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Wikinews Publishes “Final Pleas” From Three Third Party Candidates

In the sixth and final edition of the monthly Wikinews series on the 2016 presidential election, three candidates not invited to Free & Equal’s 2016 presidential debate were provided an opportunity to write a final statement to voters.

Those making their final plea include: America’s Party nominee Tom Hoefling (who asked to use the same statement he made as a final plea as his party’s nominee in 2012); Socialist Party USA and Natural Law Party presidential nominee Mimi Soltysik, and former Thompson Township, Fulton County, Pennsylvania Tax Assessor James Hedges, nominee of the Prohibition Party.

Maps for each of the three candidates appear above their respective statements with darker shading for ballot access, lighter shading for write-in access, and gray for no access.

Tom Hoefling (America’s Party)

Without faith there can be no justice. The two things are inextricably linked.

What is justice? To put it most simply, it is right-doing. In terms of the law and self-government, it is doing right to all persons equally and equitably.

But how can we possibly perfect justice in this country, as the framers of our Constitution purposed to do, if we pay no mind to the laws of nature and of nature’s God? It is not possible.

Is there a desire in your heart to help save this country and restore America’s greatness? Then trust God, seek His will, and do right. Join together with your fellow citizens who are of the same mind and heart, and retake the reins of your own self-government. If enough Americans will do this, without compromise, and do it in time, there is hope for this country and for our posterity. We can, if we choose to follow God and do right, once again be a shining city on a hill.

But if we refuse, and choose instead to be faithless and unjust by continuing to kill the babies and destroy God’s institution of marriage and the natural family, our children and grandchildren, those who survive our brutal savagery, will curse us. They will rightfully convict us of squandering their precious heritage, one that was dearly bought with blood, sweat, and tears by our just and faithful forebears.

Our generation is a link in the chain between the past and the future. Please, my fellow Americans, I beg you, don’t let it be broken. Strengthen the things that remain, before it is too late.

Mimi Soltysik (Socialist Party USA)

Let the election be a reminder that no candidate will be able to provide the solutions to problems that are systemic. The effort to see the public focus on individuals is a con, a diversion. Please — don’t fall for it. We aren’t saying don’t vote. What we are saying is that, if we are to see substantive change — the kinds of changes that are going to deliver peace — the people are going to lead the way. We can’t vote peace into office. The capitalist system is inherently racist, sexist, exploitative, and oppressive. An individual can’t change that. However, candidates need you [to] buy into the diversion to make sure they either maintain power or that they are elected into a position of power. Once the public starts focusing on the system, it’s essentially a game over scenario for those who profit off of exploitation and oppression.

James Hedges (Prohibition Party)

If these two sleaze-balls are the best America has to offer, Heaven help the USA! Please send the major parties that message by voting for third-party candidates.

If you live in one of the three states where the Prohibition Party is on the ballot, we would appreciate your choosing us. The Prohibition Party, America’s oldest minor party, is the only party basing its platform on what is best for families and local communities. Our candidates, Jim Hedges (president) and Bill Bayes (vice-president), both have military backgrounds. They both support public education. They both believe in small government and local control. They practice decency and humility in their daily walks; neither has financial or personal baggage such as calls into question the integrity of the major-party candidates.

Yes, ‘Make America Great Again’ by repudiating Trump and Clinton


  1. Karl T. Knight Karl T. Knight November 6, 2016

    Wait – Is this Membership Form the official “sign-up sheet” for the Prohibition Party? I’m asking because there is a different thing on their website that says, “Join Us”. – just wondering.

  2. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster Melinda Pillsbury-Foster November 6, 2016

    I’ll be voting for Susan B. Anthony. She was a consistent advocate for human rights, including the rights of women. And if she was ever a politician, now she is a good one.

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