out now? Did Wes just give up on one of the only duties they’re responsible for?

    I find it ironic that an underfunded state affiliate can handle informing their members on a regular basis but the $1.4 million national org can’t be bothered with it.

    It’s been a while but if I recall correctly, one of the top duties of national was to expand the party with new members and donors.

    Have they at least been doing that?

  2. Chuck Moulton

    Shane wrote:

    What happened to LP News from national? How many times a year does it go out now? Did Wes just give up on one of the only duties they’re responsible for?

    More like the LNC gave up. Every time they have a budget meeting they balance it by cutting LP News issues.

  3. George Phillies

    National Party membership keeps falling. The LNC is doing little about it. If you listen to LNC meetings and read their discussion, they don’t seem to care very much about the matter. In normal companies, a 50% loss of customer base would be viewed as being more significant than the LNC views it. You may remember GM going from 52 to 17% of market share before it went broke. The LNC has done the same, with membership going form 33,000 to 11,000.

    Part of the renewal challenge is that the LNC does almost nothing that is visible to members or the general public. Back office and ballot access operations are nice, but are invisible. The recent Audit Committee reports over several years can readily be read as implying that LNC office management is slack.

    My state party publishes an electronic and paper newsletter. Curiously, the renewal rate among paper subscribers is much better than the renewal rate among electronic subscribers, even though they pay much less.


  4. Richard Winger

    However, Libertarian voter registration continues to increase. I am working on getting the data from all states that tally Libertarians. So far I have the data for 17 states, and in 16 of them it has increased since November 2014. The only one so far in which it has fallen is Wyoming, where the state must have done a fierce voter purge because all parties and also independent registration all dropped drastically.

  5. Andy

    Richard, Libertarian Party voter registration being on the rise has more to do with people like Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano popularizing the word than it has anything to do with anything the LNC has done.

  6. losty


    Discount Ohio too, Those are “Remainder” Libertarians, There is no Primary statewide for them this year, and in a Presidential year, Everyone likes to have a say in the leader of the free world. there will be some, But It may go down dramatically after the Primary is certified…

  7. Andy

    George Phillies said: ” Back office and ballot access operations are nice, but are invisible.”

    George, I agree with your overall point above that the party has been going downhill as a result of mismanagement, but I disagree that ballot access operations are “invisible” to the public.

    Having candidates on the ballot is one of the main things that makes the party visible. Candidates do not get on the ballot without ballot access operations.

    I have been ranting about this for years on this forum and in others, but Libertarian Party ballot access operations could be run a heck of a lot better than they are, and one of the biggest problems is the over-reliance on non-libertarian mercenary petition circulators. It really disgusts me that most of the Libertarian Party’s ballot access budget goes to pay people who are not even libertarians, and that these non-libertarian mercenaries are sent out on the streets of this country to represent (or in some cases, misrepresent) the Libertarian Party to the public. I could see if most of the work were being done by actual Libertarians, and the non-libertarian mercenaries were being used to fill in the gaps, but reality is, if you analyze how the Libertarian Party spends its ballot access funds, the majority of the money (at least 76% of it in 2012/I said at least because it is difficult to get an exact figure, and 76% is a conservative estimate, so the real number is probably higher if anything) gets paid out to people who are not even libertarians.

    Now some people (who don’t know about which they are speaking) may chime in and say something like, “It doesn’t matter if the people out collecting petition signatures for us are libertarians or not. It just matters if we get on the ballot, and they get us on the ballot so who cares.”

    Well, my response to this is first off, non-libertarian mercenaries do not always get the party on the ballot. There are multiple instances where they failed, and their are also multiple instances where they screwed up a ballot access drive, and the party had to spend lots of money to save it, money that would not have to have been spent if the job had been done properly from the beginning.

    Also, what kind of people are you sending out on the street to represent the party to the public? Are you sending a passionate Libertarian activist out to talk to the public, who is actually trying to do the job properly, and who actually knows about the party and who understands the philosophy and is actually trying to build the party and movement, or are you sending out some unprincipled mercenary who is just out to make a buck and doesn’t really give a rat’s behind about the party other than getting a paycheck, and who would be just as happy to work on some anti-liberty cause just so long as they are getting paid? Unfortunately, most of the money that the party spends on ballot access goes to the unprincipled non-libertarian mercenary rather than to a passionate Libertarian activist.

