IPR’s Second 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll

2016 candidates

The following is the second official Independent Political Report (IPR) poll concerning the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

The only presidential candidates included in this poll are those who are officially recognized on the Libertarian Party website as running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

For information on the presidential candidates, check out IPR’s candidates questionnaire and recent update.

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57 thoughts on “IPR’s Second 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll

  1. Raymond Agnew

    All registered Libertarians LPPA / LP Members are Alternates in Pennsylvania by our LPPA bylaws, I will not be attending the National convention as I can’t afford $$ it.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    I sent Judge Gray a message on Facebook yesterday asking if would be announcing that he’s running, but haven’t heard back. If I don’t hear back by tomorrow, I’ll see if I can find an email address for him. I’d like to feature him along with the others, if he’s planning on running.

  3. William Saturn Post author

    There seemed to be some misunderstanding so I added the following parenthetical to the second question: “with #1 as your top choice”

  4. George Whitfield

    I voted for Gary Johnson and Alicia Dearn. When will the poll close and the results be announced?

  5. Krzysztof Lesiak

    I just did the survey. First voted for Perry. Then in the preference ranking I placed the candidates as follows: 1) Perry 2) Petersen 3) McAfee 4) Feldman, then put the no-name, likely zero delegate grabbing candidates in an assortment of random positions. I placed Gary Johnson at #18, just ahead of Milnes.

    I chose Bentivolio for VP.

    I can’t wait to see the results! Hopefully a large percentage of IPR’s audience votes in it. Ideally, a bunch of the candidates would promote the heck out of it. A Libertarian Future had over 5,000 votes cast in their latest poll that only included McOfee, Pyramidsen and the Mountain (of Debt) Climber. If half as many votes would be cast in this IPR poll I think that’d be a huge success.

  6. Stewart Flood

    I didn’t see Alfred E Neuman on the list. Isn’t he running this year?

  7. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    The only Libertarian with enough braggadocio, bluster, bad hair and unfamiliarity with the truth to give Donald J. Trump a run for his money:

    Richard P. Burke.

  8. Darcy G Richardson

    “I didn’t see Alfred E Neuman on the list. Isn’t he running this year?” — Stewart Flood

    “He’s up there between Darryl Perry and Derrick Michael Reid.” — Kareem Caliente

    The “Me Worry?” kid must have been listed twice because I swear I saw his name listed right after the entirely obscure Malisia Garcia and just before the widely-recognized John McAfee, a guy who has something interesting or newsworthy to say almost every time he’s interviewed.

    Then again, this is such a strange election cycle that it probably has everyone seeing double.

  9. Arnold Spencer

    Mildly curious, but not curious to set up a surveymonkey account. What are the current results?

  10. Libertarian Voter

    I voted for Gary Johnson for the Presidential nominee and then Kerry Bentivolio for Vice Presidential nominee. A former Governor and a former Congressman as our nominees. I am excited about the future of the LP. We might finally have some credibility and maybe start winning races.

  11. Andy

    “Libertarian Voter
    May 12, 2016 at 14:25
    I voted for Gary Johnson for the Presidential nominee and then Kerry Bentivolio for Vice Presidential nominee. A former Governor and a former Congressman as our nominees. I am excited about the future of the LP. We might finally have some credibility and maybe start winning races.”

    We heard the same thing in 2008 and 2012.

  12. Jay Wildwood

    Maybe you’d rather have some guy without a drivers license who doesn’t pay taxes? Good luck with that.

  13. Andy

    Well, that guy without a drivers license and who did not pay income tax, Michael Badnarik, ran a pretty good campaign for President on a low budget (Barr raised a little more, but his spending was less efficient, and he ran in an easier election year), and he did inspire some people to become liberty activists, and he did this without running up a big campaign debt, or accepting a check from the government.

  14. Jay Wildwood

    LOL. I thought I was being hyperbolic. You actually ran a candidate like that? And someone was wondering why you don’t get more than 1%.

  15. Jay Wildwood

    Just to make sure… have any of your candidates literally campaigned with tinfoil hats on their heads? Just checking….

  16. Jay Wildwood

    OK so at the RT today debate… they are saying that one of the candidates is proud that he did not vote til he was 50 years old… really?

