National aggregate US Senate vote by party, 2016

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The total vote cast for U.S. Senate on November 8, 2016, by party, was:

Democratic 51,297,372
Republican 40,784,703
Libertarian 1,788,027
Green 695,604
Working Families 428,854
Conservative 267,186
Independence 150,457
Constitution 124,587
Independent Party of Oregon 59,516
Women’s Equality 45,297
Independent American 27,340
New Independent Party 17,649
Reform 17,781
American 11,923
Unity 9,336
Socialist 6,888
Liberty Union 3,241
American Shopping 1,393

Independent candidates received 461,960 votes. No write-in votes are included in these totals.

Despite the large Democratic margin over the Republican Party, Republicans won 22 seats and Democrats won 12.

The Libertarian total for U.S. Senate was the highest in the party’s history. The previous best years for the U.S. Senate had been 1992, when the total was 1,056,690; and 2000, when it was 1,044,778.

The Green total for U.S. Senate was the second best in the party’s history. The best had been 2000, when it was 697,244.

3 thoughts on “National aggregate US Senate vote by party, 2016

  1. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    The above votes totals are not quite accurate.

    In California, Donald Trump ran on both the Republican and American Independent Party lines. However, it was impossible to vote for Trump as the candidate of one party or the other. There was only one circle to blacken for Trump, so it’s impossible to say whether a Trump voter was supporting Trump as a Republican or as an American Independent.

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