Larry Sharpe: How Can Libertarians Win in New York State?

7 thoughts on “Larry Sharpe: How Can Libertarians Win in New York State?

  1. Chaz b.

    Won’t be voting for this guy at the convention in 2020 or anything even In 2018. He doesn’t understand what it means to win as a Libertarian. We are already winning… hearts and minds.

    Plus how can he know how win ELECTORALLY when he hasn’t done it himself

  2. George Phillies

    How can you know how to win when you have not done it yourself? Very easily. A number of the greatest political campaign advisors of recent times never held office.

  3. Tony From Long Island

    I’ve lived in NY for all of my 43 years and voted for several LP candidates for governor. Larry Sharpe will be lucky to get 50,000 votes.

    I guess it also depends on who the GOP nominates, but Carl Paladino was maybe the worst candidate for governor in NY for decades and the LP couldn’t manage 50,000 votes that year (2010). Warren was the LP candidate (and one of the better LP candidates). He almost received fewer votes than the “Rent Is Too Damn High” guy 🙂

  4. paulie

    I think 50 k next year is doable although certainly by no means guaranteed. It’s almost certain to be another Democratic blowout, so wasted vote concerns will be minimal. Sharpe is a good campaigner and fundraiser and has a good national fundraising list. He’s good with media and live audiences. I think Redlich would have cleared 50k if it wasn’t for Stone’s machinations.

  5. Tony From Long Island

    It’s very rare that a governor wins a third time by a landslide. And remember, the people of New York were foolish enough to elect George Pataki three times.

    Cuomo will win again, but not as huge a margin as the last two – depending, of course, on who the GOP nominates.

    Cuomo will also have the advantage of running in a year where the #BlueWave2018 happens.

  6. Andy

    I do not think that Larry Sharpe is going to win, but I do think that he has an excellent chance of smashing the 50,000 vote barrier. Sharpe is an excellent speaker, and he has been going to different events around the country building a name for himself.

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