  17. Jay Wildwood

    Some guy who looks like Herman Munster on meth with bad teeth just got finished introducing himself as a Libertarian candidate for president, following the guy who is proud of not voting and of putting people to sleep. The last guy up, Kevin McCormick, seems more sane, at least so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1ugtes7ZYA

  18. Jay Wildwood

    Backatcha, Andy. The debate will be available afterwards if you can’t watch it now. I guarantee I’m not lying one bit.

  19. Kareem Caliente

    Jay said: “Some guy who looks like Herman Munster on meth with bad teeth just got finished introducing himself as a Libertarian candidate for president,”

    Well, at least it’s not Grandpa from the Munsters. I heard that sex crazed vampire is a free agent after the GOP determined his father was involved in the Kennedy assassination.

  20. Jay Wildwood

    Interesting trivia that I learned while researching my third party options this past week: the actor who played Grampa on the Munsters was a Green Party activist and candidate for Governor of NY.

    “GOP determined his father was involved in the Kennedy assassination.”

    Please don’t repeat bullshit from Donald Trump.

  21. Jill Pyeatt

    Yes, Jay is our Nazi troll. I knew it was him, but he managed to behave for a while.

    Knock it off, Jay, or we’ll have to start trashing your comments.

  22. Jay Wildwood

    Excuse me, Jill? I am absolutely not a nazi or a troll. Actually I left the Republican Party because they are about to nominate a fascist, Donald Trump. I am actually a moderate libertarian who always considered third party votes to be wasted, but Trump is such a godawful candidate that I am very seriously considering voting Libertarian for the first time in my life. What in the world would lead you to mischaracterize me as a nazi troll ?!

  23. Andy

    Jill, when you say Nazi Troll, do you mean a former Libertarian Party of California member who moved to Colorado?

  24. Jay Wildwood

    I live in Florida, and have never lived in either Colorado or California. What videos are you talking about Jill?

  25. Jay Wildwood

    I have never been a party member. But I may vote for the Libertarians this year. However I gotta say Andy is not helping make that more likely. Neither is Jill by calling me a “nazi troll” which is absolutely ridiculous and unfounded.

    Andy, what is your opinion of this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/224625751252836

  26. Jay Wildwood

    The Bear Nukes Caucus is a single issue advocacy group focused on encouraging the Libertarian Party of the United States and its affiliates to push for the legalization of private ownership of weapons of mass destruction. We define weapons of mass destruction to include nuclear weapons using both fission and fusion, chemical agents, weaponized bio-agents, explosively pumped flux compression generators, HERF guns, dirty bombs, antimatter annihilation weapons or any other extremely dangerous device or substance conceivable.”

    Jeez. If I really was a government infiltrator like Andy claims…I’d start a group like that. Or maybe “Libertarians for Trump” or “Libertarians for 911 Truth” or something.

  27. Andy

    Ah, so may “Jay Wildwood” is Joe Wendt, or perhaps Auguatus Invictus, or maybe “Jay” is lying?

  28. Jay Wildwood

    I don’t know who Joe Wendt is. And as for the goat torturing fascist, I thought he would be more up your alley, Andy, since you appear to be a Trump fan and an extremist. My politics are more a mix of conservative/libertarian/moderate, up til now fairly mainstream Republican. As for “video” I think Jill may have been referring to the link to “Awake Dating”, which Andy may actually find to be useful. I was trying to help the lad out, Jill, and as for the video it that website’s own humorous appeal to their own audience, so how in the world does that make me a “nazi” and/or “troll”?! I gotta admit you are working overtime to get me to vote for Mrs. Clinton. I am trying to find someone else who is more ethical than she is, not a socialist or fascist and not …well… nuts. Any help here?

  29. Jay Wildwood

    The Andies in the club won’t let him play because he hasn’t been a member long enough, hasn’t memorized the secret handshake and club hymnal, and they don’t personally know him. Besides he was elected and that automatically makes him suspect.

  30. Stewart Flood

    When do we see the results? A poll running for three days is a very long time to wait…

  31. Shane

    Jay, ignore Andy and Jill. Their attitude is the reason why the party doesn’t grow. It’s that childish mentality of “it’s my toy and you can’t play with it.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever met Jill but she’s displayed her “radical” traits enough for me to know she falls in the small party caucus.

    I have met Andy and he’s one of the most sane petitioners that the party uses . . . which is the equivalent of being the most healthy cigarette.

    Welcome to the party. If you stand by libertarian thought and get a kick out of nerd fights, watching ugly women elevate themselves to desirable status due to the lack of competition and men who look like toothless meth-heads or Colonel Sanders wannabes speak with “winner” authority while not being able to provide for their own families, then you’re gonna love the LP.

