Breaking: Dr. Don Grundmann to Announce Presidential Candidacy

Dr. Don Grundmann, chairman of the Constitution Party of California informs me he will seek the 2016 presidential nomination of the Constitution Party.  Grundmann, a 64 year old chiropractor from San Leandro, California has twice sought the White House and is currently running for U.S. Senate.

I stumbled upon the news after asking Grundmann about the use of the phrase “Upon my election to the Presidency” on his official Senate campaign website.  He explained that his webmaster erred in transferring data from another website and has requested its removal to keep the site exclusive to the Senate campaign.  Nevertheless, he also confirmed his desire to seek the Presidency, adding that he came to the decision in the past few days.

Grundmann joins a growing field of Constitution Party presidential candidates that includes Alaska Constitution Party chairman J.R. Myers, Christian minister Scott Copeland, and 2012 American Independent Party presidential nominee Tom Hoefling.

The party’s nominee will be decided at the National Convention April 13-16 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

19 thoughts on “Breaking: Dr. Don Grundmann to Announce Presidential Candidacy

  1. Steven Wilson

    A Trump/Grundmann ticket would be a top show. While at the podium Trump could make fun of everyone in America while Grundmann could stand behind him in his devil outfit air-poking everyone with his pitch fork.

    Long Live the Double Dons Double Douche

  2. Mark Seidenberg

    Wow, So Dr. Don Grundmann is in the race for POTUS again. The good news he has his 338 California
    CP electors behind him as of January 5, 2016. Back in 2008, Don Grundmann spent his last day as an
    officer of the American Independent Party on September 2, 2008, viz., last day as a AIP National Committee-
    man. All his other offices within the AIP were taken away from him early in 2008 by Ed Noonan and
    Patrick Colglazier.

    I wonder what his co-chairman Gary Odom is doing in the Grundmann campaign. We should ask William
    Lussenheidt what he will do with his “Political Body” the Independent Party for Don Grundmann, if he
    wins the SOS lawsuit. Remember Lussenheide as a Republican second the resolution of Don Grundmann
    in 2008 at Los Angeles.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party

  3. Antirevolutionary

    The Constitution Party has a good opportunity this year to get the votes of pro-life conservatives who won’t vote for Donald Trump and won’t vote for Clinton, Sanders or Gary Johnson because they are pro-choice. If McAfee gets the Libertarian Party nomination, he could get some of those votes by ignoring the abortion issue. But the Constitution Party needs to nominate someone who is acceptable to the AIP so they can get ballot status in California, and Grundman is not that person. On the other hand, they shouldn’t nominate Hoefling either just to get that ballot access. I hope either Myers or Copeland can run a good campaign.

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  5. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Last year’s April 1st IPR article:

    “We at Independent Political Report wish to congratulate Constitution Party activists Don Grundmann and Riley J. Hood on their recent wedding. The Happy couple wed April 1st at the First Presbyterian Church in Fresno, CA in front of a crowd of well-wishers. Following the ceremony, Grundmann made a stirring & emotional speech at the reception.

    “I know I’ve said a lot of bad things about gay people,” said Grundmann, “but I was just covering. This is who I really am. I’m proud of me, and I’m sorry for anyone I’ve ever hurt. I just know Riley and I will be really happy together. We’re buying a condo in San Fran, and we’re thinking about adopting! I love you, boo bear!”

    Cody Quirk, Grundmann’s best man, was so moved by the love between the two that he teared up during the toast. Said Quirk: “I just knew Closet Don and Captain Bro Perm would tie the knot eventually. It’s beautiful.”