    If it does not matter if actual Libertarians work on ballot access drive, let’s take this to its logical conclusion. Let’s not have Libertarians working at the LP national office. Just lay off all of the office staff and replace them with non-libertarian mercenaries. If the party really wants to save money, it could shut down the office in Alexandria, VA, sell the building, and move to some place cheap. Maybe put the office in a trailer in somebody’s backyard, and staff it with minimum wage workers. Perhaps just get rid of the office all together and outsource all over the work to a call center in India.

    How about replace the LNC with a collection of unprincipled mercenaries, Democrats, and Republicans? Don’t hire any Libertarians to work on campaigns for Libertarian Party candidates, just hire non-libertarian mercenaries as campaign workers. Oh, and while we are at it, we might as well not bother having actual libertarians as candidates anymore. Just hire some non-libertarian mercenaries to run as Libertarian Party candidates, or just stick anybody out there, since ideology does not matter.

    The party would get a lot more “bang” for its ballot access buck if all, or most of, the funds were spent putting actual Libertarians out on the street to talk to the public instead of having a majority of the money go to the mercenary non-libertarian hustlers.

    This would be a way to improve things for the party without spending more money than is currently being spent, and if anything, it would actually save the party money and bring in more money (as the Libertarians on the street would act as an army of field recruiters, thus increases party membership).

    Oh, just in case news has not gotten out yet, the LP petition drive in South Dakota has turned into another disaster, just as I predicted here on IPR a few months ago. Remember, the non-libertarian mercenaries that the LNC handed the petition drive to that were working on a Top Two Primary initiative (among others) at the same time they were carrying the LP petition? Well, after the high paying ballot initiatives ended in early November, the good petition circulators bailed out of that state and moved on the to next high paying petition states. Since the LP petition was paying peanuts in South Dakota, especially after the non-libertarian mercenary to whom the LNC handed a no-bid monopoly contract took an override off of the LP petition, the peanut pay rate the the LNC was paying out was like getting a half a peanut by the time that it got to the rest of the petition circulators. So many of the petition circulators opted to NOT work on the Libertarian Party petition. Why? Because they had several ballot initiatives that were paying much higher rates, and they figured that the LP petition was paying so low that it was not even worth it to them to add it to their clip boards. Out of the non-libertarian mercenaries who did work on the LP petition, they placed it at the bottom of their clip boards, underneath the higher paying ballot initiatives, and they collected less signatures on it than they were getting on the initiatives. So after the high paying initiatives ended, the good petition circulators left South Dakota, and skeleton crew of local petition circulators who were not very good was left to finish the LP petition. Most of them were not motivated to work by the low pay rate, and the fact that the public in South Dakota had been bombarded with initiative petitions for the past several months before this and a lot of them were tired of being asked to sign petitions, so very few signatures came in between now and when the high paying ballot initiatives ended in early November.

    So now here we are in February, and the LP still needs several thousand signatures in South Dakota.

    Oh, and here is the best part, the non-libertarian mercenary to whom the LNC handed the sweetheart MONOPOLY deal, has apparently BAILED out of the state and abandoned the project. The latest LNC report says that the SOLE SOURCE CONTRACTOR they hired is unable to finish the job, so NOW the LNC is finally willing to offer direct deals to other petition circulators (note that they would not do this months ago, when myself and some other Libertarian petitioners offered to go there), but the rate of pay that they are offering is not competitive with pay rates being offered by petition drives that are going on in a bunch of other states, and they are not offering any expense money to cover travel and motels. So they expect people to go to South Dakota in the winter, at their own expense, and work for a pay rate that is LOWER than what is currently being offered in several other states, including some states where the weather is warmer, and/or where the public has not recently been bombarded with a bunch of other petitions.

    Now what really gets me about this situation is that there has been close to zero progress made on this petition drive since early November, and the LNC is JUST NOW getting around to trying to do something about it.

    This wold be funny if it were not so sad, but I’m sure this is something that would cause our political opponents to have a good laugh over.

  8. Andy

    Come on, nobody has anything to say about the most recent LNC follies with this South Dakota situation? This is your political party in action, to the Libertarian Party members out there. Do you think that this is an example of a party that is being well run? If so, can you explain why, and if not, what do you intend to do about it?