    It sounds bad but from my experience it’s far better than the Republican Party. Libertarian’s are, at the least, honest. They may be honestly delusional but it beats hanging with people who don’t know who they are and lack a foundation of beliefs.

  32. Andy

    I’ve actually brought quite few new people into the Libertarian Party and movement over the years, so I think citing me as an example of why the party has not grown more is not one that stands up to rational scrutiny.

    There have been a lot of trolls who have posted at IPR over the years, and it would not surprise me if Jay Wildwood falls into that category.

  33. Andy

    I do not think that that is a a fair statement to make about Jill either. If not for Jill, it is quite possible that the Pasadena, CA LP region affiliate would have gone defunct.

  34. Andy

    I think Jay just gave himself away as a troll. Yes, I started a Libertarians for 911 Truth group, but I have not posted the link or mentioned the group here in a while.

    If “Jay Wildwood” is a new poster, who is just coming around to check out the Libertarian because he is sincerely interested in getting involved in the party, then how does he know that I founded Libertarians for 911 Truth when I have not mentioned the group or posted the link to it here in a long time, and why would this even be a problem (he acts as though questioning government and searching for the truth are bad things)?

    This strikes me as being troll like behavior. I did a search for Jay Wildwood and i could not find anything. Fishy.

  35. Jay Wildwood

    Shane: Good advice; thank you.

    Andy: I didn’t know there was a “Libertarians for 911 Truth” group, much less that you started it. Uncanny. I gave that as an example of what I would start if I was a government plant trying to discredit Libertarians. I guess you already took care of that for them. I’ll presume, at least for now, that you were freelancing as opposed to being put up to it.

    “(he acts as though questioning government and searching for the truth are bad things)?”

    Au contraire, I claim that running around with a bullhorn and loudly proclaiming to everyone who didn’t ask you that “you know the truth that 911 was an inside job” is not logical, and since I have zero interest in debating troofers, I’ll add the caveat that even if it was 100% true, I’d keep any such activities far removed from a political party that is allegedly trying to have mass appeal, win votes, and elect people to office. Of course, that would presume that this is your goal as a political party, rather than having a small club of people who simultaneously compliment each other on being superior to everyone else and seeing the truth that 99% plus of the population misses and lamenting to one another that they are not having success at changing government policy.

    Note that doing something other than running around with a bullhorn and loudly proclaiming to everyone who didn’t ask you that “you know the truth that 911 was an inside job” is not at all the same thing as “acting as though questioning government and searching for the truth are bad things.”

    How and why is pointing this out “trolling”?

  36. Jill Pyeatt

    I apologized to Jay on another thread, and I’ll do the same here.

    I’m sorry I mistook you for someone else, Jay. You are welcome here.

  37. Andy

    This “Jay Wildwood” character sounds like he is completely full of shit.

    How about this, “Jay” (or whatever your real name is), show up at the LP National Convention in Orlando later this month, and you can tell us what you think in person?

    You claimed to be in Florida (I did a search for a Jay Wildwood in Florida and nothing came up), so it should not be far for you to travel, that is if you are telling the truth.

  38. Jay Wildwood

    Florida is a pretty big place, and I have plans for Memorial Day weekend. Considering the possibility that I may vote for a party and traveling to its national convention are two very different things, even if it happens to be within a few hundred miles. Again, you’re deflecting. Who I am or where I live is irrelevant, and none of your business. If I’m full of shit please explain how or why, independently of who said it.

  39. Pro-Choice Libertarians

    Presidential & V-P candidates:

    Get a chance to report your position on keeping the abortion plank and the issue itself. Pro-Choice Libertarians now has a Candidates page which we will be distributing to thousands of media outlets in several press releases and making available to all delegates at the convention. Please be clear for our chart where you are on the following:

    * Platform options, line one of the survey: 1) “keep” or 2) “remove” or 3) “other”.

    * Views options, line two of the survey: 1) “pro-choice” or “pro-life” keeping the government out or 2) “some laws” against or 3) “outlaw” all. (Definitions of those at the page.)

    See the page for more details and preliminary results. http://pro-choicelibertarians.net/2016-race/

  40. natural born American

    It is still May 18 on the west coast, and the poll is gone. I’ve been disenfranchised. My vote is for Gov. Ventura. Registered Libertarian here.

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