IPR’s Third 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll

Third poll

With the announcement of former Massachusetts governor William Weld as Gary Johnson’s pick for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 vice presidential nomination, there have been calls for a new Libertarian Party presidential preference poll before the National Convention convenes on May 26.  In response, a new poll designed through SurveyMonkey has been released and is embedded below.

This poll features the top six presidential candidates from IPR’s Second Libertarian Party presidential preference poll in addition to NOTA.  It also features the top four vice presidential candidates from the poll as well as NOTA and Weld.

Third poll VP

The poll opens May 20 at 8 a.m. CDT and will remain open until May 23 at 8 a.m. CDT.

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37 thoughts on “IPR’s Third 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll

  1. Stewart Flood

    The survey is still broken. After I place NOTA, why does it insist that I rank all the people below it that I will NEVER VOTE FOR!!!

  2. AMcCarrick

    Stewart Flood… because NOTA isn’t a thing in SurveyMonkey world and I highly doubt their system can handle that set-up.

  3. sparkey

    Voted McAfee in the first survey, but switched to Johnson/Weld in this one, based in no small part on the relative strengths of the VP picks.

  4. English Teacher

    “The survey is still broken. After I place NOTA, why does it insist that I rank all the people below it that I will NEVER VOTE FOR!!!” … Stewart Flood …

    NOTA means “none of the above” not “none of the below” which would be NOTB.

  5. Bondurant

    I’ll complete the new survey tonight after work. The ol’ Wi-Fi isn’t working right now. Johnson will sink far in my updated survey. Weld won’t even be ranked.

  6. William Saturn Post author

    There seems to be some confusion about NOTA. As was said, it means “None of the Above.” In the ranked choice vote, it means none of those above, i.e. a higher number. So if I place Gary Johnson last I place him at 7 and if I believe NOTA would be better than Johnson but not the others, I place NOTA at 6 (none of those above it).

  7. English Teacher

    On a ballot, NOTA would be last, so it correctly means “none of the above.” On the ranked choice we are choosing what rank we give to that choice. It no longer operates as a literal NOTA by function, since some items being ranked on the list may be below NOTA in order of preference. As Stewart Flood indicated in his original query, he was attempting to use NOTA as a function instead of just ranking NOTA as an option. As a choice to be ranked it is NOTA, but if it were a function on a list of ranked choices it could be NOTB – meaning that you would not choose any of those not ranked higher. Perhaps there should have been a wink at the end of my comment to indicate the humorous intent.

  8. George Whitfield

    I voted for Johnson and Dearn. But I would like to hear more from Weld on his current position on the issues.

  9. Stewart Flood

    No, I was just complaining. I understand the function of NOTA, and I understand the failure of survey monkey to correctly allow you to NOT rank someone that you would never in a million years vote for.

    Besides, it is the Friday before the convention, and I am trying to move an entire facility and network before leaving for Orlando on Wednesday. Rack two is queued for transport, have to decommission rack one and then the network goes completely dark.

    And then I can’t sit here and complain. So rack one gets shutdown in the morning when the uhaul arrives.

  10. Stewart Flood

    The other point that I need to make is that there are three or four candidates that I consider to be absolutely unacceptable, how can I rank one above another? They are all equally unacceptable — just for different reasons.

  11. AMcCarrick

    Antirevolutionary, if you want to completely sell-out to Republicans. Johnson-Weld would be a reasonable balance… Petersen-Weld is 100% unacceptable to anybody but ‘disenfranchised’ republicans.

  12. NewFederalist

    There really isn’t much to choose from in this group. The candidates who are libertarian philosophically place impossible restrictions on themselves. I’m still hoping for a last minute pleasant surprise.

  13. Jay Wildwood

    Weld-Petersen or Weld-Johnson would be even better.

    Incidentally, why is Congressman Bentivolio in this poll, when he already changed his mind about running before the poll started?

  14. William Saturn Post author

    As it says in the article, “It also features the top four vice presidential candidates from the poll as well as NOTA and Weld.” Bentivolio still enjoys support for his bid, he hasn’t suspended his FEC filing, and there has not been a major announcement or article stating that he has withdrawn.

  15. Be Rational

    May 21, 2016 at 08:54
    “I’m still hoping for a last minute pleasant surprise.”

    Maybe Jessie Venture will show up. He has hinted in the past that he was invited to Orlando and might decide to run.

  16. Jay Wildwood

    In comments on a different article Rep. Bentivolio said he met with Johnson, found out Johnson already has a VP choice, agreed with that choice and will not be at the convention.

  17. Greg Jones

    His campaign did not seem very organized. Most likely just himself. It isn’t surprising if he didn’t notify the FRC, update his website or issue a press release when he changed his mind.

  18. NewFederalist

    Be Rational… I said PLEASANT surprise. Gov. Ventura doesn’t fit that bill for me. Judge Napolitano would.

  19. Be Rational

    New Federalist … I find excitement, media attention, humor and entertainment all to be pleasant things. And yes, having Judge Napolitano show up would also be a pleasant surprise.

  20. Andy

    Andrew Napolitano would be a much better candidate than anyone currently seeking the LP presidential or vice presidential nominations.

