Jesse Ventura: “Why I’m voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president”


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By Jesse Ventura,, July 13th, 2016:

Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota and author of “Sh*t Politicians Say: The Funniest, Dumbest, Most Outrageous Things Ever Uttered By Our Leaders”

I’ve always had the belief that you vote for someone you believe in. When you cast your vote, you want that person to be president. You don’t vote for one politician so that another doesn’t become president. And yet here you have an instance where people don’t want either the Democrat or Republican nominee as president! People are going to vote for Donald Trump because they don’t want Hillary Clinton — and people are going to vote for Clinton because they don’t want Trump. That’s a horrible way to pick the next commander-in-chief.

What astounds me is that the American public willingly accepts that these are the two choices the political gangs that run our country are offering us. And until this country wakes up and realizes that there are in fact more than two choices, despite what mainstream media shoves down our throats, then this is what we’re going to get.

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6 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura: “Why I’m voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president”

  1. George Whitfield

    Thank you Governor Ventura for a clear and compelling endorsement of Gary Johnson for President. I look forward to voting for Libertarian Governors Gary Johnson and William Weld in November. I was surprised at how many positive comments with up-votes were made on the CNBC article. This is encouraging.

  2. Cody Quirk

    Ventura did something rational and productive, finally.

    And being a former Governor himself, this is certainly a credible endorsement.

  3. George Dance

    This is a remarkable endorsement, when you consider that:
    1) Last August, Ventura was firmly in Donald Trump’s camp, even expressing a wish to be Trump’s running mate.

    2) As recently as this February, Ventura was undecided whether to endorse Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.

  4. Bondurant

    Maybe Roseanne will jump back in and make Ventura change his mind. I expect to see, though, an endorsement of Mickey Mouse on Election Day Eve.

  5. Bacon

    Probably something coming from the same reasoning that lead to a lawsuit against Chris Kyle’s estate. Something in it for Ventura… A kickback from HilLIARy? Who knows…

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