An interview with Adam Kokesh, Possible 2020 Libertarian Party Candidate for President

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34 thoughts on “An interview with Adam Kokesh, Possible 2020 Libertarian Party Candidate for President

  1. Andy

    I met Adam Kokesh at the recent LP National Convention in Orlando. I actually ended up having lunch with him. He seemed like a great guy and the real deal. I will probably support him for the 2020 nomination.

  2. Jon

    One step forward, ten steps back. Get a little exposure from a candidate who brings the LP party out of the fringes and they can’t wait to see what they can harvest from the nut farm in 2020.

  3. AMcCarrick

    Jon, that’s why I think its vital Larry Sharpe get the LP’s nomination for NY Governor. Then win that office, then pursue the Pres nomination in 2020. We’d then have a viable previously elected individual in the running again at that point.

  4. Andy

    We have taken multiple steps backward by nominating candidates who do not articulate a strong libertarian message. Nominating a candidate like Adam Kokesh in 2020 would give the Libertarian Party a much needed kick in the ass and help propel us forward again.

  5. Tony From Long Island

    Umm, having lived and voted in New York for my entire life, I feel I can say with confidence that an LP candidate will not break 0.5% in a Gubernatorial race here.

    As for Adam Kokesh, I can also say with confidence that if Andy is for him, I’m against him! ūüôā

    Jon, my thoughts exactly.

  6. Bondurant

    Kokesh would would certainly fit in as the philosophical candidate. The Democrats that have been following IPR as of late certainly would not care for him.

    I’ve liked what little I’ve seen about Sharpe. Enough that he would have had my vote for VP had I been able to make it to Orlando.

  7. Andy

    Sharpe would have been an excellent choice for VP, and him being on the ticket this year with Johnson would have gone a long way toward salvaging it.

  8. AMcCarrick

    You people still don’t understand how politics works do you? You have to have an established candidate that has prior political experience to be taken seriously. This is the precise reason Libertarians have gone NO WHERE until you’ve gotten a ticket with two former governors. Johnson is polling at 12% precisely BECAUSE he’s a former governor on a ticket with another former governor. If anybody else where on this ticket they wouldn’t be in the polls, AT ALL. They wouldn’t have a town hall on CNN next week, they wouldn’t have been on every single major news network in the country, and they wouldn’t have been on with Colbert.

    The only way you achieve electoral success is by farming candidates in lower offices and then bump them up into federal offices. If you people can’t understand this, then the basic concept libertarianism as a whole is entirely doomed to perpetual non-existence in American politics. So if you like the idea of the government getting perpetually bigger to culminate in an authoritarian oligarchical elite police state you people make solid arguments. If that’s NOT what you want, you people seriously need to get your damn fucking retarded heads out of your pretentious asses already. From this point forward if you don’t nominate presidential and vice-presidential candidates with prior political experience you will see the party collapse. This is it…. get your heads out of your asses or you’re done. The LP WILL BE A LAUGHING STOCK from this point forward without candidates who have prior political experience. This is the ONE CHANCE for the party to play in the big leagues. If you blow it because you want to be a bunch of pretentious assholes, you will forever kill the LP.

    YOU HAVE TO HAVE PRIOR POLITICAL EXPERIENCE TO PLAY IN AMERICAN POLITICS. For the sake of the ideology and the goals that ‘we’ ultimately want to achieve, get that through your heads already. This isn’t a fucking game anymore. This is truly for the life of our very republic. We blow this, we’re done.

  9. Andy

    Yeah, I understand politics a lot more than you. I remember the hardcore Libertarian Harry Browne days, when the party reached 33,000 plus dues paying members, as compared to the watered down LP era of Barr and Johnson, where membership has been well below half of that.

    I know how the Ron Paul reVOLution raised 10’s of millions of dollars and woke lots of people up, and got lots of people involved in the fight for liberty, by putting out a more hardcore libertarian message.

  10. Tony From Long Island

    I was one of those dues-paying members. But then I lived in the real world, where compromise and rational realistic policies are necessary.

  11. Bondurant

    There is some humor to take in from the political tourists lambasting libertarians about what our party should stand for and whom our nominees should be.

  12. Be Rational

    Andy, you get no credibility from quoting the phony membership numbers generated by a con artist that fleeced the LP for tens of thousands of dollars creating those memberships in the late 90s. Those were not real members, just direct mail churn. Overall, the LP lost money on the project generating them. Unfortunately, the LP fell victim to a team of grifters. When the scam ended, the real long-term members were what was left. The LP would have been bigger in the early 2000s, and ever since, had normal Marc Montoni style party building been undertaken throughout the late 90s.

  13. ATBAFT

    AMCarick makes a good point, but there are, of course. exceptions in the real world of politics.
    Seems a certain Senator from KY got elected without holding previous elected office. Those who do win office as Libertarians on the local level should try to move up every several years. If successful, they will be viewed as capable of running for state or federal offices. But it seems every LP candidate for Governor or U.S. Senate wants to convince the voters that, say, owning a two man computer consulting business qualifies him/her to manage a State with a 20 billion dollar budget.

