NH Union-Leader: We stand firm on choice for President

The New Hampshire  Union-Leader re-affirmed its support for Gary Johnson, Libertarian for President, in an editorial signed by Joseph W. McQuaid, Publisher:

Some readers have asked us recently, in no uncertain terms, to change our presidential endorsement from Libertarian Gary Johnson to Donald Trump. Some cynics, citing our less than perfect presidential endorsement record, have urged us to do so, saying it will surely sink Trump.

The best advice we have received is in the form of a letter from Charlie Perkins, a longtime Union Leader editor, now retired. We reprint it here today and urge all our readers to consider it.

I hope the newspaper stands firm. Perhaps Trump is better than Hillary Clinton. That doesn’t matter. Both are unfit to hold office.

1. Gary Johnson has flopped but he’s a decent man.

2. Clinton was a bad secretary of state but Trump would be a worse commander in chief. No one who is so volatile, vengeful and impulsive should control the world’s most powerful military.

3. If Clinton wins and the GOP holds the House and/or Senate, gridlock reigns. That’s OK. We can survive four more years with a weak Democrat in the White House.

4. If Trump wins, a spineless Republican Congress will applaud his liberal and/or fascist executive orders. Clinton would undercut the Bill of Rights but Trump will trample it. That will do more damage than one more Democrat on the Supreme Court.

5. Trump’s election would mean that conservatives are as dead as the Whigs.

This 2016 election is a disaster no matter who wins the presidency. If America is to do better in 2020, the fight starts now. A vote for Johnson is not merely a protest against two unworthy candidates, it’s a statement of opposition to the corrupt and failed two-party system that nominated them.

Published @ The Union-Leader http://www.unionleader.com/editorials/an-editorial-we-stand-firm-on-choice-for-president–20161106

7 thoughts on “NH Union-Leader: We stand firm on choice for President

  1. Austin Cassidy

    Johnson/Weld picked up the endorsement of two new daily newspapers today… one in Charleston, SC and the other in Danville, VA.

  2. Just Saying

    “Gary Johnson has flopped but he’s a decent man.”

    The flopped part is kind of an understatement, but one can understand the newspaper’s embarrassment and its need to stick with what was clearly a silly and poorly-researched endorsement in the first place.

  3. Tony From Long Island

    Hmm. Johnson isn’t a great candidate but he’s a decent man

    Trump is a terrible candidate and a Terrible man

    Clinton is a good candidate, but an ethically challenged person.

    Fun choice . . .

  4. Bondurant

    “Ethically challenged”? She’s probably the most corrupt candidate in our history. She might top Grant and Harding.

  5. George Phillies

    Grant and Harding had crooked cabinet members. Harding said of learning about teapot dome from one of its participants” ‘I took him by the collar and shook him likethe rat he was.” Within a few months, several of the participants were headed for prison, and several had committed suicide. If you want crooked Presidents, Johnson and Nixon come to mind.

  6. Tony From Long Island

    Harding was just an aloof clueless guy way out of his league. Grant surrounded himself with bad people.

    People toss around these nothing Trumpisms like “rigged” and “corrupt” that are so generic they begin to mean nothing.

    Jorge, which President Johnson?

  7. langa

    Harding was probably one of the 10 best (read: “least bad”) Presidents we have had. Instead of trying to “fix” everything that was wrong with the world, he mainly sat around, drank, played poker, and waited for problems to blow over. If only more Presidents had taken that approach, we’d be in much better shape.

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