Ivanka Trump Wins Reform Party Primary Election

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According to the New York City Board of Elections, businesswoman Ivanka Trump, daughter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, won the Reform Party’s primary election for U.S. Congress in New York’s 12th Congressional District.

Trump received 2 write-in votes.  Three other candidates each received one.

The 12th District includes parts of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.  Democrat Carolyn Maloney is the current representative.

The Reform Party of New York State is affiliated with the national Reform Party.  In 2000, Donald Trump briefly sought the presidential nomination of the Reform Party and won the party’s California and Michigan primaries.

It is not known whether Ivanka Trump will accept or disavow the party’s Congressional nomination.

NY State of Politics is the only news source reporting the story.  Thanks to “natural born American” for the link on the July 2016 Open Thread.

10 thoughts on “Ivanka Trump Wins Reform Party Primary Election

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  2. Brad

    Nicholas, why would they nominate somebody who hasn’t even shown interest? Her loyalties are to her father, DJT.

  3. Karl T. Knight

    She could be a strong candidate for the Reform Party. Can’t wait to hear how this ends!

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  5. Austin Cassidy

    Considering Democrats normally get 90% of the vote in that district, there is exactly zero chance she accepts the nomination.

  6. Be Rational

    She should accept the nomination and make a race out of it. It would be a great spin strategy. Put two or three million dollars into the campaign for congress, and put another wild card into play …

    In addition to the long-shot chance of victory, the father / daughter factor and the renegade element would drive a lot more free media and a lot more of this year’s anti-establishment electorate to the Trump column.

  7. Mark Axinn

    Great news.

    As the LP does not have a candidate in this race and I live in the 12th CD (upper East Side in Manhattan) , I will gladly vote for Ivanka, whom I admire much more than her father. She is happily married to Jared Kushner, a NYC real estate investor, with whom I have done deals as well. They have three children. She is nothing like her showman father.

    And yes, she is friendly with the best of the Clinton family, daughter Chelsea.

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