  14. NewFederalist

    “Andy, you get no credibility from quoting the phony membership numbers generated by a con artist that fleeced the LP for tens of thousands of dollars…” – Be Rational

    To which con artist are you referring?

  15. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I like Adam quite a bit, and look forward to supporting him in 2020. Plus, with him we’d get a bonus, and that’s his fianc√©e Macey. She’s a good spokesman for freedom, also.

  16. langa

    I guess some people think typing IN ALL CAPS and repeating the same stupid arguments over and over and over and over and over again, somehow makes those arguments less stupid.

  17. Jim

    I like Adam Kokesh, but he has zero chance of replacing President Johnson as the LP’s nominee in 2020.

  18. George Dance

    Andy: “I remember the hardcore Libertarian Harry Browne days, when the party reached 33,000 plus dues paying members, as compared to the watered down LP era of Barr and Johnson, where membership has been well below half of that.”

    But you seem to keep forgetting, no matter how many times that you’ve been told, that that was a scam: Those “hardcore” members were simply sending out mailings at party expense, counting everyone who donated as a “member” (so much for the “pledge”, right?), and paying themselves commissions from the balance.

    I’d suggest that you go back and read some of the comments, in the other threads where you’ve brought it up, and refresh your memory.

  19. Jim

    Andy – you’re timing is off regarding membership. Membership was 33,252 in January 2001. By December 2001 it had fallen to 27,770. By December 2002 it was down to 22,871, which is more or less where it stayed for the next 2.5 years (21,634 in June 2005.) Then it began dropping, again. 17,413 in December 2005. 11,792 in December 2006 was the bottom. It rebounded to 14,176 in July 2007 and stayed there for a year before Barr got the nomination. It finished 2008 at 17,168. Within 6 months it was back to 15,000 and remained at that level right through the 2012 Johnson campaign. It began dropping again after August 2014 (15,152) until bottoming at 11,680 in January this year. It has been rocketing north all year. Membership is 15,319 as of June 3rd (+2,291 just in May.)

    In summary, membership dropped drastically well before the Barr campaign. Barr gave it a temporary boost. The 2012 Johnson campaign had no effect, and membership has been rising rapidly for all of 2016.

    If that’s confusing, I’ll make you a chart.

  20. Andy

    Membership at 15,000 and something after 40 plus years is nothing to celebrate, it is pathetic. That is less than half of what the party was at its peak 15-16 years ago.

  21. Jim

    That’s 15,000 dues paying members to the national LP. I’d like to see how many donors there are if states and individual campaigns are included.

    The LP has done much better than most 3rd parties. By most metrics it is the most successful 3rd party still standing. It’s gotten 1 million + votes for US House of Representatives in 7 of the last 8 election cycles – around 4 times what the Green Party has gotten lately. Pathetic is the Prohibition Party. The Prohibition Party is 147 years old and got 518 votes for President in 2012.

    The insinuation in my post was that Johnson would be running for re-election.

  22. Andy

    Yes, the LP has done better than a lot of other minor parties, but this does not say much.

  23. itdoesntmattermuch

    I have to laugh when people talk about how much they know about politics and then support running candidates for national office who have never won anything and often don’t even have jobs and make it to near middle age without accomplishing any basic milestones of adulthood.

    If Robert Milnes were philosophically libertarian and still had the same life issues I bet around 1/4-1/3 of the commenters here would support him.

  24. itdoesntmattermuch

    I loved Harry Browne, but the party accomplished close to 0 during that era when it comes to actual political success.

  25. Andy

    It does not matter if Libertarians run candidates who have ever held office because our goal is not to run an ever expanding government, but rather to shut it down. We are not likely to elect anyone President anytime soon if ever, regardless of who we run.

    Donald Trump has never held office and he is doing well now. Gary Johnson had never been elected to anything prior to becoming Governor.

  26. natural born citizen

    Kokesh should run for another office, and win, if he wants to be taken seriously as a Presidential candidate in 2020.

  27. Andy

    Adam Kokesh should run for President in 2020, and then use his national donor list to fund a campaign for Sheriff in 2022.

  28. Starchild

    Adam Kokesh has the makings of a very impressive candidate. His speech at the Libertarian national convention in Orlando was terrific and I encourage everyone to check it out online if/when the video is available on YouTube and you get a chance. He has a national profile based on bold, courageous activism, and moral credibility based on being politically engaged as an anti-war Iraq veteran. I will very likely be supporting him for the LP’s presidential nomination in 2020.

  29. natural born citizen

    Sheriff could be a great position for Kokesh. He seems like the kind of sheriff who would take no shit from the feds and assert local sovereignty.

  30. Andy

    “natural born citizen
    June 19, 2016 at 19:34
    Sheriff could be a great position for Kokesh. He seems like the kind of sheriff who would take no shit from the feds and assert local sovereignty.”

    Keep in mind that a Libertarian Sheriff can appoint an unlimited number of Libertarian Deputies. Just imagine a county with a Libertarian Sheriff and lots of Libertarian Deputies.

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