    Tom Woods is going to be speaking at the national convention. I wonder if he could be talked into running for the presidential or vice presidential nomination last minute.

    Jesse Venture is flawed from a libertarian perspective (I strongly disagree with him on the minimum wage, and a few other issues), but even so, if we are to have a flawed candidate, I would take Jesse Venture over William Weld any day, as at least Jesse Venture did not support the Bush family, and he opposed the war in Iraq, plus Ventura has a much larger following than Weld.

  21. Be Rational

    Oops – sorry – it’s Ventura – Governor Jesse Ventura. – edit button needed, please –

  22. jason

    Gary Johnson wants to use government power to force individuals act in opposition to their personally held religious beliefs! This is not only un-libertarian, it is un-American, and shows he has no concept of the true definition of liberty. Austin Petersen for 2016!!

  23. Jill Pyeatt

    I wouldn’t want Tom Woods to be our presidential candidate. He was extraordinarily upset about the Supreme Court’s decision on same-gender marriage. He said angrily on my FB page: “This will affect everyone in this country”, which I thought was an overreaction. I want a candidate who doesn’t let his religion make decisions for him.

    The convention will be filled with drama, just based on the enormous quantity of candidates for the presidential and vice-presidential nominations. I think if Jesse Ventura showed up, he’d probably be ignored.

  24. langa

    Woods wouldn’t be my ideal LP presidential candidate, but I think he would be better than anyone running this year (he’s ideologically more libertarian than any of the candidates except Perry, and he’s better than him at the nuts and bolts of campaigning, especially fundraising ability).

    It doesn’t matter, though, as I think there’s about a 0% chance he would agree to run. He seems to have too many other things going on right now.

  25. Shivany Lane

    Does no one understand scientifically relevant, non partial, representative polling anymore. Not to mention statistical analysis?
    I guess I shouldn’t expect too much. This poll will only show what the regular readers of this forum think. Judging from many of the comments I have read over the last 6 months I can tell you right now what the results will be.
    The LNC can’t afford to do a sample polling of the > 411,000 registered Libertarians in the country? They have access to all the information on all these voters. They would not need to poll very many since it is a small data set. Daily Kos has a standing contract with PPP for polling. I can’t imagine it would cost that much.

    If Wes Benedict wants to cough up the information in the form of a database I will run a random query and get a random sampling of voters so that we can see what the people who choose to be brave enough to identify themselves as Libertarian really feel. I will give you a hint, The delegates gooing to Orlando are not a representative of all of those people. The readers of this forum are even less so.

    Go ahead, flame me like you did when I first showed up. I read, a lot. I am incredibly observant and my years are quite long. i was taught critical thinking skills from a very early age given my upbringing and where I come from. After marrying at 19, my education continued and I have emerged a wise woman who respects facts. I will be voting at the convention based on facts. I do not make major decisions based on emotion. I save my emotions for me and the people I truly love.

    This year, is a pivotal year. The second one in my lifetime.The first one turned out badly. If I have anything to say about it, this one will not. Do your own research on the candidates. Wipe the cobwebs from your eyes. Rand Paul is NOT his father. Ron Paul isn’t even the same Ron Paul. Funny what money and power will do to a human but there you are, we are flawed. We were wired that way. It is time to Reboot American thinking and return it to it’s default configuration.

  26. Jim Polichak from Long Island

    How about more coverage of the two minor parties that will probably be on the ballot in all fifty states?
    The two major parties are about to nominate the two most disliked candidates in polling history. Many people will go to the polls in November trying to chose between the lesser of two evils.
    A Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld {two former GOP governors} has more executive experience than Trump and Clinton has together and Jill Stein of the Green Party speaks to the most important issue of this century. What good is a tax cut if your home is underwater {Literally, not figuratively}.
    The American vote has a right to know more about how their presidential options extend beyond the two major parties.
    The presidential debate commission run by the two parties since the League of Woman Voters gave up trying to run fair debates have set an almost impossible standard for minor party candidates to achieve for a podium at the debates – 15% in five different national polls to be chosen by the debate commission.
    Most news organizations have gone along with this standard as an excuse not to give a reasonable amount of coverage to minor party candidate thereby assuring that it is all but impossible to achieve that polling number.
    Two former governors challenging a reality TV star for the presidency is certainly a story that should be covered by the media on at least a weekly basis.
    And a champion of the environment and foe of global warming has to be at least as newsworthy as the obstructionist and naysayers who declare that the jury is still out on global warming.

  27. NewFederalist

    Jim- The Greens will not be on the ballot in all 50 states and DC. They will miss OK and probably NC for sure.

  28. Steven Wilson

    The Media has already ordained Gary Johnson as the nominee. If the convention goers refuted this ordination, I would expect a backlash to last throughout the summer months for the LP Nominee. Now, will it run through fall…I don’t know. That mind depend on how the negative numbers are for the R n D nominees.

  29. Stewart Flood

    The LNC must be in agreement. One hour each on Sunday for POTUS and vPOTUS. That is all we have.

    Stupidity. When will they learn? Ever?

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