    Why is Grundmann running, anyway? Shouldn’t he just focus instead on getting 0.1% of the vote in his Senate campaign? Does he think this year’s CP presidential field is so weak that he could actually pull off an upset at the convention next month and finally earn himself a Wikipedia page after all his years of hardcore Christian (?) right-wing activism? While there is no notable figure, like a former congressman or longtime CP activist running this year, I think Myers and Copeland both seem to be running credible campaigns. The only role Grundmann could play at this convention is that of a spoiler, potentially tipping the race in or or the other direction. If I remember correctly, Grundmann announced at the 2012 convention that he was seeking the party’s presidential nomination, but ultimately pulled out and supported Virgil Goode. Great choice, by the way…if Grundmann hadn’t thrown his California votes to Goode, the former Virginia congressman turned Trump supporter wouldn’t have won his the CP’s nomination on the first ballot, and there would have been a second ballot, at which point, the course of third party history could have been altered dramatically. Remember, Goode barely eked out his first ballot victory with 50.37%.

    With that said, if Mr. Grundmann is reading this, I’d like to request an interview with him. I already interviewed J.R. Myers and next on my list is Scott Copeland, and afterwards, I’d like to publish one with Grundmann. Of course he’s a controversial figure at IPR, he’s said some inflammatory things and made personal attacks against contributors, but my past is very sketchy too, my rhetoric at times went down the same rabbit hole that Grundmann was going through (and honestly, it was probably a lot worse at one point, too), I apologized for it and will do so again if need be because I am sincere when I say that I truly regret some of the horrific things I’ve written in IPR comments in the past. Specifically, I know Jed remembers how I viciously went after him, for no real reason, just to spout of hatred, like a deranged child. I will say that I have a very rocky mental health background (I’ve had eleven distinct inpatient psyche ward “vacations”, YES, ELEVEN), so I hope Jed and others have forgiven me for what I said and know that I really don’t feel that way I came off back then, I’m not a hateful bigot, and once again I’m profusely sorry for some of my bombastic statements (i.e. homophobic, anti-Semetic, etc) on this site.

    IPR is my favorite website on the internet, but there’s certain old threads that I steer clear away from because of the very mean-spirited and incendiary things I’ve written in them. There’s several dozen comments that I’ve made here that I wish would be deleted, but then in all fairness, I don’t know how much that would help, because words can never be erased, they can only be apologized for, which I have and am doing again today and am also asking for forgiveness once again.

    Where was I again? Oh right, interview with Grundmann. I guess he made me reflect on my past, which rest assured, is my past, which can never be changed, but I will make any and all amends to do my best to try to rectify to the best of my ability very hurtful comments that I made a year or two ago.

    But back to Grundmann…he’s arguably a controversial figure, no doubt, but I’d like to interview him, since he’s now a presidential candidate. All third party candidates running credible campaigns (website, Facebook page, travel to events, earn media attention etc.) deserve to get their message out, whatever it may be. So Dr. Grundmann, if you’re reading this, contact me through Facebook or email me at, and we can set up an email interview, like the one I conducted with Mr. Myers.

  6. Jill Pyeatt

    Many people go through a strange time in their life, Krzysztof. Hopefully, yours is behind you and most of us here have probably forgotten all about it.

    We’re glad to have you back and contributing! I’m interested in any interview you might have with Dr. Grundmann. It’s conceivable he’s softened a bit as the years have gone by–well, we’ll see, anyway.

  7. Cody Quirk

    “Cody Quirk, Grundmann’s best man, was so moved by the love between the two that he teared up during the toast. Said Quirk: “I just knew Closet Don and Captain Bro Perm would tie the knot eventually. It’s beautiful.””

    LMAO! Nice one!

  8. Cody Quirk

    “…But the Constitution Party needs to nominate someone who is acceptable to the AIP so they can get ballot status in California, and Grundman is not that person”

    No kidding. However J.R. could possibly get the CP nomination, I believe, depending on whether the CP’s leading establishment would approve of him. Yet whether he wins the AIP primary or not is very much open to question.

  9. Mark Seidenberg

    There is talk going around that Cody Quark is in California now and left Nevada. Is that a true fact.? Chairman Wagner of the IAP of Nevada told me that. Please confirm if true.