  9. George Phillies

    Ballot access operations are invisible to the public, almost all the time, and are invisible to themembership, almost as much.

    Visible to the public? Show me newspaper or other media coverage of the South Dakota issue. Ballot access success will get an article for the candidates.

    In fact, LNC contact with the membership is down by close to 2/3, namely the newsletter has largely stopped appearing, short emails being little of a replacement.

  10. paulie

    For SD see:

    To view all list messages online see

    To subscribe via email (not all messages always delivered so I recommend doing both like I do) or via

  11. paulie

    Off list I wrote


    I believe the deadline was changed to March 1. Richard Winger CCed for verification. Also, you had a subsequent email that said SD does not allow pay per signature. My understanding is that this only applies to initiatives, not party petitions. Richard can correct me if I am wrong.

    I don’t believe $2 per signature with no expenses is realistic at all. There are a lot of states paying much, much more, paying all expenses, with better weather, and without the burnout SD has from multiple petitions being circulated at the same time with a lot of controversy and negative publicity. The initiatives do not allow out of state petitioners, unlike party petitions, and there was a lot of negative publicity about out of state petitioners sneaking in and lying about petitions. A lot of people will not understand or realize that this is a different petition especially since some of the petitions did have the LP petitions as well in their stack. They will run away without bothering to find out what the petition is. And it’s winter. And multiple states with a lot of money on the clipboard.

    Your best bet at this point is to look on the petition sheets that have already been collected (SD has a signoff), find out the contact info for the people that have decent amounts of signatures or any other local petitioners that live in SD and offer them the $2 rate directly. Chaz was offering them $1 so they quit after the other petitions ended.

    Good luck with getting any petition pros to come in from out of state though. I don’t think you’ll get them right now. Maybe local LP activists from nearby states such as MN? Put out another nationwide emergency alert like you did for Oklahoma at one point? IDK. This is a tough one if you can’t come up with a much better pay rate. You may even want to consider folding it up and doing the independent candidate petition in the spring/summer.

    Before anyone asks, not that anyone has, I will personally not be available to go to SD in February even if it pays a lot of money. I have to tie up loose end in OK and AL which will take me the remainder of this month.

    Another possible angle I would suggest is get in touch with the Constitution Party of SD. They were doing a ballot drive also. I don’t know if they finished or if not how far along they are, If they are willing to share their petitioners or their petitioners contact info that MAY still rescue this drive. Emphasis on MAY.

    Good luck, and wish I could help more and/or had better prognosis.


    Wes B replied

    I did get CP SD organizer agreeing today to help.

    If someone can confirm the legality of the pay per signature or not, that would be helpful.

    Mark Axinn replied


    Of course that depends on the jurisdiction.

    I can tell you categorically that it is illegal to pay per signature in New York.

    Do we know any lawyers in SD?

    No further replies, but I did get a call from Bob Johnston saying the deadline got switched back to March 29, contrary to what Andy J told me on the phone.

  12. Andy

    George, ballot access drives have gotten the LP media coverage. I have even personally gotten media coverage for the party while in the course of working on ballot access drives (newspaper and even television). The party has also received media coverage when turning in ballot access signatures, as happened in Arkansas last year.

    There is also the number of people who sign the petitions, and who are asked to sign them. The LP collected 40,000 plus signatures in Oklahoma. That is 40,000 plus people who had the opportunity to hear about the party doing something in that state, plus there are all of the people who encountered petition circulators who did not sign. If that number is 1 out of 10, that would be 400,000 people, but the real number is probably higher than that, as it could easily be 500,000 or 600,000 or quite possibly even more than that.

    Also, the fact remains that ballot access operations is what gets our candidates on the ballot, and the party obviously has less visibility when we do not have candidates on the ballot.

    So saying that ballot access operations are not visible is not a valid statement.

  13. Andy

    Paul, I told you that the deadline MIGHT have been pushed back to March 29th if the lawsuit and/or lobby effort had been successful, but that if it had not, that it could still be March 1st, whch is why I siggested verifying it with the state election officials.

  14. Andy

    I am stiil interested seeing comments from LP members on how the LNC is running things in regard to the current situation in South Dakota. Do you think they are doing a good job? Thoughts?

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