    Cody Quark has served as a fine officer of the American Independent Party. He used to be the County
    Chairman of Riverside County of AIP and as I recall also a fine state officer also in the period 2004 – 2006,
    while still under 21 years of age. That was before William “Bill” Lussenheide entered the AIP, while said
    Mr. Lussenheide was a Republican. Like Rayna King,, Mr. Lussenheide was a registered Republican, until
    October 24, 2008. Yet he should up at a bogus meeting (or using the words of Dr. Don Grundman}. a
    “fake meeting” and made a “fake second” to a “fake resolution” introducted by Don Grundman to a
    “fake State Central Committee of the AIP”.

    In the words of Don Grundman all the persons that comment about him here are “fake persons that are
    rats and not human” or they are just names for Mark Seidenberg. In Kansas City he called the California Delegation at the Constitution Party Convention “rats and corrupt to the bone and beyond” because they would not give a vote to him as POTUS. That was in 2008. I expect the same in Salt Lake City in April, 2016.
    Will Mr. Hood seconds Don Grundmann’s nomination who knows.

    It is not clear which Political Party Don Grundmannn is now associated with. Is he in the “fake political
    body” known as the “Independent Party” to which William “Bill” Lussenheide, who filed a lawsuit with in Sacremento in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California. In that lawsuit William Lussenheide now claims he is a resident of Los Angeles County, while he resides in Riverside
    County’. The case is entitled “Independent Party and William Lussenheide v. Padilla, case # 2:2016cv316”

    As for Don Grundmann he joined the political body named “Constitution Party of California” in April, 2015, so the Secretary of State will not add his name to the AIP list of POTUS candidates for the June 7,
    2016 election. Charles M. Deemer according to a filing in February 2015 to the Secretary of State is California State Chairman of the “Independent Party” at the same time being the National Committeeman of the Constitution Party of California. Mr. Deemer paid with AIP funds by a check to the
    law firm that attorney Robert E. Barnes was working at. That was before attorney Robert E. Barnes, Esq. told a Solano County Superior Court that he was the attorney of Markham Robinson. However, Markham
    Robinson has no retrospection of hiring Robert E. Barnes or his firm.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of California..

  10. Floyd Whitley

    CP-Idaho is bound by the results of our recent presidential primary…Mr. Copeland took all Idaho delegates on March 8th, 2016. (We have 8 delegates.)

    If Mr. Copeland is no longer in nomination at the national convention, and if Mr. Myers remains in nomination, then Mr. Myers (as primary runner up) takes all Idaho delegates.

    Should both the Idaho primary winner and the primary runner up be eliminated from consideration at the national convention, then Idaho’s delegates shall remain bound to the primary winner unless and until they are expressly released by Mr. Copeland’s signature, as the Idaho primary winner.

    A release of bound delegates might be done as matter of comity…but then again, depending on the circumstances, it is also possible that that will not be done. And that could be problematic for the national candidate’s ballot access at least in Idaho.

    As we see it, the people holding all the cards in Idaho are Copeland and Myers. CP-Idaho demands an open nomination process. We put it to official ballot. Our voters decided.

    Those erstwhile candidates who chose not to compete at primary in Idaho (they had plenty of advance public notice) are considered to have folded; i.e. they abandoned interest in our certification (required by Idaho Code) at our state convention.

    A Grundmann announcement has no standing as far as we are concerned. He folded in Idaho as of close-of-business (Mountain Standard Time), on December 9th, 2015.

  11. Cody Quirk

    “There is talk going around that Cody Quark is in California now and left Nevada. Is that a true fact.? Chairman Wagner of the IAP of Nevada told me that. Please confirm if true.”

    Nope. John Wagner is a liar & a backstabber; the way he & Janine run the Nevada IAP is one of the big factors that turned me into a Libertarian. I’ll never move back to the People’s Republic of California, EVER.

    BTW, it’s ‘Quirk’.

  12. Mark Seidenberg

    Thank you Cody. Would you move to the State of Jefferson if that got formed?

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